Write Your First Blog Post: 8 Easy Steps Even Newbies Will Love

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First Blog Post

Creating your first blog post ever can be quite intimidating.

Especially if it’s used to promote your online business.

There is simply so much at stake!

Even though you might have some writing experience, creating the actual content can prove to be a handful. 

This is the main reason why everybody wants to be a blogger but only a few of us actually succeed.

Most of wannabe bloggers register a domain, create a website and then start delaying not knowing how to start blogging.

No worries, we’ve all been there. I got you covered.

I created a list of 7 easy to follow but vital steps that will help you write your first blog post and get the ball rolling. Let’s check them out!

  1. Get acquainted with SEO

SEO or search engine optimization represents all the actions which are performed so that Google can “notice” your blog posts.

If you don’t have any internet marketing experience, you probably haven’t heard about this concept. However, SEO is so important that there is no point in creating content if you don’t know the basics. In the end, if no one can see your articles, there is no point in writing them in the first place, right?

SEO content basics include:

  • Keyword research – the process of finding the terms and phrases that will increase your chances of ranking on first page of Google and bring organic traffic to your blog
  • Length and layout of the piece – Longer articles (2000+ words) are proven to perform much better than shorter ones. When it comes to layout, visitors should easily go through lines of text so make sure to keep your sentences and paragraphs shorter
  • Proper use of keywords – After finding a good keyword, you need to properly use it together with its synonyms and semantically related phrases (aka LSI keywords)
  • Making your article readable and clickable – There are certain mental triggers that force person to read (or not to read) an article. Learn them!
  1. Learn more about your audience

SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. As a blogger, you have to find your target audience.

There are several reasons why you should do this:

  • Different age/sex groups use a different tone – If you write articles for a gaming website they are going to be very different from those written for a financial blog
  • Helps you determine do’s and don’ts – General tone is not the only thing you should be worried about. Analyzing your readers tells you what you can write for and what you should avoid
  • It is crucial for promotion – Different groups of people prefer different networks. While artists give advantage to Pinterest, lawyers will focus on LinkedIn. We will talk more about promotion later on so stick with me!

Similar to SEO, writing for a specific audience is something that will determine the future of your blog. By creating content that you target audience wishes to read, you will not only be able to retain the visitors but also to get new ones.

Oftentimes people publish their first blog post and share it with their friends. After getting a negative response, they get totally discouraged. This doesn’t mean your article was bad; it only means you shared it with a bad audience.

  1. Create a nice working environment

Unless you have great work habits, it might be hard for you to work from home.

Although you have the possibility to work during the afternoon or evening, it is much better to have well-structured work hours. And not only that. You have to create an environment that is suitable for work.

Here are some tips that will help you get started:

  • Create a schedule – It is necessary to work within a schedule. Ideally, you should work from 9 to 5 although some people prefer working in the afternoon or even during the night. No matter what, create your own work hours and stick to them. Always remember; you have a whole week so if you got energy, it is completely normal to blog during weekends
  • Isolate yourself – A lot of people still do not understand the concept of working from home. Make sure to isolate yourself, turn off the TV and the phone (unless you absolutely need it) and let everybody know that you are not available
  • Chair and desk – As someone who has worked from home for years; I know how important it is to have a comfortable desk and a cozy chair. Do not skim on it and pick stuff that will relax you and support your body at the same time. You get the idea
  • Focus on work – One of the most common mistakes that bloggers and freelancers do is that they spend too much time on internet. Here, I am talking about unproductive time spent on Facebook or just browsing the net looking for some interesting stuff. Make sure to remove, close, and turn-off anything that can affect your work in negative ways. Otherwise, time will start flying by and at the end of the day you’ll realize you haven’t written anything
  1. Finding your first topic

As previously mentioned, you should perform keyword research before you start writing. However, if you are inexperienced and only have basic or no understanding of SEO, perhaps it is better to skip this step. In the end, you need to break the ice with your first blog post and show yourself you can do this job!

Despite your knowledge and experience, here are 3 good options which any of you could use for finding some good first blog post ideas:

  • Write about anything – Every beginning is hard. Sometimes, you just have to jump in the water and start swimming. If you write about some random topic, it probably won’t have any positive effect on your blog. But, it will boost your confidence which is also very important
  • Write about a trending topic – If you already know how to write, you should create an article about a trending topic. It won’t be SEO optimized but you might still gain some exposure by sharing it through your own contacts. Just type a phrase in Google and see what the latest news are
  • Create an expert roundup – Roundups are an amazing option for your first blog post. In a roundup post, you ask other bloggers within your niche an interesting question and compile their personal expert opinions. This way, you introduce yourself to other players and it is a great way to create some initial contacts. If you are lucky, you also might acquire some pure white hat links. When it comes to the topic, you should again choose some trending topic/issue so that the bloggers are willing to participate. Best way of contacting other blogs is through email although some influencers also like social media approach.
  • Consider your long term strategy – When you create a post for blog, it shouldn’t be seen as an individual entity but a part of a whole. This means that an article should be leading to something bigger. Creating a long term strategy is important. Now, given that this is your first post you are most likely struggling to create it I don’t have high hopes. But long-term strategy is definitely something that you need to keep in mind and implement it as soon as possible. This will help you create a unified message that will be much more impactful

Given that this is your own blog, it will probably revolve around something you are personally interested in. This will help a lot. Nevertheless, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to write about something, anything. Putting words on a paper will eliminate your mental barriers and will help you begin your journey as a blogger. Cool, eh?

  1. How to write your first blog post  entry

For experienced writers, content creation is nothing more than another day at work. However, for wannabes, it’s a really tough task.

Performing the previous steps will definitely help but nothing can prepare you for the actual writing.

Relax, I got you covered. Here is a step-by-step process on how to create your first blog post:

  • Research the topic – Even though you might have some knowledge on the topic, you should still check some other sources. Furthermore, if you see something you like, you should definitely incorporate it in your first blog post. Everybody copies ideas, that’s totally cool. Just make sure to adapt them to your own style. Do not steal anything as this can be considered a copyright infringement! Needless to say, your first blog post title needs to be catchy in order to attract the necessary attention
  • Create an outline – This is something that professional writers regularly do. Before they start anything, they create the main chapters. Instead of simply putting stuff on a paper, they make bullet points which will guide them through the process. If you change your mind, you can always add or remove a chapter
  • Dissect a chapter – Now that you have created your outline, you can start writing blog post chapter by chapter. However, before you begin, consider all the things you wish to say to your reader. Ask yourself: “What’s the purpose of this chapter and how will it help my audience?” After you have main 2 or 3 points, you can start the actual writing
  • Do not overthink – Overthinking is one of the most common mistakes of newbie bloggers. They think about every dot and coma and how to make the article better. Oftentimes, it is much more productive to put things on paper and return to it later on
  • Edit the article – When you finish, go back and change all the things that you do not like. This is more of a polishing. Remember; your article doesn’t have to be perfect. You will improve your skills with practice. For now, just make it readable and free of errors

Now that you have the main ideas, you are pretty much set.

But, if you are serious about your blog, I suggest that you read the next two steps as well. This is where things become really interesting J

  1. Modifying the article

Writing a good article is simply not enough. It also has to draw attention.

In today’s blogosphere, there is a lot of video content and infographics. They attract much more attention than the regular textual content. This is why you have to modify your pieces making them more attractive and readable.

Even if this is the first thing you’ve ever written, I suggest that you implement at least some of the things below:

  • Add a picture – It is widely known that by adding at least one picture, you article will have much more views
  • Break the text into short paragraphs – Chunks of text are really hard to read so make sure to break them up in some way. For example, you can use numerous paragraphs, pictures, videos, bullet lists, bolded or italic text. This will make your post much more pleasant to the eye
  • Add links – Hyperlinks are something that gives your articles additional credibility. By linking out to authoritative websites you prove your point and increase your own reputation

Of course, there are many other things you can do with your article to improve the way it looks. But, this is the bare minimum and the simplest solution.

  1. Asking for a feedback on your first blog post

In majority of the cases, you won’t ask for a feedback upon completion of the article. It simply takes too much time.
However, given that your first post needs to be flawless it is much better to make it perfect. How do you do this? By asking a few people for a feedback.

So who should you ask for a feedback?

People who wrote on a similar topic and are recognized as go to experts. Sometimes, simply writing on a topic will not be enough as there are a lot of quasi experts online that are only copy-pasting content. Similarly, you shouldn’t rely on people who are experts and do not have enough experience with this particular topic.

Have in mind that you shouldn’t ask for a feedback for every type of a content.

For example, during roundups you are already asking influencers a question; there is no need to modify their answers as it may be offensive.

Infographics are based on data so there is no need for additional modification afterwards.

Nevertheless feedback is crucial if you’re writing on an expert topic and especially if you’re not certain about some points.

This is really important as you will have to promote this content later on during outreach phase (I will mention it next) and lack of valid data can be your downfall.

Have in mind that feedback phase is not necessarily outreach phase.

Here, you are only concerned about polishing your content.

Surely, you can ask for a feedback during outreach phase (as a conversation opener) but the goals are different.

  1. Content promotion via outreach

Finally, you should perform blogger outreach. It is mandatory so that other people notice your first blog post (remember how I mentioned this in the first chapter).

Basically, your article will not become popular by itself.

This is why content promotion is a necessary part of your blogging tasks. The best results are achieved by sharing your content with other popular bloggers (a.k.a. influencers).

However, if you have limited experience with this, you can just share the article with your friends or through your social media account hoping that it’ll get some traction (you should have at least some followers to make this count).

I always recommend blogger outreach as the best way to build your brand and make a name for yourself.

I also suggest you check these 5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix to make sure you’re don’t make them.

You should definitely read these 101 ideas for blog posts for inspiration.


Although talent is important for creating good content, you can easily do without it. All you need is some discipline, persistence and hard work.

Everyone can start writing an article, get stuck somewhere along the way and scratch everything out. This doesn’t mean you are not good enough!

I suggest you read this great guide on How to Write the Perfect Blog Post written by my friends at webs4seo.co.uk which I am sure you’ll find useful.

Don’t be like that!

Cut yourself some slack and believe me when I say that you just need some guidance. I hope this post will give you the initial push you are looking for.

What is your biggest issue when writing? Please, share it in the comment section below and let’s try to fix it.

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4 years ago

Nice write-up Nik. This is always a challenge until you actually get started. You can spend all day thinking about what to write and get nothing done. It’s only when you start that the words flow out. I especially like your first point about utilising SEO as part of your posting strategy – because without it, you may have a great looking post, but nobody will find it…



Suresha B
4 years ago

Hey Nikolay

Great post!, what you point out easy steps for creating content its amazing. these every one should follow when creating write-up. thanks for sharing most useful post sir.

4 years ago

Hi Nikolay Stoyanov,
Great article, thanks for sharing such valuable information.

Rajpal Singh
4 years ago

Hi Nikolay,

Really good post. starting a new thing always tough. after start you can move forward. this article is really helpful for those who want to start blogging.

4 years ago

Hello Nik Great article, thanks for sharing such Great information.

3 years ago

Great post!, easy steps for creating content its amazing. every one should follow this when creating write-up. thanks for sharing most useful post sir.

Aditya Srivastava
3 years ago

Great article, keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Hi Nikolay Stoyanov,
Great article, thanks for sharing such valuable information.