How to Get More Pins (and Repins) on Pinterest in 10 Easy Ways

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how to get more pins and repins on pinterestIf you have your own blog, you know that you have to rely on social media for content promotion and interaction with your visitors. Unless you are a seasoned veteran, you will most likely encounter some issues. In this article you will learn how to get more pins and repins on Pinterest.

First and foremost, different industries have different preferences when it comes to social platforms. For example, if you are an established food blogger who has quite a following on the Instagram, it doesn’t mean that this network will be as effective if you start a new blog about finances. Furthermore, you might even lose followers if you try to connect these two blogs through same social account.

Basically, every industry has its preferred network. By finding out which one, you increase your chances of succeeding.

When it comes to Pinterest, this network has shown excellent results for industries and niches that are dependable on pictures and visual content. So, if you are a fashion or a design blogger, this is just the thing for you.

Here are some tips that will help you with Pinterest.

  1. Fill in your profile information

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. In a way, your social account is your business card. You wouldn’t give a business card to a potential partner/customer if there is no contact information on it, right?

First, you will need a profile photo. Have in mind; if you have a picture on your blog or on some other social network, it is best to upload that same photo so that people can easily find you. Otherwise, you might miss an opportunity to connect on this platform.

Add your name, your website name and brief description. Here, you are presenting yourself to a wider audience and at the same time, trying to make a good first impression. Remember, if the viewers like your pins, they can be redirected to your blog.

  1. Choosing same or similar board covers

Again, this is all about creating a brand. You have to be consistent so that people could recognize your pins. Preferably, choose a topic that is similar to outlying theme of your blog. This is a good way to create a brand presence and connect all your content, products, posts in one cohesive unit.

Also, you will have to pay attention to board organization. Always put the most important boards in front. These boards can represent you in the best light; they are relevant for your business/brand and they usually have more than 10 pins.

Prioritization is crucial. In most of the cases, people will focus on things that are in front of them, disregarding the rest. This is where you can make capitalize as you leave a good initial impression.

  1. How to present your pins

Similarly to board covers, your pins should all have similar design. Another important thing is to place your pins vertically. Pinterest, as a platform, gives a big advantage to vertical photos.

If you start posting horizontal pictures, they might get lost rendering your effort meaningless. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use extremely tall images. According to research, optimal aspect ratio is 2:3 and 4:5.

When presenting your pins, it is necessary to describe them in detail. People simply love longer descriptions (300 words and more). It gives additional layer of information which helps them connect the dots.

Some pins are very intriguing. They might show some exotic place, some historical event or a situation which cannot be explained with a simple image. In these cases, description is a must. They are not only important as a way to explain something; they are also a good way to tell a story that will enrich viewer’s experience.

Be careful what kind of words you are using for descriptions. While some of them are very appealing and heartwarming, others can invoke negative emotions.

You can also get rich pins. They are very important for your blog as they are regularly updated, they give visitors more information about your company and generally, they are user-friendly. This is a good way to make a nice first impression.

  1. Best time to share your pins

In a way, pins should be seen as a virtual message. With it, you are trying to promote your work, to share your knowledge, and ultimately, gain more exposure. As a means towards an end, you need to be aware of your viewership.

If you are pinning during the morning or the work hours, there is a lower chance for your image to be seen and repined. Pinterest is a bit of anomaly in that sense. Unlike other social networks, where the best time to share is after work, time slot between 2 and 4 PM is amazing for Pinterest.

Albeit, period between 8 PM and 1 AM still remains a great time for pining as it is for other networks. The common thing for all the social platforms is that people usually use them in the evening, just before the bed. Besides these 2 time slots, Saturday is the best day for sharing your content.

  1. Think about SEO

In order to get more visitors and keep your current ones, you will have to think about search engine optimization. This counts for pretty much everything that you post on Pinterest: descriptions, pins and board titles. In a way, you have to know what your potential visitors are searching for. By placing those exact keywords (or at least close synonyms), you increase chances of being found.

Unfortunately, there is another thing you should consider. For example, even if you find a good keyword which will likely play to your connections and blog visitors, it doesn’t mean that you should pursue it.

Keyword competition is a very important aspect that needs to be calculated beforehand. Although you might have a great success with a certain keyword, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to reach page one of Google. And in the end, this is all that matters. So, instead of pursuing a very popular keyword, go for a less popular one for which you can compete.

  1. Managing your pins

Always try to pin frequently. This is the best way of increasing your presence and thus, your follower count. Remember, pins are very similar to blog posts.

In order to get the best results, you will have to interact with your visitors, to thank them and to mention other people in your pins. In the long run, such a behavior will put you on the map of bloggers and Pinterest users.

You should label your pins. If you add some text to them, it is more likely that they will get repined. At the same time, it makes you look much more professional.

If you are covering numerous topics, you should definitely add categories. It will help other Pinterest users to find the particular pins they are interested in. Also, they can easily browse your other work on the topic.

Popular pins should get a bit different treatment. First of all, you should create a “Popular” section. Here, you can put on display all of your best pins. If you are working in an industry that revolves around design and visual appeal, this is an excellent way to promote your skills.

Additionally, you should analyze them. It is very important to discover what drives people to like some of your pins and dislike the others. With this knowledge, you can easily boost your results.

  1. Using the proper colors

Like with anything else that should attract visual attention, it is very important to use colors to your advantage. One thing is for sure. It is much better to use bright colors. They invoke joy and positive emotions.

Also, they are much more noticeable leading to more repins. Another thing worth noting is that red color spectrum converts much better than the blue one. Additionally, try to use multiple colors.

Even though these are the general rules for Pinterest, you should be very careful when implementing them.  If you have a company, you should adapt your pins according to the overall theme and industry in which you are performing.

If your organization is all about serious topics or if you are working with heavy metals, for example, putting jovial, colorful pins might hurt your organization in the long run. It will send a mixed message and it might even alienate your potential partners/customers.

  1. Use other social platforms as a way to promote your pins

As we mentioned before, it is necessary to connect all your social accounts and create a brand presence. This doesn’t only relate to using the same profile picture and overall theme. You also need to connect your accounts.

When it comes to pins, don’t be shy and use Facebook and Twitter to promote them. Have in mind that Pinterest is less popular than these two networks. By sharing and promoting your pins, you are tapping into a much wider audience, the audience that perhaps didn’t even know that you are active on Pinterest.

Similarly to every other social platform, you could use Pinterest groups to your advantage. By finding groups with a high repin rate (at least 3 repins on average) you can get some additional exposure.

Some Facebook groups have Pinterest promotion threads. No matter what you think, Facebook is still the most popular social network. By sharing pins in these groups, you can achieve ripple effect which can make your pins go viral.

  1. Use your website to promote your pins

Similarly to other social networks, you can also use website to promote your pins. At the very start, you have to add “Pin it” button. This can easily bring you up to 7 times more shares. We are living in a time where author’s rights are heavily protected.

Some of the people are reluctant to share your pins thinking that it will backfire. By giving them permission, placed on a noticeable spot, it will be easier for your visitors to share your content.

These are the good ways of promoting your pins in case that your visitors really like them. However, what if they dislike them? First thing that you can try is call to action. Although some people may not appreciate your pictures or they are not into Pinterest, they may share your pins if they appreciate rest of your work.

Most of the people are willing to help you out (especially the ones that respect you) as long as it doesn’t take them too much time or effort. You are also able to promote your pins through contests and offers.

Given that you have a free reign over your website, it is possible to promote pins in any way you want and to give it a boost which couldn’t be possible on Pinterest.

  1. Other valuable tips on how to get more pins and repins on Pinterest

Obviously your pins have to be unique. You have to bring something new to the table that will make you stand out. Never spam or force people to do anything against their will.

Avoid any type spam and verify your pins in order to build trust. When it comes to images themselves, they need to be very smooth and not to be crowded with different details.

Another thing that you have to avoid is putting faces on your pins. Pins with faces are 23 % less shared than those without.


These tips are a great starting point for anyone willing to build his online persona on Pinterest. Like any other social network, they are a great outlet that allows you to share information about yourself and your company while receiving direct feedback from your clients and visitors.

Even though Pinterest is a valuable tool at your disposal, it is best if you use it in unison with a blog and other social accounts. This way, you can maximize coverage and increase online presence.

Finally, I’d like to finish the article with a great infographic by Dan Zarrella. Dan was able to utilize search engine APIs to pull some data about the trendy new social site. He collected information on over 11,000 pinned images and did some analysis to create the infographic below.


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Minuca Elena
4 years ago

Hi Nick, This is a nice post but I have to disagree with you about #4. I am sure you know about Pinterest smart feed algorithm. Pins are displayed the best first, not the most recent. By the best, I mean the most popular. Pins that have a high number of repins will appear first in Pinterest’s search results. That is why if you search a keyword on Pinterest and you click on different pins you will see that in most of the cases old posts that are a few years old. The best way of growing a followership on… Read more »