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Companies that do not perform cannabis SEO miss on a major profit opportunity. Do not be one of them!

Here’s some data regarding organic traffic and clicks from three of the most reputable SEO sources in the world:

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine – Search Engine Journal

Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time – Search Engine Watch

53% of Organic Search Clicks Go to First Link [Study] – Search Engine Watch

Internet users use and trust search engines to answer their questions or to find products they’re searching for more than ever before.

This trend will only grow stronger.

As a cannabis SEO expert with almost 10 years of professional experience within the field, I can guarantee you that SEO is the lifeblood of any cannabis website.

Here are the services I use to get you the rankings, traffic,

and sales you deserve:

List with my cannabis SEO services

  • Keyword research

Finding the most lucrative keywords and phrases that can get you the most traffic and conversions with the least invested time and money. I tend to focus on improving the rankings of the so-called “low hanging fruits” first. These are the keywords you already rank well for (page 1-5). They are already bringing you profit but need a bit of a push to get to top 10 in Google. I can help you get there and boost your sales.

  • Link building

Links are the number 1 ranking signal according to Google. They are also the best way of improving the authority and trust of your website and getting high-quality converting traffic. My link building service will help your website get more powerful and more relevant links. This will result in better rankings, traffic, and sales. You can check some of the link building strategies that I offer to my clients.

  • On-page and off-page SEO audits

These SEO audits are in their essence detailed, highly technical reports. In them, I pinpoint all the on-page issues (such as duplicate content, bad URL structure, slow site speed, and many more) and link profile problems your website has. I also give concrete, easy to follow recommendations on how to fix these flaws and to boost the overall SEO performance of your site.

  • Content creation (copywriting)

Quality content is an inseparable part of each website’s success. Anyone of the services above would be useless if you lack quality content which both users and Google will love. Today search engines expect better written, longer, and more in-depth content in order to position you on page one. Moreover, this content has to answer people’s questions and to satisfy their expectations. I know how to write content that deserves to rank among the top results in Google.

Why should you trust me?

That’s a valid question. Here are a few solid reasons:

  • 100% Prompt delivery

I always make sure my clients get the service we agreed upon. In fact, I always try to over-deliver. If you think I haven’t done my job right, you will get your money back. This has never happened to me though.

  • Vast professional experience and expertise

After almost a decade of professional experience, I can say that I have worked in almost any industry under the Sun. My only requirement is for your website to be in English.

  • Full transparency

Most website owners are concerned when giving a stranger access to their website. This makes total sense, especially in the cannabis SEO world where fake SEO services such as guaranteed rankings are everywhere.

Unfortunately, our industry is one of the most notorious in the world. This is due to the fact that any cannabis SEO expert can find a way to mislead their clients and never deliver what they promised to.

This is why I always try to keep things as transparent as possible. I always discuss every stage of the cannabis SEO campaign with my clients, constantly keeping them in the loop about everything. I am also a very friendly person and quickly become friends with every client of mine 🙂

What are your prices?

The minimum budget which I require to take a client on board is $2000/ month.

The price includes all activities mentioned above. I’m only offering all-in-one cannabis SEO solutions. Please, bear in mind that I don’t just offer 1 or 2 services.

This is a complete cannabis SEO service whose goal is to take your business to the next level.

Still not sure about something?

Contact me through my contact form, my Facebook SEO community, or via Skype. Let me answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and see if I can help you get your business to the next level.

I also suggest you check my testimonial page and my LinkedIn profile where 30 people recommended me and my services.

Oh, and my first consultation is absolutely FREE! Worst case scenario –  you lose several minutes of your time.

What are you waiting for?