Cannabis Guest Blogging Service For Link Building Guide

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Cannabis SEO experts often say that top-notch content is the most relevant aspect of your website.

While it is relatively easy to create a well-working blog, your posts are what differentiates you from other websites.

They are the basis of your future link-building process.

Quality content will help you get more traffic.

It is also important during the outreach phase as it can impress other site owners.

With all that being said, if it’s possible to get natural, white-hat links, why do people pay for guest posing service?

I will answer this question to others regarding cannabis guest blogging service so don’t go anywhere!

How do sites usually build links?

Let’s start with the basics.

Google hates guest posting as a way of getting backlinks.

The company hates writers that provide blogging service even more.

Want some proof? Sure, here you go:

Happy now? Good, let’s move on.

So, there was plenty of talk about penalties for blogs that use cannabis guest blogging solely for building links.

However, it still hasn’t happened which is precisely why normal link building is overshadowed by guest posts.

I will talk more about the dangers of guest posting in a bit.

So, how do you start with guest post links?

Well, if you wish to get links the usual way, you start by writing a great, unique article that readers will love.

This new post is then shared with other bloggers through email or social media (a.k.a. blogger outreach).

Here you need to search for people who published something similar before or are generally interested in the topic.

It is best to target authoritative sites within your niche or to find influencers with a lot of followers.

If they decide to share your new content, this will give you a lot of free marketing. It can also help build your brand.

Sounds good so far? Well, here is the issue.

It takes a lot of time and the results are… uncertain.

Here are just some of the issues you might encounter during your work:

  1. The time frame for cannabis guest blogging campaign

    Make sure you spare enough time for your cannabis guest blogging campaign. Which means:

  • Few days for creating your in-depth, one of a kind article (if you’re doing a study it may take even longer)
  • 1-2 days for scraping other bloggers’ sites and contacts
  • 1-2 days for sending the initial emails (you should be careful not to ban your mail server)
  • Few days of waiting for webmasters to respond
  • 1 day for sending a follow-up email
  • Another few days of waiting
  • Back and forth communication that can take an additional couple of days

Basically, the entire process will take as long as you want.

It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks all depending on how much you’re scaling the campaign and how much time you’ll wait for responses.

In the best-case scenario, you will only need a couple of weeks (but only if you’re experienced).

  1. How many links can you get?

From every hundred people you have contacted, more often than not you can get just a link or two.

Yes, it’s that ungrateful! Outreach can be a pain in the ass, I won’t lie to you.

Have in mind that I usually create a list with at least 200-300 people when I do outreach for my blog or clients. So multiply this by 2 or 3.

As you see, this is an enormous investment of time and effort for just a few backlinks.

The amount of links you can get is actually the main reason why people do not build links like this.

In most industries, you are pitching your direct competition for a link.

Given that a direct competitor won’t help you out no matter what, it is really hard to get the number of links you’ve been expecting.

As a result, this strategy is often wrongly perceived as useless.

  1. Focusing on one article or page

Before you start creating content, it is necessary to research the topic and pick the right keyword you want to pursue.

Bloggers usually pick a “money” keyword – phrase that will get them direct profit.

Although this keyword is a sure winner and will get you a lot of traffic that converts into sales, you will still invest 15-30 days in creating a promoting just one page on your blog.

This is putting all your eggs into one basket and can easily backfire if you do not get the expected links (or at least a response).

In that regard, simply creating 20 articles for your blog can be much more lucrative in the long run. Even if they have mediocre success, these 20 articles can bring you more traffic than the one you invested so much in.

But to be honest, classic link building is not all that bad; there are still some benefits for your website and team.

Let’s check them out!

  1. Learning more about your industry

One clear advantage of the good old blogger outreach is that you will learn a lot more about people working in your industry.

As you scrape the results either you or a member of your team will have to visit all these websites and check them out one by one. This is the best way to memorize players and in the future, if you bump into them once more, you will likely remember the person and the name of the company.

Even if you’re only sending emails, you will memorize a lot of names that can serve you later on during your blogging or SEO career.

  1. Creating new contacts

One of the things you will learn during outreach is that most people are reserved for new websites.

In fact, the email outreach process can seem a bit aggressive, which is the main reason why some people won’t react positively. Some won’t react at all.

Still, the people you manage to connect to can quickly become good friends and may even cooperate with you in the future.

This is much better than cannabis guest blogging for links where you “pay” for a certain amount of backlinks and never create a bridge between colleagues.

  1. Opportunity to get high-quality links

People react to people.

This is something that has always been true in every business.

Regardless of your position on the market or whether your website is authoritative or not, you are still able to connect to a person even if you do not have anything to offer. In other words, you can get a link from a very powerful website just because somebody found you interesting.

Ideally, you will get a lot of links during a campaign and it will all be worth it.

In practice, this rarely happens, especially if you’re working in a highly competitive, profitable niche.

Now that you’ve learned what to expect from standard link building, let’s see what guest posts bring to the table.

Cannabis guest blogging service – an easy way to get a link?

The best thing about guest posts (whether you’re using guest post services or are creating articles yourself) is the fact that this approach guarantees you a link.

In fact, unless you’re writing for a top blog in your industry and are expecting a lot of exposure from an article, you are probably doing it namely for this link.

Truth be told, sometimes guest posts are made out of friendship or as a form of cooperation. Nevertheless, the link will always be the “prize” you receive.

Here are some benefits of guest blogging services if you decide to outsource your SEO:

Pros of cannabis guest blogging service

  1. Minimal involvement

Time is the biggest issue for any new site.

There are so many things you can do and sometimes it is really hard to tell what the right one is.

If you order guest posts, you can focus on some other things in your daily routine.

As I previously mentioned, it gives you the ability to start writing content for your blog thus attacking the issue from two sides. In the meantime, the cannabis guest blogging service provider will take care of the rest for you.

  1. Guaranteed backlinks

Even though this isn’t a perfect solution, the results from guest blogging are still positive.

Actually, if the cannabis guest blogging company knows their stuff, you can nail some very powerful, relevant backlinks during the campaign/

Either way, you will get backlinks to your blog no matter what.

This is the main advantage to guest blogging services as you can be sure that you always get a certain amount of links.

This is why such an approach is dominant as it reduces your business risk, a risk that you definitely do not need when it comes to a new website.

  1. Can actually prove to be cheaper

Although some people think that price of the service is what makes it problematic, as it turns out cannabis guest blogging service can be much less expensive than guest posting by yourself or creating posts and then outreaching.

Most companies that do this kind of job already have a system with sheets of contacts and websites that are willing to accept guest bloggers.

They also likely have teams of copywriters. All of this indicates they can do jobs much quicker and more efficiently than you could.

Let’s now see what the downsides of hiring a cannabis guest blogger are:

Cons of guest blogging service

  1. Uncertainty of links quality

Unless you specifically order guest posts on highly authoritative websites, there is a good chance you will get mediocre or even low-quality links.

The best way to prevent this is to be specific when it comes to your demands.

Needless to say the authority and relevance of the website from which you’re getting a link are one of the most important things to be considered.

A good piece of advice here is to always ask for a sample of backlinks from your future guest blogging service provider.

If you’re satisfied with their quality, you can go ahead. If not – run away, it’s NOT worth the risk!

  1. There is a chance your link will be removed

This is something that most people do not think of but is definitely a threat.

Although website owners rarely think about previously given links, there is always a chance that your backlinks will be removed.

In most cases, this won’t happen and won’t be an issue.

However, you need to consider the fact that you might pay for some guest posts which might eventually be removed, and as such, it is a direct loss.

  1. Future of guest posting

As the issue with link removal, this isn’t something that should concern you right now.

Nevertheless, the way Google treats guest posting in the future is something that needs to be considered. Especially if you’re already investing so much money into a cannabis guest blogging service.

The biggest issue with this method is that one day Google will put a stop to it. At least for link building purposes that is.

Although it will be hard to create an algorithm that will with certainty be able to determine whether something is a guest post or not. This is precisely why it hasn’t been done so far.

Either way, you still have to realize that this is a practice that kind of goes against Google’s policy.

In that regard, it might be affected in the future and all the links that have been received this way may become worthless or even harmful.


Whether you will ever purchase a cannabis guest blogging service or fully invest in writing guest posts yourself is completely up to you.

So far, this method works even though it is widely considered as somehow “grey”.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should never guest blog. It is a great method for building relationships and it can connect you with some very influential people in your industry.

How often do you guest post? Have you ever paid for guest posting services? Share your experience below and make sure to add me on Facebook!

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Ryan Biddulph
4 years ago

Hi Nik,

Google put the kibosh on this one a few years ago.

Folks may still try to build links through guest posting but I focus on building friendships with top bloggers and serving people. I dig that and know that my friends have helped co-create my pro blogging career, so it is a win-win deal.

Thanks for spreading the important message.


Jhon Simth
3 years ago

i get really good information about the guest blogging from this article, one more thing about time framing.
thanks great job.