How Many Cannabis Keywords Should You Target per Article?

number of keywords in article

If you’re new to blogging you’ve probably heard that it’s necessary to target certain cannabis keywords.

Google uses these keywords to establish the relevancy of an article and categorize it accordingly.

This will give you an advantage for certain cannabis phrases while downgrading your content for others.

During this process, some cannabis content writers go overboard trying to forcefully rank for numerous keywords from one article even though it may not make sense. Continue reading

Cannabis SEO Writing: How to Write Content That Ranks

SEO writing

Everybody knows that cannabis SEO and cannabis SEO writing go hand in hand.

When you write something, you don’t do it in order to feel good about yourself and your writing prowess. Instead, article creation revolves around Google and its ability to pick up the text.

However, this is not your only consideration.

You also have to create stuff that will be read by the website visitors and ultimately ranked high in Google. Continue reading

10 Tricks to Improve Your Content Readability and Linkability

link building tips

People always say that the quality of your content is directly connected to the number of links you’ll receive in future.

But, when we say quality of the content there are so many things to be considered.

I am not only referring to the text itself.

Although valid information is crucial for your article to be perceived as serious, you also require visual aids that will help influencers digest your content. Continue reading