100 Small SEO Tools You’ll Love (90% are FREE!)

small seo tools

SEO can be a complex matter. You have to perform research, to collect data, to analyse it and finally to make sense out of it.

As an SEO expert I find it hard to perform some of my daily duties without the help of some nifty online tools.

In this article I collected over 100 mostly free SEO tools reviews that can really save you tons of time and effort and to shoot your SEO to a higher level.

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KWFinder Tool Review – Find for Long Tail Keywords


Keyword finder tools are among the top software for search engine optimization websites.

Data provided within helps you learn more about a keyword by allowing you to find related phrases, check competition and figure out whether it’s easy to rank or not.

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LSI Graph: LSI Keywords Generator for Cannabis Website

lsi graph

LSI keywords (LSI stands for latent semantic indexing) is a term important for cannabis website ranking and optimization as a whole.

It is a concept which Google and other search engines use to better understand a search query.

A good way to describe latent semantic indexing keywords is this:

“All terms and phrases that are closely connected to main keyword (not necessarily synonyms!) ”

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