Use Co-citation and Co-occurrence to Boost Your Copy (+ Coupon Code Bonus)

Google search engine is a wonderful tool making our lives better each and every day.

Over the time it has seen numerous changes. As you well know, nowadays Google focuses more on the meaning behind the text than the actual words being used.

Search engine goes deep trying to uncover various correlations whether we’re talking about keywords, links, shares or anything else that may indicate how qualitative content is. Continue reading

Skyrocketing Your Traffic Without Building Any Links

traffic without links

Everyone is obsessed with links. We perceive them as a measure of success oftentimes equating SEO with acquiring links.

Truth be told, there are many ways to boost your traffic without ever getting a single link!

In fact, with the introduction of RankBrain, it became even more obvious that Google wishes to give more control to the Internet users instead of websites. Continue reading

Dwell Time: When Users Vote “Yes” For Your Website

bounce rate

I recently wrote about bounce rate.

If you read the article, you know how important user engagement factors are. In fact, they are becoming more important by the day although Google still hasn’t officially confirmed this.

Dwell time, bounce rate, time spent on page, click through rate are all showing a strong correlation with higher rankings. In other words, if these stats are underwhelming, your website will not grow which we will analyze later on. Continue reading