40 Best Blogs for Learning SEO in 2017 [Besides Niksto.com]

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best learning seo blogs

Your knowledge will depend on a source that you’re using to gain it.

When it comes to SEO, things tend to get technical. This is precisely why you need to rely on authoritative blogs to instill that knowledge into you.

Even the tiniest lack of understanding can have a disastrous long-term effect on your website as you start applying methods that do not work.

Luckily I’ve decided to make a list of 40 best SEO blogs for improving your search engine optimization skills.

Check them out and start learning SEO from the right sources!

  1. MOZ

Founded in 2004, today MOZ is regarded as one of the best (if not the best) source of SEO knowledge. In time, the company started producing various SEO tools. Due to its slick design it is easily recognizable and its Whiteboard Fridays represent one of the best video series in the industry. You can also easily create an account on this blog and become part of its lively community. It is led by the Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin.

  1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land and its sister website, Marketing Land are among the top resources in marketing. The company organizes various events and conferences such as Search Marketing Expo. Top companies in the world such as Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dell, eBay have attended these events and have grown from the knowledge acquired there.

  1. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal was first launched in 2003. This website is in fact a compilation of articles written by the biggest SEO experts in the world. Blog has both its own authors and regular contributors making for a pretty nice mix of information. Similar to SEL, this company hosts SEJ summit for SEO experts and beginners alike. It also has some pretty cool eBooks for beginners.

  1. Webmaster World

This is the first and only forum entrance on our list. Webmaster World is a forum that should answer all your SEO questions. It is moderated by Google meaning that the inflow of information is much more relevant. Nevertheless, it still comes down to interaction between users and mistakes are possible. However, it is much more interactive than any website. It also allows you to get much quicker answers to your search engines related questions.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is regarded as one of the best marketers in the world. Starting with marketing as a teenager, he managed to build a real digital empire through his amazing strategy. His articles are known for their specific style and a lot of different interactive features. He mostly focuses on tips that are easy to apply and are highly actionable. Besides this blog, he is also owner of another popular source called Quicksprout.

  1. Backlinko

When it comes to SEO training and guides, Brian Dean is one of the best SEO experts on the Internet. Although he has advanced, paid courses, the basic guides that are on his blog are more than enough for you to get started with learning SEO. To top it all off, he does a lot of applicable studies so you will get ahead of the curve by reading his content. He puts emphasis on increasing traffic through power page technique.

  1. Search Engine Watch

If you need a great source for learning, look no further than Search Engine Watch. One of the most respected SEO sources; it provides a lot of valuable insights for both beginners and intermediaries. On top of that, you can get also relevant SEO news here as they each week share stories from other websites. It is also connected to ClickZ website so you can easily find news from two different editorial teams.

  1. Ahrefs

One of the best tools on the market for checking links, Ahrefs grew from a tool provider to a real educational juggernaut. Today, Ahrefs is recognized as one of the best sources for learning SEO. Although it still frequently mentions its tool and how to best utilize it, the blog also teaches about the best SEO strategies and how to utilize them. Main guy? Tim Soulo.

  1. SEO by the Sea

There aren’t too many people who talk about highly technical aspects of SEO. Founded in 2005 by Bill Slawski, this website relies heavily on its founder’s technical expertise for conveying knowledge to its readers. The blog writes about complex algorithms and systems, info which you can hardly find on any other web portal. Want to read more about Google patents and how they work? SEO by the Sea is your place.

  1. Kissmetrics

In 2008 one of the most influential SEO blogs was established. In time, Kissmetrics became recognized as one of the best blogs focused on growth, conversion and customer relationship. Unlike some other SEO blogs that put emphasis on technical aspects, Kissmetrics tries to teach visitors about commercial aspect of search engine optimization.

  1. Smart Insights

According to their description, Smart Insights helps marketers and businesses improve their integrated digital marketing. Their approach is based on analytical aspect. In that regard, they are similar to Kissmetrics as they teach about learning SEO and other, more commercial elements of the business. They are also famous for their series of articles describing various tools that are available on the market.

  1. WordStream

WordStream is categorized as Google’s premier partner. The company was founded in 2007 and at first, it was a tool provider. In grew rapidly in short amount of time and nowadays it is recognized as one of the best PPC companies in the world. It is characterized by thorough, actionable content. It also covers algorithms changes even if they are small ones.

  1. SEMRush

SEMRush is known as one of the best competitive analysis SEO tools. However, the company doesn’t slack when it comes to content. It covers various topics such as SEO, PPC, SMM and everything else connected to boosting your website online. SEMRush is the best tool for reverse engineering your competition and finding ways to outrank them. It is also moderately efficient when it comes to tracking links.

  1. Yoast SEO blog

Yoast is a premier WordPress plugin which help your rank better through well optimized web pages. The company provides consulting services and lots of valuable content on their blog. Most of their content revolves around learning SEO and WordPress. However, something that almost every user likes is their slick website design making their copies readable and easy to go through. In that regard, if you’re new to blogging, this place is ideal to start from.

  1. SEO Book

Aaron Wall is one of the best SEO training providers out there. Even though his paid program is amazing, you can still gain a lot of free viable knowledge from his blog. Furthermore, his long experience within the search engine industry (since 2003) which means that you will be learning from one of the best experts within the SEO industry.

  1. Stone Temple

Although Stone Temple creates a lot of textual content, they are famous for their podcasts. This website is a great learning source for all those who prefer videos when learning. Companies such as Washington Post, ZD Net, Tech Crunch were just a few of them that worked with Stone Temple company. That being said, you will definitely get some high tier insights.

  1. Bright Edge

Bright Edge team is mainly focused on conversion and content performance marketing. That being said, articles posted on their website are highly actionable themselves and can introduce you to a world of content marketing excellence.

  1. Bruce Clay

Even the best SEO companies are rather new. Most of the organizations have been in business for a decade or so. Unlike them, Bruce Clay was founded in 1996 and since that, it is regarded as one of the best sources for SEO news and guides. Furthermore, most of the posts on the website were written by Bruce Clay himself meaning that you will get info from the best expert himself.

  1. Gotch SEO

Ultimate guides are among the most popular articles within SEO niche. If you also like this type of content then Gotch SEO is just the place for you. With lots of thorough pages, you can rest assured that you will get all the necessary information on a topic in one place. It is edited by Nathan Gotch one of my close SEO buddies.

  1. SEO Hacker

Only a handful of blogs focus on YouTube SEO. This is precisely what makes SEO Hacker so valuable and different from others. Besides copywriting and growth hacks this website provides some really actionable YouTube tips that can quickly and easily modernize your blog. One of the best resources for video content.

  1. Cognitive SEO

Like almost every blog on this list, Cognitive SEO provides services within the industry. Although they regard themselves as digital marketing agency their main focus is on penalty recovery and backlink analysis with emphasis on particular sets of keywords and analytics. This is also the main focus of their articles.

  1. Inc.

SEO experts don’t regard Inc. as an SEO resource mainly because of the fact that this is a business blog. Nevertheless you can easily view latest news and updates from the SEO industry. To make things even better, blog is world renowned and only allows high-tier expert to post on it. So in terms of quality, you will get the best data possible as if you’re reading an authoritative search engine optimization blog.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an organization that writes about marketing and sales. Of course, given the importance of internet marketing, you can find articles on topics such as mobile devices, local ranking, call centers, etc. They also have valuable resources such as case studies, marketing library, marketing and sales training and so forth.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

Each one of the blogs on this list has guides. However, most of them do not present them as prominently as Content Marketing Institute. On its homepage you have quick links pointing to various how-to-guides ranging from introductory lessons, to marketing channels, storytelling, knowing your audience etc. Not only that. On this site you can find valuable research that is performed within marketing industry.

  1. Higher Visibility

This company is one of the oldest one in the industry. It was founded in 2008 and since that it became recognized as one of the top resources for search engine optimization. Although they are mostly concerned with optimization and internet marketing, they also do a lot of graphic design. You can view some of their best work on their pages.

  1. Shout Me Loud

Hosting is an important aspect of blogging but SEOs tend to neglect. Truth of the matter is that it is very important to have a reliable provider as you will have to work with your website in the foreseeable future. Besides being a high quality SEO blog, Shout Me Loud also focuses on best hosting services and tips that should help newbie bloggers start their career.

  1. Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is a company that created one of the best link tools on the market. The very fact that companies such as Disney, MTV, Intel, eBay, LinkedIn and many others are using it speaks volume about its quality. In terms of the blog it is mainly focused on tool itself and its proper use. Nevertheless, the company organizes various events so it is great to check it out from time to time.

  1. Branded3

This company is one of the Google’s premier partners and holds various certificates within industry. On their blog you can find virtually any topic ranging from SEO, CRO, SMO, PPC, analytics, content marketing, digital PR and many more. Interesting thing about this blog is that besides instructional and news content, you can find a lot of fun topics that can be both entertaining and educational.

  1. SEONick

SEONick is one of several blogs that are mainly focused on business, marketing as a whole, conversion and ecommerce. Nevertheless, you can still find some other topics such as social media and optimization. Company focuses on finances and how your organization can benefit from internet marketing dollar-wise.

  1. Distilled

Distilled is specific as it has a training platform on their blog. Not only does it cover internet marketing but also a wide variety of tech topics and devices. So do not be surprised if you see articles about TV or history of mobile phones. Like many other blogs, Distilled is organizing conferences all over the world in places such as San Diego, Boston and London. They also have a long list of resources for those who wish to polish their skills.

  1. Matthew Woodward

As the name obviously implies, this is a personal blog by Matthew Woodward. One of the interesting topics highlighted here is email marketing. Although everyone is mentioning, almost no one puts it in such a prominent position. Yet, as the main method of communication it is definitely a topic that should be mentioned more often.

  1. Portent

Great thing about Portent is that they place small businesses in the limelight. This is something that is often disregarded as most SEO companies try to cater to big corporations and work with them. In that regard, this blog is the place where small entrepreneurs can find some valuable tips that will help them run their business with minimal investment. It also has sections for content and design.

  1. More Visibility

More Visibility present themselves as leaders in interactive marketing. They have four different sections of blogs dedicated to social media, SEO, SEM and analytics. Company itself is renowned for its web development services. They offer a wide array of assistance for things such as CMS, ecommerce, web development, mobile applications etc.

  1. Search Metrics

There are a lot of different things you can read on this portal. Besides your usual SEO, SMM, PPC and internet marketing topics, you can also read intriguing articles revolving around politics, international business, banking and various related topics. It is not exactly a blog for those who wish to learn SEO (although it has some amazing articles) but it is more for people who wish to be informed about their business environment.

  1. Business2Community

Business 2 community is a Jack of all trades. It has various different topics and as name implies, it is more about business in general than SEO even though it has a separate blog tab for digital and social. Here you can read the latest news and articles about finances, world news, technology and innovation etc.

  1. Majestic

Majestic is home to one of the best SEO tools on the market. It has really plain design which is perfect for those who wish to concentrate on text. Given that Majestic is such a big player within the industry, you can keep in touch with various conferences and events that are happening within industry. You can read all the information here and even connect to some big players through their domain.

  1. SEOBlog

SEOBlog is a website that has numerous writers. This means that content which you read will always be fresh and different as you are getting information from various experts in the field. Thing that I would like to point out is their local and tools sections. These tabs have articles describing some of the latest innovation and changes to Google (at least when it comes to local search and tools).

  1. Writtent

There are only a handful of blogs that are pinpointing content issues and teaching readers how to write better. Writtent is probably the best example. This site is tailor-made for both newbies and intermediaries that have wish to create their own blog but lack experience in writing. There are a lot of helpful tips that will set you on your journey to blogging paradise.

  1. Ninja Outreach

If you wish to read about influencer marketing and to check expert round-ups, this is the right place for you. Ninja Outreach is really thorough with its content and constantly does A/B testing and various studies. If you wish to get some fresh info or new outlook on an issue, this is the perfect place to start.

  1. Matt Cutts

Lastly, I wish to mention Matt Cutts. For years, he was one of the main Google guys. In fact, he resigned as head of Google’s Webspam team in 2016. Whenever there was some issue within the SEO industry or we expected a new update, Matt was the right person to contact. He had lots of videos answering webmasters’ questions, whichi were very useful. He has intimate knowledge of industry and used to know things before anyone else. The only reason why I didn’t add him sooner is because it is not a regular SEO blogger and he’s not working for Google anymore.


If you want to get spot on answers to your SEO questions, I suggest you join my FREE Facebook community for white hat SEO. We’re nearly 12 000 members and I can proudly say that this is probably the BEST Facebook group for discussing white hat SEO in the world

Final words

SEO has become so complex forcing you to develop in several different directions.

In order to stay on top of your game, you always have to seek new knowledge and to up your game. Unfortunately, websites are really different in that regard and while some of them can provides amazing copywriting tips they will have limited number of video guides.

This is precisely why you have to browse a lot in order to find the thing you need.

Luckily, with this article, you can find just the thing you require. As you can see, there is an expert for everything and all you have to visit the one you’re mostly interested in and start learning SEO.

What is your biggest current struggle? What would you like to improve? Contact me via my social media profiles or email

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4 years ago

Very Nice Information..

Ryan Biddulph
4 years ago

All are winners Nikolay, especially Neil Patel’s blog and Brian Dean’s blog. Super helpful list here.


Shafi Khan
4 years ago

Whoa! a great list of amazing resources. I regularly read Backlinko, Neil Patel, and KissMetric blogs.

Great share.

Tim O\'Keefe
4 years ago

It seems information is abundant. The key is knowing what to do with it. And at various stages of scale. So often someone will ask a question and they are one year into the business. And work one site. Is a unique reality to the person running 20 lol

Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
4 years ago

Nice list, Sir Nikolay!
Some of these are my go-to SEO references especially Moz.
Thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

Thanks for the mention Nik!

Dibakar Bala
4 years ago

Brian Dean is my favourite SEO blogger. Followed by Neil Patel, ofcourse.
I also read CopyBlogger for copywriting tips. It is certainly my go to guide for Copywriting Strategies.
Also, NicheHacks is my favourite blog for Niche Relevant Content.

Daniel Barbour
Daniel Barbour
4 years ago

This is a great post, Niko! I like Dan Shure’s podcast and I think his site would be a great resource! His blog is mostly posting about his podcast (which you can also find on his site). I think that his guests provide major value in almost every interview. Check him out: http://www.evolvingseo.com/blog/

4 years ago

Hey Nikolay,

This is one of the best list, thanks for bringing all in one list so we can follow the best SEO Blogs.

Kira Lauber
4 years ago

All of the resources are great. I love Brian Dean’s tactics but can’t stay away from MOZ, Search Engine Land and Hubspot’s guides. I also read AWR Blog.

Ryan Biddulph
4 years ago

Hi Nikolay,

Fab resources! Neil Patel is a fave of mine; he makes SEO simple. Thanks for sharing.


P V Ariel
4 years ago

Hey Nik,
What a great list!
A majority in the list I follow.
Yes, Neil Patel, Moz, SEO by Yoast are some of the sites I visit regularly.
Thanks for telling about other pages too.
I am bookmarking for my further use.
Keep sharing
Have a great week ahead.
~ Philip

4 years ago

Thanks… These all are very good SEO websites.

Sebuufu Dennis
4 years ago

Thanks very much for the useful info. Hope to better my skills.

Nikhil Makwana
4 years ago


Excellent List of weblogs! All these sites are good to know about search engine optimization. I am delighted to discover this website and also utilize this advice for of the endeavors.

John Petersen
4 years ago

Great source of amazing information. Thanks sharing these tips.

4 years ago

The tool is the main tool for main SEO … But there are some new I know of all that … Thank you already share

Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing Studies

These blogs are really a great resource for digital marketers to learn new marketing techniques and helps to stay updated. Thanks for such great post.

4 years ago

Really informative site of yours thanks for sharing such a helpful SEO blogs list with us.

4 years ago

Hello Nikolay,

my fav is Backlinko and I gained a lot of knowledge from the site. My travel blog ‘s traffic is 80% from search engines. Thanks for great write and your site is now on my watch list