HTTP vs HTTPS: What’s the Future of Modern Web and SEO

http vs https

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS is definitely among the hot topics of 2017.

If your haven’t migrated from HTTP to HTTPS protocol this article is definitely for you. I bet you’re wondering if adding security to your domain will have any benefits.

Will it improve your SEO? Will it make your visitors happier?

I will answer this and many other questions so let’s dive right in. Continue reading

Crawl budget: What Does it Mean and How to Optimize it?

crawl budget

Most people have heard of Googlebot, crawling and indexing.

Still, it is a topic that is rarely discussed and is usually taken for granted. Nevertheless, it does play a role when it comes to SEO and increasing traffic.

In order for content to be crawled, indexed and presented to users in Google, the search engine needs to find it on the web.

This task is done by Googlebot (otherwise known as robots, crawlers or spiders). Continue reading