Still Doing Guest Blogging? Keep These Tips in Mind!

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guest blogging tips

A lot of people rely on guest blogging as ongoing part of their link building strategy.

If you think about it, getting links through guest posting is much easier than getting links through some other channel.

That being said, it is no wonder that a lot of bloggers and SEO experts still prefer this method. The main question is, are these guest post links still safe and viable?

The answer is yes.

We are still able to build our link portfolio by contributing on authoritative websites. However, there are certain rules that we need to follow in order to avoid any issues with Google.

Guest blogging tips 101

One of the beautiful things about guest posting is that it gives us the opportunity to score some great links from high tier websites.

To be honest, we probably couldn’t have gotten those links with any other method. This is why we always have to keep in mind guest blogging during a campaign.

But, we need to be very selective when choosing the websites.

Although guest posting can be scaled, you should probably avoid it. This method is optimal in smaller dosages while cooperating with the biggest domains.

Google trusts authoritative domains. If they notice that your links are coming only from reputable sources, they will not penalize such a behavior.

Careful not to overdo it!

The biggest problem with guest blogging is that people tend to overdo it.

Your articles should be coming from various sources, with different anchors. If you concentrate only on links coming from guest articles, Google will notice this pattern and you will soon get into trouble.

Instead, you should choose your battles carefully. You need to diversify your link profile.

If you already decide to do some guest posting, make sure it counts. All else will be waste of time as it can take a lot of time for communication and writing.

Guest blog content

This is where most people make a mistake.

Google assesses articles from which you are getting links. If the article is of high quality, your link will also be regarded as a quality one.

This makes sense, right? In the end, why would anyone bother creating a great piece only to place crappy links afterwards?

Whenever you create a guest post, make sure it is a good one.

After creating their own article, people try to promote it by writing guest posts. These guest posts will usually be of much lesser quality and they will have the same regurgitated content which you published on your own blog.

By doing this, not only are you getting a devalued link, but you are also endangering your original piece. In a way, Google may interpret that your post is of low quality as there are numerous similar posts on the Internet.

Everything you create has to be unique and to provide some value to the reader. When you write a guest post, ask yourself: would I link to this piece?

If the answer is yes, you are in the clear.

Adding images, videos, links and format

As I mentioned, each guest post you make needs to be distinctive. Although you may be using this strategy on a larger scale, at least make sure that everything you create is a separate entity.

One of the best ways to differentiate articles is by using various formatting.

Blogs always have different font and that is something you have no impact on. But, you are able to switch up paragraphs, to break text by using bullets, to add semicolons in the middle of the text, to use quotes etc.

There are various combinations you can use. All you have to do is be creative.

As you well know, it is necessary to have pictures in your piece.

Do not be shy and don’t wait for website editor do add pictures for you. Instead, be proactive and place your own images. Add a couple of them if necessary. If they make sense and the text looks better because of it, the editor will thank you and will be more inclined to ask you for additional guest posts.

Same goes for videos. It is even better if you created your own video that goes with the post. However, do not overdo it as you do not wish to have same video in numerous articles. Make sure to switch up things.

Lastly, we come to links.

Now, editors usually allow one link in bio or one link within the article. Most of them do not like when author creates a piece with a lots of links pointing to different websites.

However, if the editor allows it, make sure to add some highly relevant links that will make article even more authoritative.

Anchor text and guest blogging

You are trying to rank for certain keyword. In an attempt to do it, you will try and spam out one and the same anchor text.

This strategy is pretty much obsolete. Instead, similarly to everything else that we mentioned so far, make sure to diversify things.

Anchor text should vary.

When people create articles, they will rarely link to an article by using one and the same phrase every time. This is highly unnatural behavior and can get you in trouble.

Instead, make sure to use various phases. Place links in different sentences, with different anchors. Focus on writing naturally and place your link accordingly.


Guest posting is NOT dead. As far as we know, there is no Google system or algorithm that will penalize creation of such articles.

Nevertheless, it is better to be conservative. Like always, it comes down to whether your link profile looks natural. There should be no indication that you are purposely trying to push a keyword (even if you are).

People usually think about guest posting in terms of links. However, you should observe it from a different perspective. By using this strategy, not only should you get links, you should also get some good exposure.

Your articles should promote your skills well as your blog.

By placing emphasis on this, you will be able to accomplish much more with guest posts and in terms, links will start coming from various sources without you forcing them.

How often do you guest post? Have you ever had problems due to it? Share it in the comment section below!

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