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grammarly plagiarism checker

There are a lot of free online tools that will help you check content for plagiarism.

However, there is only a handful of software for both grammar and plagiarism detection. Grammarly is one of them.

Garmmarly is known as the best, most helpful grammar checker on the market. In terms of that, it makes sense that the company would also provide a plagiarism service to assist your writing process.

Now, let’s review the basic features of this plagiarism detection tool and how you can use it for business!

How does Grammarly plagiarism checker work?

Before I continue with the post, people need to know is that there is a big difference between free checker and premium version of Grammarly.

In this article I will focus on the free version with a brief mention of paid later on.

Like many other plagiarism checking tools that you can find on web, Grammarly’s program is rather easy to use. It can be used by both students and website content writers.

When you reach the site you can see an empty box in the middle of the page.

You can simply copy paste your text directly into the box or upload it. Grammarly plagiarism checker can support Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Outlook file format.

Once you submit a paper, tool will search through the Internet to see if there is any similar text.

Then, it will create a report allowing you to view all grammar errors as well as if there are any plagiarism issues in no time.

Unfortunately, this is where its usefulness ends.

Report shows student or writer how many errors are in the text but it doesn’t show what these errors actually are. When it comes to plagiarism, even if the text is plagiarized you won’t know how to improve or repair it.

Free version reviews some basic issues but it isn’t as good as some other free plagiarism tools that can be found on the Internet. It is more of a trial version for Grammarly plagiarism checker as a whole.

A little bit about paid version

If you wish to use Grammarly plagiarism detection tool to its full potential, you will have to sign into a paid account.

Detection is only a small part what this tool can do for you.

As I already said, it is the most popular grammar tool on the web. It can help you with everything from plagiarism to proofreading. It can also help you make a copy better by improving word choice, references, passive voice and some other things.

In that sense it is really great. However if you wish to use it exclusively for originality check, you should try and find some better solutions.

My thoughts on Grammarly plagiarism tool

There are a lot of free detection tools on the web.

This is precisely why Grammarly is not competitive when it comes to this particular function.

Still, if you’re an SEO expert optimizing for Google, you should definitely consider this platform as it can help improve your posts in various ways.

Do you have a Grammarly account? Do you like this plagiarism scanner as a whole?

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