How Google Penguin Impacts Your Rankings in 2017

Google Penguin

Even though we are looking into the future, systems and algorithms such as Google RankBrain and Fred, it still sometimes necessary to look back in the past and check Google algorithms that preceded and still affect our rankings till this day.

Google Penguin is one of algorithms that severely changed the landscape of SEO and still affects us.

In fact, latest update was in 2016 making it very relevant and up-to-date. Continue reading

Google RankBrain Update: The Third Most Important Ranking Factor


Back in October 2015, Google announced their latest algorithms. It was named RankBrain and became an integral part of the biggest search engine. The story was first presented in a Bloomberg article.

RankBrain is one of the newest additions to Google’s algorithm (but not an algorithmic update).

It represents a machine learning system that should help Google understand search queries better.

So far, Google has provided us with very limited information regarding RankBrain. Due to this fact, we have been left with a lot of room for speculation. Continue reading