50 Email Tips for 2017 (Battle-tested & Ready to Use!)

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Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is directly sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Wikipedia

Nowadays, email marking is one of the basic marketing tools. It is even more important method within the blogosphere as it represents the direct line between yourself and other blog owners.

Even though we are an SEO company, we will talk about general email marketing.

Why is it so important to know everything about email marketing?

Because, when it comes to emails, everything matters. In fact, you should observe emailing as an activity very similar to sales. When you are trying to sell something, every word matters. Even the slightest misstep can cost you a contract.

Due to this fact, it is very important to cover all the angles increasing your chance of success.

Here are out 50 best tips and strategies that will help you with your email outreach:

  1. Use first names – It relaxes the reader and puts you on the even playing field
  2. If a person is a doctor or a professor, use his title and his last name – Sign of respect towards his accomplishments and profession
  3. Add first name in both title and the body – People love seeing their name. It also means that you wrote an email specially for him
  4. Adjust the tone of the email according to your request
  5. Use simple and professional expressions and language
  6. Be more direct with people who are working for big companies – They probably won’t have time for long emails
  7. Be warm with family owned companies
  8. Show respect towards the elderly
  9. Always be polite no matter what kind of a request you have
  10. Avoid sending any URL on the first email – When you send an email to someone for the first time and you include some URL, it increases chances of ending in spam folder
  11. Give compliments but do not be excessively servile – Reader needs to feel as if he is speaking to his equal and yet, to feel good
  12. Avoid using exclamation signs unless they are necessary
  13. Don’t use emoticons
  14. Stay away from slang
  15. Show that you care about him and his business – This can provide some extra points
  16. If possible, always keep a positive tone – Such a message converts better
  17. Format your email properly – Your emails should never look sloppy. They need to be easy to read
  18. Use signature with your personal details and details of your company – With it, everything looks legit
  19. Always send emails to personal address instead of the general one – Generally speaking, this increases chances that you will get the right person
  20. Your emails should inspire further conversation – Never do business on the first email (unless you know the person). Keep the reader interested and close the deal on the next email
  21. Make sure to mention benefits for the other party – Otherwise, he will not be inclined to help you
  22. Do not use anything that can be religiously or culturally offensive
  23. Use statistical data if they will help your pitch
  24. Asking for a feedback is a good way to break the ice – If you ask a person for a feedback (as an expert in the field) you are making the first positive step and simultaneously, you are showing that you respect his opinion
  25. Personalize your email – Reader needs to feel special
  26. Add dynamic content – Dynamic content and visual aids attract individual’s attention
  27. You need to present yourself as a professional organization
  28. Use info@ address as it instills confidence – In the end, everyone can make a Gmail account
  29. Do not use info@ address for non-work communication
  30. Keep readers on their toes – Curiosity will most likely force reader to go through the entire email no matter what
  31. Give reader instructions so he knows what is expected from him – If you send an email to an unknown person, you have to make sure that person understands why you are contacting him
  32. Make sure that reader has a positive experience from reading your email
  33. Send emails according to the time zones – So that you don’t leave an impression that you are outsourcing
  34. If a certain blogger can provide extra value, make a special email just for him – Again, you have to make sure that the additional effort is worth your time
  35. Always use follow-ups if you don’t get a response to the first email – Follow-ups are the key to any email campaign. Oftentimes, you will get more response after a follow-up than after the initial email
  36. Check your emails before sending them – Everybody makes mistakes
  37. Your emails need to be created with company’s policy, mission and vision in mind
  38. There shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes within the email
  39. Auto-reply is a must as it notifies the person that you are not available
  40. If a person sends you a negative (or offensive) response, to not act rashly
  41. Don’t use capital letter to emphasize certain words – It looks hokey and unprofessional
  42. Use software that will track open rate – It will help you track your progress establishing what went wrong
  43. Respond to all your emails as soon as possible – It shows that you care
  44. If you are unable to respond to emails during the upcoming week, do not start a new campaign
  45. Adjust your strategy according to country where you are sending emails – Small details can make a change. You also have to adjust to local customs and business preferences
  46. Connect your emails with your social profiles – Some people love social media. This way, you are giving them an option to communicate with you through it
  47. Present exclusive email offers – This will make reader more inclined to respond
  48. Make sure that you have a good anti-virus software
  49. If you are pitching something, never send emails in a bulk – It will make person feel used
  50. Emails should be oriented towards creating a long-term connection – In the end, emails are just a small part of your overall marketing strategy

If you followed these tips, you are well on your way to having an efficient email campaign. Make sure to adjust your email according to the situation and always create them with reader in mind. Similarly to any other pitch, you have to instill confidence and provide something interesting in order to be successful!

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