Anchor Text Optimization: What Should You Know in 2017?

anchor text

If you’re a search engine optimization newbie, you probably heard somewhere that anchor text can help you rank in Google.

Unfortunately, this was very much true several years ago.

Nowadays, anchor texts are something that doesn’t affect your rankings as much as it can lead to a penalty.

They can easily harm your blog so it’s best to steer clear from them. Continue reading

Help A Reporter Out and Get Great Links via HARO


Nothing can replace good publicity.

Although we are prepared to accept almost any kind of marketing exposure, most of the bloggers still prefer links and social mentions provided by large news websites.

Organizations such as Forbes, Time Magazine and Mashable are just a few names that can propel your website to that new height.

This might look strange and you might be wondering: “Why would I bother with large news companies if I am able to get a link from the biggest websites within my niche?” Continue reading