iThenticate: A Tool That Checks Plagiarism within Content

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iThenticate is a software created by Turnitin, company that has experience creating plagiarism detection programs. It will help you search for any similarity within your text compared to other sources.

Software checks over 50 million documents for plagiarism including scholarly articles and books, various academic journals, published works as well as current and archived web pages.             

Tool can help admission offices, book and news publishers, researchers, university professors, students, site owners and other commercial users etc.

iThenticate works based on the same technology that is used for other Turnitin tools. Needless to say, these tools also share the same resources and database.

Let’s see how it can help your website as well!

How does iThenticate work?

Before I mention anything else, please have in mind that you need credits to access iThenticate.

Submission of one document that has up to 25,000 words will cost you $100. For several reports, you will have to pay $300 (have in mind that you have a total limit of 75,000 words with this plan. Lastly, large organizations (such as a company or faculty staff) with higher usage can contact the company for a discount.

Once you create an account and login, you can instantly see that this tool has a pretty nice main interface. On top of it, it’s really easy to use.

Report will generate two sides: on the left you can see your own paper with underlined originality issues; to the right there is a list of every publication where plagiarism was found as well as percentage of plagiarized content.

Tool also uses various colors for underlining and sources so that a student can quickly compare own plagiarized sentence with source material of the same color.

You are also exclude quotes and bibliography so that software can avoid checking certain things.

When everything’s done, you can see matching percentage.

There is also a support service that can help users at any time.

Here’s a great short video to get you started:


How would I use it?

Let’s be honest; this program is not for everyone regardless of how it’s advertised.

If you have a website and require a tool for checking blog content, you might as well skip this one. It is simply too expensive if you have only short posts to check. That being said, there are better tools for your SEO.

However it is great for university professors as there is a special feature of iThenticate. iThenticate allows you to generate a report that will show professors and other evaluators how good was your paper and what you did to correct it (if there were any flaws).

This is pretty great as it creates a document that will authenticate whether your paper was copied or not (in case of any issue).

Another thing that should be commended is their pairing of plagiarized sentences and source material by using a same color. This is something that I haven’t seen but can save a lot of time for a person checking the paper.

Final words

Besides these two features, there isn’t anything special about the tool. In fact, programmers did their best to make it as simple as possible so that the check process can easily be performed.

However, is it worth it $100 per check? It’s up to you to decide!

Have you tried this tool? How did you like its performance compared to some other tools we have on the market?

Share your views in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to my email list!

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