Duplichecker – A Free Online Plagiarism Checker Guide

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There is a lot of web software that will help you check whether your content is good or poorly written.

In the past, one of the biggest issues for websites was plagiarism.

As people outsourced their writing all over the internet, a lot of duplicate content started appearing in Google search. Needless to say, duplicate content is something you need to avoid at all costs as the risk outweighs the benefits. Search engines appreciate original content while also trying to prevent any plagiarism which makes web information blend and repetitive.

This is precisely why free plagiarism detection tools became popular. With it, you can check the originality of your works.

Although in 2017 this practice is slowly dying out, the need for checking your copy still exists especially if you start to work with a new freelancer or content creation website.

If you wish to check plagiarism of your pages, have in mind that Duplichecker.com is one of the best free plagiarism detection software you can find.

Let’s see how it works by watching this short video for Duplichecker and other great plagiarism checkers:

Duplichecker review of basics

This program, like most others on the market, is pretty easy to use.  All you need to do is to sign up for the tool and once you have a registered account just copy paste your text into the detection software.

There are two main ways to use this free service:

  1. Enter your original text directly from the source
  2. Upload a file or an article directly from your computer

Always remember that you cannot download this tool so you will have to access the site each time you need some posts checked.

When it comes to word count, the first option allows you to add up to 1000 words. With the second option, there is no limit.

If the things are still not clear after this explanation, there is also a link to a video that can further clarify the use of www.Duplichecker.com.

After entering your text (or paper or files) Duplichecker.com will bring up the results showing you whether the content was copied from the Internet or is it a unique creation. In order to do so, the tool matches your text with web pages. It is available to both commercial and private users.

Duplichecker plagiarism technology

One of the most interesting things I’ve seen with www.Duplichecker.com is their approach.

First thing I need to mention that top tools of this kind usually work well; there is very little difference in their processes and end results.

In fact, the differences between them are slight coming down to site design and page speed.

That being said, it is really hard to distinguish one dot-com company from another.

Dupli checker has a very interesting approach in that regard.

The main thing that differentiates them from the competition is the way they are promoting their product.

According to this tool, the main purpose of its existence is to help students.

According to the site, you can use the tool to check an essay, academic report and various other types of academic papers.

In fact, the company emphasizes how unethical behavior is bad and that academic citizens should steer away from these actions.

A regular student should do everything in their power to create unique content.

Although this user approach is unique, it also makes sense.

Given that plagiarism in the blogging world is slowly diminishing, it is best to focus your attention on a regular student bearing in mind that this kind of behavior still exists in such circles.

To sum this plagiarism detector up

Regardless of your needs, this free plagiarism software can quickly check your articles and compare it with similar content online.

It is easy to use, quick, and reliable and it solves your plagiarism issue.

Have you ever had a problem with plagiarism or have paid for content that was plagiarized? Are you aware of how harmful plagiarism really is? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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