Corporate Storytelling: How to Sell Better with Great Stories

corporate storytelling

How many times have you seen a commercial after which you immediately said to yourself: “I gotta get me one of those!”

Marketing and sales are a complex field that is based upon exploitation of human needs and more often, emotions.

Marketing expert is able to trigger just the right buttons that will make a person act.

One of the main tools that professionals use is corporate storytelling. Continue reading

SEO Writing: How to Write Content That Google Loves

SEO writing

Everybody knows that SEO and article creation go hand in hand.

When you write something, you don’t do it in order to feel good about yourself and your writing prowess. Instead article creation revolves around Google and its ability to pick up the text.

However, this is not your only consideration.

You also have to create stuff that will be read by the website visitors and ultimately ranked high in Google. Continue reading