Building Brand Authority with 6 Great Techniques

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building brand authority

Let’s say you created an awesome article on SEO tools.

You got lots of links and shares and finally managed to reach page one of Google.

Nevertheless, you are simply not able to penetrate top 5 positions occupied by reputable websites (although your page is much better written and optimized).

This is simply how Google works.

They place much more trust in websites as a whole than individual pages.

Branding is the name of the game and you need to adapt to it.

Do not use SEO for sake of optimization, use SEO as a method for building up your brand.

Here is how to do it in 6 proven ways.

  1. Positioning

In economy, positioning refers to how people perceive your brand.

It is a great way of differentiating yourself from the others players on the market.

Positioning is especially important for industries where there is a lot of competition and segmentation. Instead of doing the same thing as all other websites, find something that will be specific and unique for you.

For example, instead of focusing on the keyword phrase SEO expert, why don’t you try going for link building expert?

Here is the comparison between the two:

seo expert

Results for SEO expert query

link building expert

Results for link building expert query

As you can see, SEO expert query is highly populated and top of the page is reserved for ads.

This makes it even harder to penetrate.

You don’t see this in the screenshot but bellow ads there are a lot of authoritative websites.

On the other hand, when I used link building expert query I instantly get Mr. Eric Ward’s website.

Although the query has much less traffic it is still a great way to position your brand and yourself as a link building expert.

But the positioning is much more than a simple Google search. It is how the public and other experts see you.

Even though you are officially an SEO expert, you need to find a focus, a niche where you can dominate and become recognized as a go-to professional.

In the end, there are so many SEO companies but how many link building companies are there?

Based on this you will build your whole online persona.

  1. Setting up the field

So, you’ve decided what you wanna do.

That’s great!

Now let’s build up on that and start the actual diversification. Everything you create has to have a personal brand stamp.

Diversification is not only accomplished by saying “Hey, look at me! I am a link building expert!”

Everything you do needs to scream expertise.

If you can’t even get some solid links for your own website than what are we talking about?

This can be applied on numerous internet jobs: marketing, SEO, graphic design, video production, etc.

You have to start with the website and your graphic solutions.

Create your logo, focus on certain colors and make sure to repeat one and the same words/sentences in every brand description.

Your message needs to be consistent especially if you are a brand (no put intended!) new company.


 Branding by Search Engine Journal

As you can see on SEJ’s example, you don’t necessary have to use one and the same font or to constantly have same images.

However, there should be some personal stamp that can tell reader that this logo/ image/ video belongs to your company.

In this case it is the combination of black and green color.

  1. Concentrate on blogging

In the Internet world everything revolves around blogs.

Although you can have a successful organization outside the Internet if you wish to utilize the net up to the best ability, you have to focus on your blog.

Without a great blog your website is nothing more than a virtual business card.

You are probably wondering what is so important about it, right?

Well, a blog gives your company a personal note.

Together with social networks it is the best way to make a direct connection with people who are potentially interested in your organization and products.

Unlike your product pages it allows you to talk about non-commercial stuff.

For example most people who visit Ferrari’s blog are not customers.

However, they are still interested in this product and would be extremely disappointed if you didn’t have any videos showing Ferrari in action.

Your blog is a great way of creating goodwill and spreading the positive message.

But wait! There is more.

Having a blog section also increases your SEO visibility and allows more people to notice your company.

What do I mean by that? Read on to discover!

  1. Spreading your message

As I already mentioned, one of the most important reasons for having a blog is so that more people can notice your posts and subsequently, your company.

But there are also other ways to become noticeable.

How? Appear more.

I’m referring to guest posts, Facebook threads, Quora answers. In fact, wherever you can, leave your message.

Here is the funny part.

Even if you’re wrong and your message is incorrect, people will still trust you based on your image.

In other words, brands that are able to spread their message more are also the ones that become trustworthy and authoritative.

Like in life, by presenting yourself and communicating with more people, you are opening more doors.

The effect is cumulative: more people will invite you as a guest contributor (be it a guest author or a podcast guest), more links will point to your website and thus Google will present you to more users.

  1. Social media

There are so many companies that are not utilizing their social pages properly.

Instead of focusing only on their products, they need to be proactive and discover what their visitors truly want. Ok, if you’re an entertainment company you will likely have enough daily posts that will persuade people to return each day for more. But the matter of fact is that most companies do not have enough content and even worse, are unable to produce more of it.

In some cases, there will be no point in creating new content as some industries are rather static and there are not enough things that are newsworthy.

When this happens, you either have to start sharing things posted by others or to reach out to other similar topics.

My favorite wrestling company Lucha Underground is doing a good job:

krav magda

Krav Maga lessons
lucha underground

Sharing a NY Post article

First, you can see a Krav Maga instructional video. Krav Maga is a self-defense technique.

Given that Lucha Underground is a wrestling company this is connected to their product and most visitors can appreciate such content.

Second is a post shared from NY Post.

By sharing relevant posts from reputable sources, you can save some time and still give your visitors content to read/watch.

You are probably wondering: what does this have to do with branding?

Once again, I will go back to your message.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are the most interactive ways of communicating with people who are interested in your brand.

Not only are you posting stuff, you are also able to receive a direct feedback that can help you improve your brand.

By having a lively Facebook page you are giving your readers another source of information and further establishing yourself as a go-to expert on a topic.

Have in mind that some people simply prefer social networks to blogs.

By having both, you have two different outlets through which you can share your message and reach potential visitors.

However, there is another reason why you need to be active on social media channels.

Today Google puts a lot of emphasis on shares, links and other social related metrics.

So, in order to get those shares and likes, you should post your content on social media as people are more likely to share stuff on Facebook if they originally saw the post on that same platform.

  1. Industry-oriented approach

In order to establish yourself as the best in the business you need to do much more than to simply create articles.

You need to put yourself in a position where news outlets would write about you and your brand.

How to accomplish this?

By doing things that are good for your industry.

Once people start linking to your website without you asking them and once you start appearing in industry news, you can consider your brand a success story.

Here are some things you should start doing:

  • Hosting industry events
  • Making a podcast with other experts as guests
  • Doing industry-related research
  • Sponsoring industry-related causes
  • Supporting other industry professionals in need
  • Creating industry awards

The easiest thing is to say that you’re this or that.

But you also need to live it!

Everything you do needs to show people that you’re an important part of that society; so important that the industry wouldn’t be the same without you.

Once you manage doing that, your brand will become synonymous with a particular activity giving you much more weight no matter what you do.


There are numerous things you can do to propel your brand to the next level.

However, make sure that all the messages work in unison pointing visitors in the same direction.

Visibility is the key.

Otherwise people will not remember your message and will perceive you as just another guy trying to make a quick buck.

You can’t be a butcher and animal activist at the same time, right?

Planning is crucial for your brand. You need to create an identity and stick to it no matter what.

And, if you work hard enough, good things will surely happen.

What is your main problem with building your brand authority? Are people able to recognize you on the Internet? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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2 years ago

Hey Nik. I am a member of your group, and I have to say I like your style of writing. It shows well in your paragraphs, well blended.

I am a passive SEO learner, and that’s because SEO is underrated in this part of the world, Nigeria.

I would love to have a brand just likes yours in the nearest future.