Buying Backlinks: What’s the Situation in 2020?

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Do I have to buy backlinks? That’s not a rhetoric question or an attempt for a joke. We know what you are all thinking right now.

For some of you, backlinks are démodé. Others, though, know that it’s hidden in the essence of the optimal SEO. But we don’t ask for your opinion.

We are here to change it or maybe, to make it sound more confident. Don’t stop reading.

Specialists in digital sphere say it’s crucial to buy backlinks these days

A recent unofficial WordPress-related conference in Canada gathered a couple of the leading agencies and some of the most talented SEO experts.

The primary purpose of this gathering of so many smart minds was to determine the core of the SEO trends in the present 2020th year.

Let’s face it – we are right now experiencing a considerable economy stressful situation. And don’t bite it – internet economy changes alongside with all the changes that are happening in the world right now.

But we are not here to discuss viruses or conspiracy theories about the upcoming financial collapse. We have a fact that has been pushed straight from this conference. According to experts, one of the most modern and efficient SEO trends this year would be… to buy backlinks.

Let’s make a friendly reminder – why do we actually buy backlinks?

Backlinks have been briefly determined as “online citations” for a long time. But let’s take a look at them in detail now. These links lead to your website, forum, or platform of any type.

The starting point, though, is another website. It’s an external website. It’s where the link is placed and shows your targeted customer where to go to find what he needs depending on his recent internet browsing history.

You can buy backlinks and put them in literally any type of a web source – an article in a blog, a specialized directory, an online archive, a discussion in a forum, etc. The point, of course, is to put the backlink on a website that’s related to your website topic and purpose.

How does the customer see you when you buy backlinks?

For your customer, you appear as a hyperlink in the external web source. It’s the first meeting between you and the customer. And it’s good that he meets in a place, where he has appeared without being guided or directed via an ad or something else.

The external website is a crossing point of his interests. And your website will be the final destination for the customer aiming to satisfy his or her digital need. This customer might not realize it, because he’s not supposed to be an SEO guy, but that’s a simple, but efficient customer-friendly SEO practice.

When you buy backlinks, you do nothing else, but buying a different internet path for your customer to go through and eventually reach you.

Why do we have to buy backlinks in the 2020th year?

If you want to stand out, do it. If you have problems with your SEO, do it. If you have an urgent need for new visitors to increase your website traffic, well, do it. Buy backlinks.

According to Canadian specialists, when you buy backlinks, you are making your SEO strategy a double favor. First, with a backlink, you directly speak to your potential customers. And second, with such a link you also talk to the search engines.

In short, you are technically done with your SEO basis approach, but in addition to this, you are making the first step to the right marketing way.

And that’s not all. We’ve got a couple of more reasons why to believe that one of the best and trendiest SEO tactics in the 2020th is to buy backlinks. Check them out now:

  • A backlink speaks relevantly. Targeting we know from social webs these days gets a bit annoying to the customers. With a backlink, though, you achieve authority and trust when you speak. You are not promoting yourself directly, which is something a customer nowadays hates. It’s just not possible, because backlinks don’t work that way. Instead, you are giving some valuable, interesting and even significant information for the customer. And it’s what a customer actually searches on the internet – information.
  • When you buy backlinks, you are making linkjuice. Linkjucie is when Google thinks you are credible and reliable source. When you are given with a more substantial amount of that juice, you are no longer worried what Google thinks about, respectively where it will position you or whether it will ban your website.
  • Let’s say it once again straight – backlinks bring you the visitors you actually want. This is a way to boost your referral traffic. Why monitoring the visits of thousands of people who are actually not interested in what you do, sale or are?
  • Search engines love backlinks, too. To be more specific, when you buy backlinks and insert your general keyword in it, you actually succeed in ranking higher, whether in Google or somewhere else. The blue text says the customer directly and with no creative words what you can offer, while the anchor link structure says the search engine what you are fighting for. Everything’s clear.
  • But on the other side, if you are just coming on the digital arena, buy backlinks to scream your name. There’s a hard time after registering a new company. All you think about it is “Now, what? How the heck these millions of internet users will see me around those thousands of websites like mine”. A backlink can help you cope with this problem. It’s actually, one of the oldest, but goldest practices in the SEO strategy for fast and efficient brand awareness marketing.

What to look for when before you buy backlinks?

Indeed, 2020th year is about to make a comeback for backlinks. And even though we have just listed so many benefits to getting if you buy backlinks, there’s one but.

If you don’t take into consideration some important factors and indicators, you might actually fail with your backlinks. Check out what to look for when you decide to buy one…or a couple:

  • On mandatory check out the domain authority. There are plenty of free and paid tools for the purpose, so don’t make an excuse for such a fast, but very crucial check to do.
  • “Count” the currently available outbound links on the external website. A lot of the specialists claim that if the number of these links is too high, it’s better to look for another place from where to buy backlinks. Note that when you estimate this number, you should have in mind the age of the domain. Logically, an old domain will have lots of outbound links.
  • Make a quick comparison between the do-follow and the no-follow. It will help you consider whether you can find for more juicelinks. In this case, opt for the domination of the do-follow, even though both are backlinks.
  • Try not to buy backlinks from de-indexed domains, as well as any automated backlinks or navigation links. The links that are generated by the users are not very recommended, either. Though, if they are not coming from a de-indexed domain and are not automated or navigation, a compromise in this case is ok to be done.
  • When you use the backlinks, do not forget who you are writing to. We’ve been witnesses of a strange thing. Content writers have started writing as they are SEO ninjas. They don’t write for humans. They don’t actually write at all. All they do is to follow the SEO trends, keywords analyses results and the graphic of the previous month for the website traffic. Please, for God Sake, write content that’s at least suitable for humans, not for bots. And if there’s a possibility, write something interesting. Something that sounds awesome.
  • Be prepared to pay. We don’t mean it’s going to cost you half of your SEO strategy budget. But if you want good customers and good content that will take them to your website from a good external source, better get your fingers deeper in your pocket. Just pay at least the average market rate.
  • Last but not least, do everything it takes to have a decent backlink profile. What does this mean? It means that if you buy backlinks today, you might have success tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, you might want to buy another. If your backlink profile is not very healthy, you will eventually appear in Google junk list.

Many SEO enthusiasts used to talk about how dangerous and risky it is to buy backlinks in the past. We don’t know what happened, but it seems that they have changed their minds.

These days, prominent SEO experts are ready to integrate the backlink stage right next to the keywords research phase. And they should do such a thing. Because when you buy backlinks your business will definitely benefit a lot.

Apart from everything we have listed above, you will get some rest of complicated SEO techniques thanks to this retro, but tested and efficient approach.

As an SEO trend of the year, a year that’s has been bringing us back to the roots in so many aspects of life, using backlinks seems to prove itself as a root we’ve needed for a long time.

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