Is Copyleaks a Good Plagiarism Checker for your content?

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There are a lot of free online tools nowadays that can help your website when it comes to plagiarism detection.

Among them, Copyleaks plagiarism checker ranks as one of the better ones.

Let’s see how an average user can benefit from it.

What is Copyleaks?

This is an internet tool that will find plagiarism within a text.

It is primarily focused on education filed as it helps students improve quality of their writing. It can also work well for professors when checking uniqueness of submitted academic papers. But, tool can also be used by business owners who want to improve quality of content on their site.

If you check their website, you may notice some additional resources.

You can download Copyleaks mobile app, compare documents, access API, contact support and read their latest posts.

In terms of complexity, it is rather easy to use.

Once you register and sign in, you can start using it.

When you’re in dashboard, just add a new file or a text. Tool will begin the scan and retrieve results soon after. Once it’s done, it will show a list of all the URLs where plagiarism was found. Status bar will appear to the right showing you percentage of plagiarism and number of words that have been copied. You can search through them and compare individual sources to your own document.

If you wish so, tool can create a page with your text while underlining all the plagiarized sections.

You can save your file on cloud when everything is done. There is a security system in place that will protect your files.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of how Copyleaks plagiarism tool works:

Copyleaks Pricing

Like most plagiarism tools, you have free and paid version.

Interesting thing in this case is that there is separation based on the user. You have plans for businesses and plans for education field.

Paid versions allow you several scans at the same time, you get scan priority, better support and finally, more credits.

User is able to choose between subscription and paid type plans. There are several plans for each allowing you to pick just the right thing you need.

My thoughts

There are numerous ways of using plagiarism apps from protecting yourself in case of copyright infringement to checking submitted essays.

Great thing about it is that you have a free option. This gives you a liberty to try it out before you commit.

According to what I’ve seen, software is really precise when it comes to retrieved results. In that sense, it can easily discover if you have plagiarized a text and with high precision. Still, I would recommend that you try it out yourself and make individual decision.

What is your opinion on Copyleaks? Do you like retrieved results?

Tell me what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list if you wish to read more about plagiarism tools!

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