Copyscape Plagiarism Checker: Still The Best In Business?

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For the longest time Copyscape was seen as the best tool for checking duplicate content in an article.

Today, it has become an online platform with internet tools such as Copyscape Premium, Copysentry and Banners. It doesn’t only help you check articles for uniqueness but it also has web software which will alert you when other sites try to copy your posts.

Although provides a free plagiarism service, best results are achieved if you create and sign into a paid account.

Now it’s time to review the software and check out some tips!

More about this plagiarism checker

Copyscape is one of the main products of Indigo Stream Technologies.

Besides this product, they are also the creators of Siteliner, another top internet tool that should help your site performance. You can use it to improve a number of things on your websites while also helping you write better copies and rank higher in Google search.

A great thing about is that it allows you to use its premium API. With it you can link the tool to your own systems.

You can also find some additional features on the website such as online forum as well as resources for preventing plagiarism and responding to it.

How does Copyscape work?

In terms of functionality, the free version of this plagiarism scanner is pretty basic.

It will show you URLs where plagiarized sentences were found but it doesn’t point out the exact lines. This won’t help author too much.

Copyscape Premium is more complex and provides a better feedback.

Tool allows you to add a text by copy pasting it into a box. Alternatively, you can upload a file or copy paste a URL.

Next, you need to click a button and start the process. Copyscape will compare the original post with all other written sources on the Internet. It takes some time before tool returns results.

When it’s done, it will show a percentage of uniqueness and a log with all the plagiarized sentences together with sources from which they were taken.

Benefits and issues

Needless to say every writer has to have a content plagiarism tool.

Even if you’re not copying content from other sources, there is a chance your post will not be completely unique due to an overwhelming number of articles that can be found online. Inadvertently you might be plagiarizing posts without even realizing.

Whether you’ve paid for Copyscape or some other tool is completely up to you.

Have in mind that this software does a pretty good job which can be seen through numerous positive reviews.

But, when it comes to overall usefulness, I feel there are some new tools that provide much more.

Companies that worked with text tools for some time are starting to combine them into platforms which can be used for grammar, plagiarism detection, to leave feedback and so forth. In that regard, Copyscape is lagging as it never managed to progress from a basic plagiarism scanner to something more complex.

If you only need a content originality checker, this one can work well for you.

If you require more features, it is better to look for something else.

Do you use Copyscape? Do you also use some other tools to check for plagiarized content?

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