6 Surefire Lead Generation Strategies for SEOs

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lead generation strategies for seos

If you wish to have a successful internet business, you have to have a steady stream of customers.

You constantly have to create leads from which you will be able to generate sales. On top of that, you always have to consider efficiency as one of the most important factors during a campaign.

SEO is a bit specific in that regard.

SEO projects usually last for a longer time (at least for a month). If you get a client or two, you will probably be occupied for a while. However, the problem occurs if you lose that customers.

Clients searching for SEO services are usually skeptical which can pose a problem at first.

Why is that?

Well, this profession is fairy new and it is hard to quantify results. Furthermore, SEO companies get different results based on industry in which they are working.

What is more, there is a lot of malpractice, as well as black hat and gray hat SEO methods involved; all of which create another layer of uncertainty for the potential client.

There are numerous ways to approach this problem. Here is our list of top lead generation and cost effective SEO strategies that will help your land clients for your SEO business.

Cold emails and cold calls

SEO has a lot of in common with sales and marketing.

In order for a person to be successful in this profession, they need to have high business acumen and to be able to sell almost anything. In the end, this is how we get links.

Companies that are trying to generate leads can try by using cold emails or doing cold calls.

Both of these are common SEO strategies that are used in link building procedure. Based on that, it is safe to presume that an SEO experts will be able to land some clients this way and increase their exposure.

Networking as a lead generation strategy

Even though cold approach may be good for upstart companies, it turns out that we can get the best results by pitching our contacts.

Networking is very important for any SEO professional and blogger. In the end, it is a business where your performance directly depends on number of people you know.

Have in mind that networking is a long-term strategy and every company owner should perform it.

Besides creating potential leads, this procedure is important for number of reasons. If you are able to connect to lots of people and always leave a positive impression, your reputation will only grow and you will continue getting better and more profitable offers.

Next time some company wants to perform an SEO audit for example, you will be the first guy on their list.

Content marketing

Another valid approach is using content marketing. This includes creation of both articles and videos as the two dominant forms.

Have in mind, that content marketing is not a direct pitch. Instead, it is a way to attract attention to your brand and you in particular.

When people start reading or watching professional SEO articles/videos, you will be at the forefront. Depending on your approach, you can achieve wonders with it.

Perhaps the best type of content that you can use here are guides.

Why guides?

Because they are a perfect showcase of your SEO expertise.

Furthermore, an important thing about generating leads through content is the fact that you are allowing potential clients to breathe. In other words, if you are good at your job, people will come to you.

There will be no pressure or need to make an impression. Entrepreneurs recognize quality and you will instantly hook them.

Social networks

The next obvious choice is using social networks.

Here, I am primarily talking about Facebook and LinkedIn. According to my knowledge these two social networks have the highest conversion rates when it comes to pitching SEO services.

There are various ways you can use social networks to generate leads. The most common one is by sharing your content. This is a form of content marketing. The only difference is that you are using social networks to promote them.

The other method is by participating in Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You will have to build a reputation and become recognized as a go-to guy.

Webinars, live chats and hangouts

Basically, you are creating events where you can showcase your skills. But, there is much more to it.

By using webinars and other forms of interaction, you are able to answer public’s burning question. In time, you will be recognized as an educational professional who is always ready to help others.

Such events need to be properly organized, they shouldn’t be rushed, and they should also include other experts in the SEO field.

With it, you are trying to create a full experience for attendants. Similarly to networking, it allows you a direct access to potential clients which always has a high impact on conversion rate.

Here’s a good on why conversion rate optimization matters for your campaigns.

Affiliates and business partnerships

You don’t have to promote a business by yourself.

One of the best ways to get new SEO clients is through affiliates and business partnership.

Most of the bloggers have their own network of contacts as it is. With some of them, they have good cooperation and are constantly doing various projects.

So, why don’t you use those contacts and let them advertise your business?

If you decide to pursue this type of promotion, you have two routes. Your partner can either actively advertise your services on a daily basis or he can just mention you as a partner on his blog and social networks.

Either way, you will get some good leads.

Here’s a nice guide with 40+ Lead Magnet Ideas To Build Your Subscriber List to get you started.


Basically, you can use almost any type of exposure to build your brand name and get new SEO clients.

Always have in mind that your promotion will be as good as your services.

In most of these examples, you have noticed that for a good exposure, you have to have good reputation and to be recognized as a competent SEO professional.

Everything that is said and written about you on the Internet (and not only) can be detrimental for your SEO career.

What is your favorite method for getting new leads? Share it in the comment section below!

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