What Is a Bespoke Web Design? Why You Need It

Bespoke web design and development might seem a bit expensive, but it is the best way to build your brand.

When you hire a bespoke web design agency, you make sure that your website is completely unique compared to the competition. In other words, you won’t have to rely on a generic template that everyone else is using.

This short article will talk a bit more about actionable web design, how to find the proper solutions for your company, and how you can benefit from these solutions.

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Dustball Plagiarism – Free Service to Help Your Content


Dustball or Dust Ball is not a new service when it comes to plagiarism checkers. However, it is rarely mentioned as one of the top tools that will allow you to search for plagiarism within documents.

It resembles many similar services where you copy paste a text into a box to get results.

In terms of features, it isn’t the best; you will have the option to upload a Word file instead of copying a text as well as the option to download a report so you can view it later.

Besides free version you can also sign for a full premium monthly subscription that costs $8. You can find all the information when you visit the site, both in English and Spanish language.

Next, let’s see how your company can benefit from it.

Why is plagiarism important?

History of internet plagiarism is dark indeed.

Back in the day plagiarism was one of the biggest issues on the web.

Over time search engines such as Google started penalizing content that was copied. Today, it is a thing that is used solely by news websites as other organizations don’t wish to send a bad signal to search engines.

Please have in mind that although plagiarism is rarely presented as an SEO issue nowadays, it still can has an additional negative impact on your site.

Each passing year has seen a reduced number of copied texts. Nevertheless, it is always good to check your posts before you publish them. Have in mind that tools such as Dustball are also used by teachers and students as it helps them detect plagiarism and improve their writing skills respectively.

How does Dustball work?

As I already said, you start by copying a text into a box or uploading a file. Then, you press a button that will compare your document to other internet sources. Afterwards, software will create a log with all the matches where plagiarism was found and in which percentage.

Percentages above 90 are good and this type of text is regarded as non-plagiarized.

Interesting thing about this program is that the free version is kinda inaccurate. You probably won’t notice this at first. However, there is a notification saying that paid version is 3 times more accurate which allows us to presume that the free one isn’t so precise by comparison.

This can pose a problem for all those users who wish to do a trial run. Even if you pay for the tool, it is questionable how good it may be.

Last thoughts

There are a lot of plagiarism detection tools on the web that you’ll surely love. Unfortunately, I don’t feel this is one of them.

Luckily for you, Dustball is pretty simple and easy to use; if you wish to test it you can do so at any time without downloading anything. Still, it may not be the optimal solution for your site.

Have you tried Dustball? What is your opinion about it?

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