How Can Blogger Outreach Service Help Your Site SEO?

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blogger outreach service

When we talk about best ways to do SEO for your blog, we usually focus on number and quality of links.

This shouldn’t be surprising given they are the most relevant factor for Google search engine.

This gave rise to link building as one of the most popular online services.

Have in mind that there are different segments of ethical link building one of which is outreach services.

But before I start explaining the term, let’s see how people build links for blogs.

New link building business

Back in the day when you mentioned link building for websites, most bloggers would think you’re referring to guest posts.

Indeed, this is the simplest way of building links even in 2017.

However, the main problem of guest posting or guest posting services are two:

  1. The average low authority of websites linking through guest posts – this practice is mostly practiced by low tier domains. If you opt to go for guest posting, the chance of getting high quality links for your brand will be low.
  2. If you’re doing it at scale there’s a good chance Google will frown upon this.

This is precisely why people turned to creating one of a kind, super useful content which satisfies user intent.

In this case, you try to create a great post that will be heavily promoted through a blogger outreach campaign.

Now, you’re probably thinking how this works and how to start getting links.

This is a three-step process:

  1. Find a popular topic that will attract attention of wider audience
  2. Create an in-depth, highly actionable content piece
  3. Start sharing it with other bloggers and spreading the word about it

Writing a great post is not good enough if you’re unable to promote it well and get backlinks for it.

Relationships with other blogs are crucial as these people are the ones who will eventually link to your piece.

Time and time again I have seen people who create awesome and popular content but are unable to get backlinks to it. The failure in this last step renders the whole process useless.

This is precisely why blogger outreach companies have so many clients. They help you build a bridge with influential bloggers, something you or your own team wasn’t able to do.

Importance of relationships

Here is one of the main reasons why companies and marketing departments started building links the white hat way and employing services of outreach companies.

“There is nothing that can boost your site as quickly as relationships with famous bloggers”

Blogger outreach as a process is great because it gives you the opportunity to meet all the successful entrepreneurs within your niche.

This by itself will open a lot of doors and opportunities for future cooperation and has business value much higher than a simple link.

Alas, this is also the biggest drawback of blogger outreach services.

While you will be able to see all these contacts and communication, you will not be the one that actually did it.

In future, you will likely be able to reach these same bloggers but it is always better if you personally made the first step instead of an outreach agency.

Regardless, I would still recommend the blogger outreach service as it gives you much more than guest posting.

How is outreach performed?

When you’re targeting a topic  you are always trying to find something that is lucrative and can result in high conversion rate and more sales.

Still, the popularity of a topic shouldn’t be neglected.

Based on this, we can determine that there are two main things that need to be considered during the initial phase:

  1. Popularity of a topic
  2. It’s profitability

So why should you interested in the popularity of the topic?

You see, no matter how good you are in blogger outreach, you still need to have some basis.

Blog owners will not link to you just because you asked them politely nor will they give you something for free.

Instead, you need to peak their interest.

Some outreach companies make a mistake during this initial step – they find a lucrative keyword but the topic they wrote content on is simply not interesting to people.

Truth be told, this step shouldn’t be done by an outreach company (unless specified) but still has an enormous impact on their future work.

Similarly, the content needs to be of high quality.

Finally, we come to the part that can be regarded as the “actual” outreach.

Main parts of blogger outreach service

This paid service has three main parts:

  1. Scraping contacts and creating lists
  2. Contacting people through email or social media
  3. Requesting for a backlink

Let’s check them one by one.

Scraping contacts

Scraping is the part of blogger outreach service with the highest chance of things going wrong.

You need to find all the authors that wrote on a similar topic. Some paid blogger outreach tools can help you automate a big part of the job.

Even if someone is an expert within a field, that doesn’t mean they will feel comfortable talking about something or linking to it.

Here, the blogger outreach provider will find person’s first and last name, website URL, direct email address (preferably not company’s address) and social media profiles.

Common issues that may occur are lack of personal emails or recipients who are not receiving your message for some reason.

It is very important to find the right emails otherwise other steps will be meaningless.

Email outreach

Email outreach should be done after the scraping process is complete. Make sure you’ve scraped enough results so you don’t have to go back.

Every email needs to be personalized and to show genuine interest in a person.

Outreach agencies should be very delicate given that even a small misstep can ruin communication. This or God forbid, incorrect information presented within an email.

You need to create a message that will stimulate further communication and will be opened in the first place.

Remember, asking for a link straight away will in 99 % of cases fail!

If you’re unable to reach this individual, make sure to write a follow-up email. Oftentimes emails will be blocked by email spam filters and the recipient will never see it.

Sadly, such things happen quite often.

Acquiring backlinks

Getting a link back is the toughest part of a blogger outreach service.

Even if you had a nice chat beforehand, a person may reject your request because a link to your company will have a direct impact on your business. This can pose a really big problem especially if you’re working in a highly profitable and competitive industry.

Number of things can happen during this initial step and it can pose a problem even for experienced outreach companies.

Here are some of the main reasons for rejection:

  • Webmaster expects payment for links (always avoid such people and don’t ever pay for backlinks)
  • Owner is your direct competitor and doesn’t want to link to you
  • Site owner is not inclined to link to outside sources no matter what (very shitty thing, but it happens)
  • Blogger wants a link in return otherwise won’t link to you either

In case you’ve succeeded to get this so desired backlink – congratulations!

Pat yourself on the shoulder and rinse and repeat the while procedure a hundred more times 🙂

Should I employ services of an outreach company?

We finally come to the most important question.

Whether or not you will purchase this kind of a service depends solely on you.

First of all, there are those who prefer building links by themselves and will never give control of their link building to a stranger. In such case, you’ll research a topic, create content and finally, outreach to influencers.

However, if you’ve decided to get such a service, you can go either with regular guest posts or with all-in-one SEO service.

Each choice has its advantages and its flaws. But, I need to mention that the White Hat way (including blogger outreach) has a much bigger long term potential for your brand.

Have you ever bought blogger outreach services? Were you satisfied with it? Share your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to add me on social media!

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