E-Commerce SEO Success: 6 Factors To Succeed

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e-commerce seo success

Today, most of the business is done online. Truth be told, there is not much point for old brick and mortar economy. For an enterprise to survive on the modern market, it is necessary to cut the cost wherever you can.

With e-commerce companies, there is a completely new set of obstacles imposed. Even though this business is cheaper and more profitable in theory, it also means that almost anybody can do it.

Unlike classic stores where you had to pay a hefty sum to get a nice location, e-commerce websites can be easily set up. But, due to the fact that initial investment is much lower, it means that you will have to go against much larger competition.

Furthermore, this competition wouldn’t be local; it would be global.

New challenges may seem daunting but like with anything else in business, it is possible for entrepreneur to overcome them.

Here are the most important factors that you need to consider when running an e-commerce website.

  1. E-Commerce SEO Success with great products

Products are always in the limelight no matter what kind of a company you are running. For you to succeed in your endeavor and crush the e-commerce competition, it is necessary to establish whether there is demand for such a product.

Albeit, you are working on the Internet and there will always be enough stores to meet this demand. Nevertheless, this is the first step that you need to perform that will help you determine whether you should start with a particular item.

After that, you need to determine the price. This is vital for your E-Commerce SEO success.

Naturally, you will have to perform a thorough analysis before you start anything. Good thing about the Internet is the fact that users can easily check various internet stores and compare pricing. In that regard, you will be able to find your place under the sun (even if your competitors have better SERP placement) just due to this fact.

For the end, you will have to consider the quality of your product and if it has any advantage over the items your competition is offering.

  1. Security of transaction and shipping

When the first internet stores started working, there was a lot of question regarding security of transaction.

Have in mind that 20 years ago, we weren’t living in a global society. Currencies were all over the place.

Nowadays, with unified markets, it is much easier to purchase things all over the globe.

SSL certification is necessary for every company as it secures all your transactions. In terms of shipping, it is necessary to have visible conditions and destination times on your placed on your website.

Here, being punctual is the key for the E-Commerce SEO success.

  1. Good customer support

Similarly to traditional firms, internet shops require good customer support.

Of course, if the product you’re selling is highly technical, it will increase the necessity of having a responsive and proficient team at customer’s disposal. By now, most companies have realized that precisely this factor can determine whether a person will shop again in your store and what kind of review will he leave.

With that, we come to the next point for E-Commerce SEO success.

  1. Ability to leave E-Commerce reviews

Let’s face it, most of the people surfing the web are unfamiliar with the popular Internet stores when they are purchasing something for the first time.

Unlike traditional stores, which we notice when walking around the city, there is very little to notify us of the stores that do business on the Internet.

First time buyers find it hard to trust brands they never heard of. Because of this, it is necessary to have product reviews.

They have two-fold purpose: first, they allow visitors to get acquainted with an item prior to purchase; second, they allow buyers to vent their grievances. The latter may seem unimportant or counterproductive but with a proper reaction it can lead to a satisfied customer.

Every tiny bit helps on your way to E-Commerce SEO success.

  1. Adapt your website for mobile users

According to recent research in the UK, people use mobile devices more than desktop computers to access the Internet.

mobile vs desktop

This trend will most likely continue to rise as people start migrating to different countries due to constant shifts in job demands.

Basically, it is much easier to have small devices at your disposal instead of big computers. That being said, it is necessary for a company to adapt its website for E-Commerce SEO success.

Your interface needs to be mobile friendly and to open in the same way as you would see it on a desktop computer. This way, you can guarantee that you won’t lose all those people who are shopping online on their mobile device.

  1. SEO for E-Commerce Success

All of this is great in theory. But, here is one obstacle that most companies do not manage to overcome. If you wish to do business on the Internet, it is crucial for your website to appear among top 10 search results in Google.

Furthermore, only the top 4 results get somewhat of attention while the rest gets only the crumbs. When we talk about online shopping, people are usually prepared to surf some more as it affects their budget.

Nevertheless, the fact that you should rank among top results still remains as this is something that can instill confidence in surfers.

Optimization is in fact a form of marketing. The better you do it, the more potential buyers you will reach. Most companies fumble on this step. Unfortunately, this is the most important thing for a success of e-commerce website.

Remember, even if you have mediocre products and high prices, you will still manage to make profit if you are ranking high enough within SERPs.


With these tips, you should be prepared to set up your first internet shop.

If you need more information on E-commerce and how to succeed with it, I recommend you to read this solid Ultimate guide to E-commerce in 2017.

Bear in mind that different industries are quite different.

Even though these factors are universal, some of them will have bigger while some will have smaller impact for certain business.

In the end, it all depends on the product you are selling and your potential customers.

Have you ever thought about opening an e-commerce website? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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