How to Get More Clicks on Twitter (13 Awesome Tips!) + [Infographic]

Get_More_ClicksIn this day and age, everybody tweets. It is as common as going to work or school.

Naturally, having this in mind, all those who have a company will use this outlet in order to get their message across.

But, besides the message itself, companies and bloggers require something else. They require clicks.

OK, but how to get more more clicks on Twitter exactly? Continue reading

How to Get More Pins (and Repins) on Pinterest in 10 Easy Ways

how to get more pins and repins on pinterestIf you have your own blog, you know that you have to rely on social media for content promotion and interaction with your visitors. Unless you are a seasoned veteran, you will most likely encounter some issues. In this article you will learn how to get more pins and repins on Pinterest.

First and foremost, different industries have different preferences when it comes to social platforms. For example, if you are an established food blogger who has quite a following on the Instagram, it doesn’t mean that this network will be as effective if you start a new blog about finances. Furthermore, you might even lose followers if you try to connect these two blogs through same social account.

Basically, every industry has its preferred network. By finding out which one, you increase your chances of succeeding. Continue reading