Keyword Shitter: Free Keyword Suggestion Tool for Your SEO

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keyword shitter

Search engine optimization revolves around keywords and your ability to find long tail phrases.

Although most people focus on Google Keyword Planner and data provided within, there are a lot of free tools online that will help you perform research for your web site.

In 2017 there are so many keyword tools that sometimes it feels hard finding the best one.

Among plethora of programs one name stands out: Keyword Shitter.

If for anything, this software has a rather particular name.

Regardless, it can be a great addition to your SEO and content marketing arsenal.

Let’s have a closer look at it’s free yet pretty nifty tool.

What is Keyword Shitter?

Keywordshitter is a very simplistic tool which helps you generate a HUGE query of medium tail and long tail keywords around a particular phrase.

It is rather simplistic, it doesn’t require download or sign in. You can use it straight from the website.

All you need to do is type in your query in top box and tool will give you a long list of results which you can use for your content creation strategy.

In terms of number of retrieved results, Keyword Shitter is probably one of the best tools on the Internet.

Let’s check a YouTube tutorial video to learn how to use it properly in your SEO work:

How to use Keyword Shitter Pro video

Have in mind that Keyword Shitter takes some time to share all the results; tool will provide all the associated phrases and once you click on search, it will go on until you stop it.

Tool features review

As the name implies, tool is going to pump out word formations that are related to your query in bulk. This is not some pro keyword ideas tool like some paid ones.

There is nothing that can indicate how relevant a keyword is to your initial keyword or which one is better to use. doesn’t show you number of searches per day when you enter words into it.

It won’t show you search metrics like keyword difficulty score or expected monthly search volume like Google Keyword Planner.

It simply gives you results from the start to bottom where first phrases are more similar going towards less similar ones.

Keyword Shitter is mainly used as a suggestion tool that is meant to give you new ideas.

These can be ideas for new article topics for your blog or words and phrases you can incorporate in your existing content in order to get the most of it.

One nifty option that the tool has is putting negative and positive filters.

With them, you are making sure that you add certain keywords or omit ones you don’t want to see from returned results for better relevance.

KeywordShitter pros and cons

As I mentioned, biggest advantage of this software is the incredible amount of suggestions it can provide.

In that regard it’s probably best free product on the market.

Its filter option is also a nice addition.

Unfortunately, this is where its advantages stop.

As we know, the main purpose of doing keyword research is to find the best keywords you can rank for.

You need to find those phrases that have a lot of volume with relatively low competition.

Lack of such options is something that is plaguing the program but nothing prevents you from combining its data with other tools.

Tools you can combine with

I suggest that you combine the data from Keyword Shitter with some other SEO tools for best results.

Here are a few I recommend:

  • Google Keyword Planner (GKP)
  • KWfinder – keyword research tool which pulls data directly from GKP tool
  • Ahrefs – shows similar data as KWfinder but also shows estimated clicks
  • Moz Keyword Explorer – the best tool to measure keyword difficulty score
  • UberSuggest – similar free tool that generates tons of keyword ideas for your business

Still, given that it’s free it is a good starting point for those who wish to start knowing the topic.

It shows you some queries you would otherwise probably have missed and in that regard it is irreplaceable.

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