9 Easy Ways to Use Images on Twitter to Catapult Your ReTweets

words for more retweetsIt is well known that people are visual beings. No matter what kind of a business you are running, it is necessary to find a way to engage them. Even if you have a nice product or service, your business may be falling short just because you are unable to peak their interest.

Nowadays, most of the business is done on the Internet. Social networks such as Twitter lie in its forefront.

It is not much of a secret that good, relevant pictures are necessary in order to achieve the necessary success on this platform. However, as this became a common knowledge, it also became increasingly harder to create interesting images that Twitter users will click on. Continue reading

How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook [+Infographic]

more likes comments shares facebook

I bet you’re wondering how to get more likes, shares and comments on Facebook! Well, you’re not alone 🙂

Regardless of whether you are a blogger, a multinational company or a person without a website wanting to get more internet exposure, Facebook is the necessary outlet that will enable you to connect with others.

Unfortunately, as we live in an era filled with information, everybody is trying to get his message across. It is no longer enough to be noticed; you need to go viral. Continue reading