15 Blogger Outreach Tools for Easy Online Marketing

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blogger outreach tools

One of the best initial things you can do for your blog is to connect with influencers and create meaningful relationships.

Why is this relevant?

You see, it is really hard to promote content if you have a new blog.

Building a brand is tedious task and majority of people simply won’t care because they don’t know you.

But, if you reach out to famous bloggers through social media and email, there is a chance they will share your posts with their audience.

That is, if they like you or the content you presented.

Although you can easily find contact details of almost any influencer just by browsing Google, there is a lot of great digital software that can help you automate or ease the process.

By having one such tool, not only will it help you find Facebook, Twitter or email of a blogger but it will also create a list with all the influencers in one place.

This is also a great way to track communication saving you a lot of time in the process.

After reading this article you will no longer have to search for other blogger outreach tool resources as you will have all the necessary information here.

So stay with me and read on!

  1. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo blogger outreach tool

This is one of the tools that every SEO expert has to have.

Although this program has 3 main options:

  • Content research
  • Monitoring
  • Influencers

I need to place emphasis on the “influencers” tab.

Here you can create outreach lists, find Twitter influencers and top authors in your field. Priceless!

This is a great tool for starting a campaign as it helps you learn what other business owners think about your website and post before even starting an outreach.

It can also work for you by finding journalists that wrote on a particular topic.

Obviously such a tool is far from free. In fact, the cheapest plan costs $99/ month. But in terms of blogger outreach efficiency, there is nothing better for new blogs.

You can test if for 14 days for free to see if you really need it at this point of your SEO journey.

  1. Buzzstream

Buzzstream blogger outreach tool

Here is another amazing blogger outreach tool.

One of the biggest issues with blogger outreach campaigns is that you often forget who you contacted.

This is especially common if you have no clue about the industry you’re working in.

It is really easy to get lost and even send same or similar emails to same individuals.

As you can guess, this will not help you connect. In fact it will only infuriate a person.

Buzzstream is an outreach platform that tracks all your previous communication with a blogger.

It is really hard to make stupid mistakes with it as it shows you history of back and forth emails (unlike emails where previous communication vanishes when you start a new thread).

It also provides you some valuable stats (such as domain authority and number of Twitter followers).

BuzzStream also scrapes numerous contact addresses with just a few clicks.

  1. Inkybee

inkybee blogger outreach tool

Inkybee provides two separate groups of tools:

  • A suite of research and discovery tools (blog search, ongoing blog discovery, influence review, list management, list segmentation, Twitter bio search, Twitter influencer analysis, sector overview report, research target report)
  • A suite of blogger outreach tools (target blog lists, content management, relationship tracker, lists in Twitter, keyword monitor, measure outreach, Google analytics, reporting)

It is a rather complex system that helps you with almost anything blogger outreach related.

For me, the most impressive thing about it is the fact it allows you to track current state of your industry.

It creates a list of all the blogs out there and adds new ones as soon as they appear.

This is huge as all these domains are potential link givers. By noticing them, you can create a long-lasting relationship which will propel you to the next level.

  1. Ninja outreach

ninja outreach tool

Ninja Outreach was made by some of the biggest search engine optimization veterans.

The blogger outreach software is pretty straightforward.

  1. First you enter your keyword
  2. Ninja Outreach will return a list of all the articles ranking for that phrase
  3. You will be provided by the precise article URL, name of the author, description, social data, SEO stats, contact information and traffic.

Basically, you will have everything you need in one place.

After that all you need to do is contact those people and start a nice and hopefully beneficial relationship.

Have in mind that you can extract individual data and put them into a new list which you can then share with your team.

  1. Mailshake (previously ContentMarketer.io)

mailshake blogger outreach tool

So far, we’ve mostly discussed tools that are good for scraping contacts and keeping them in a same file.

Mailshake is a bit different.

As the name implies, this tool is mainly concerned with emails.

The main thing about it is that it has a large data base with different templates. In fact, it can even generate templates based on your input.

But that is not all.

Mailshake is for the most part automatic as it sends auto follow-ups and blocks parts of the day (or week) that are converting bad such as weekends.

You will also get some nifty stats such as number of emails sent, clicks received, opens, replies and bounces.

It’s the cheapest among all blogger outreach tools in this list – starting from just $9/ month.

  1. Mailtrack

mailtrack blogger outreach tool


Similar to Mailshake, Mailtrack is used for emails.

However, it’s not exactly a blogger outreach tool. I decided to include it in the list because I use it for NikSto blogger outreach campaigns.

This handy software even comes in a free form. That being said, you can install it right now and merge it with your Gmail email.

Mailtrack is rather simplistic yet efficient. It can only track opens of your emails.

After sending your emails, you will be notified at a precise time when a blogger opens your mail.

It also has some other features reminding you whether or not email was opened at all.

It also has stats that are good for campaigns and developing strategies.

  1. Klear

klear blogger outreach tool

According to its creators, here are some of the features you get with Klear:

  • Finding influencers
  • Influencer research
  • Relationship management
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Social monitoring
  • Account management

Although most of these are common and can be found in some other tools, one thing that stands out is account management.

With this feature you are able to get a 1 on 1 consultation with one of the industry experts.

Given the importance of direct contact with bloggers, this is something that can quickly and easily help you build relationships

  1. Grouphigh

grouphigh blogger outreach tool

Grouphigh is proud for its enormous database.

According to it, tool has more than 15 million bloggers. It is also great that the software allows exporting and importing of files.

In other words, if you already made a list or worked with a different blogger outreach tool, now you can easily send these contacts to Grouphigh.

When it comes to its filters and options software provides data seen in some other tools such as contact info, number of shares, SEO data etc.

Thing that is unique is that it allows you to add your own notes and rank bloggers according to 3 stats:

  • Strength
  • Quality
  • Participation

This will help you track who was king with you and if there is a chance for further cooperation based on that initial impression.

  1. Tomoson

tomoson blogger outreach tool

Immediately when you open Tomoson homepage you can see that this tool has 2 major groups:

  1. Influencers and micro-influencers
  2. Brands and agencies

Oftentimes when people outreach, they find themselves in a trouble as they cannot say for sure whether they are contacting an agency or an individual.

Tomoson can help you out with this as it clearly separates the two.

This way you can pitch just the right entity.

The greatest thing about it is that it has a built-in audience.

In other words, your chance of failing is lesser as these people are already using the system and are expected to be pitched for a business idea.

  1. ClearVoice

Clearvoice blogger outreach tool

ClearVoice likes to quantify all the data.

When you search for a particular topic or an industry, you will get a list with influencers.

But here is something interesting.

Each influencer will get a score based on some stats such as number of shares per article, frequency of posting, etc.

In other words, it helps you find people who are more active online and are more likely to engage in conversation with you.

  1. Get little bird

As I previously mentioned, one of the biggest issues with blogger outreach is lack of trust.

Cold pitching a person is oftentimes hard as outreached individual usually has no data about you.

Little bird solves this issue.

Normally, this blogger outreach tool provides some valuable data regarding social stats etc.

Its main focus though is on establishing connections between different influencers and helping you discover active communities.

With this, it is much easier to reach new people if you’re already acquainted with some.

You are no longer a stranger but friend of a friend.

  1. Followup then

Followupthen blogger outreach tool

Another less popular addition to our blogger outreach tools list is Followup then.

Again a software that deals with emails themselves.

This tools help you schedule future follow-ups and automatically sends a response when a blogger responds (or doesn’t) to your email.

  1. Nimble

nimble blogger outreach tool

Nimble is a tool that is mainly focused on sales and marketing.

It is quite specialized but is the best solutions if you have commercial intent.

Here are some of the features:

  • Relationship management
  • Sales and marketing (sales intelligence, smarter sales prospecting, pipeline management)
  • Social business insights (social profile matching and enriching, business insights on people and companies)

It is quite different in comparison to other blogger outreach tools but you can easily see the benefits.

  1. Traackr

traackr blogger outreach tool

Interesting thing about Traackr is that it allows you to create projects where you would involve influencers from your list.

First, you have to create a list with influencers.

You can also import influencer lists that you previously made.

Tool now gives you recommendations based on similarities with your current list.

To top it all off, you also have various filters when you wish to add new people.

Naturally, you will also have a lot of data about influencers and you can even get graphs which will ease the comparison.

  1. Pitchbox

pitchbox blogger outreach tool

Another great tool on the list, Pitchbox is specific for its customized and simplified blogger outreach campaigns.

You can quickly create various types of campaigns by simply adding a few basic data.

This tool leads the majority of the processes and helps you out as you go.


Your email campaign can be greatly simplified if you rely on one of the blogger outreach tools from the list.

Have in mind that most of them are specific and almost every one of them has some specific features.

So choose carefully when you get your next monthly plan!

What are your favorite blogger outreach tools? How often do you use them? Share it in the comment section below!

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3 years ago

Very Superb Article.
Thanks a lot for sharing this information..

3 years ago

Hi, Very nice post, you shared a very nice information for what I am looking for.

3 years ago

Hi Nikolay,
This is a great post. I think our research on outreach tools could go well with this post (and we even compared the four tools on your list): https://www.pointvisible.com/blog/outreach-tools-spotlight-pitchbox-vs-ninja-outreach-vs-buzzstream-vs-mailshake/
Although every tool is great, somehow we opted for Pitchbox in the end and concluded it’s a matter of team preference, wouldn’t you agree?

Best regards,

3 years ago

Hey Nikolay,

Great List out there. I have been using Ninja Outreach for a while and it’s one of the best so far. A bit expensive but if you are serious about Outreach, that’s the one you need.


3 years ago

That’s a great and very helpful article, Nikolay. I heard a lot of good things about Mailshake, but I need a tool, from which I can send e-mails with my company e-mail address. I decided to start to use Pitchbox, as it is integrated into the Link Research Tools suite.
Cheers, Ivan