LSI Graph: LSI Keywords Generator for Cannabis Website

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lsi graph

LSI keywords (LSI stands for latent semantic indexing) is a term important for cannabis website ranking and optimization as a whole.

It is a concept which Google and other search engines use to better understand a search query.

A good way to describe latent semantic indexing keywords is this:

“All terms and phrases that are closely connected to main keyword (not necessarily synonyms!) ”

Before you start creating content you will have to find all the top phrases that will help you complete an article.

Without proper implementation of LSIs, it is really hard to rank a cannabis website for a query.

Without them, the search engines cannot understand what you are writing about.

There are different generators of LSI keywords on the Internet, but one of the most popular ones is LSI Graph.

What is LSI Graph?

LSI Graph is a rather simplistic and easy-to-use tool.

On top of that, it is completely free making it something that every SEO expert should at least try.

When you visit, you will see a huge search box in the middle of the page.

All you have to do is type in your potentially profitable cannabis keyword in the box and the tool will generate a long list of LSI suggestions.

It is a rather quick way to check what people are searching for.

The main issue with LSI Graph

LSI Graph relies heavily on queries that people are searching online.

For example, if you type in “warm socks” this is what you get:

warm socks

Basically, you will get totally different results.

We can presume that these queries are something you can find in Google when you type in the “warm socks” query.

There are a lot of commercial terms among them.

It is also possible that these phrases relate to what people are searching for.

Unfortunately, these results cannot help you with article creation for your cannabis brand which is one of the main reasons why you would do keyword research in the first place.

Ideally, you’ll need phrases that create a link between your cannabis content and query.

In that regard, LSI Graph is not the best solution.

Best use of LSI Graph


LSI Graph is not as useless as I presented it in the previous paragraph.

Although it isn’t one of the tools that can help you create cannabis-related content, it is definitely something that can be used for market research.

Due to its interesting list of results, you can “feel” the query.

It is easy to see main cannabis competitors, what people are searching for, and everything else that is related to it.

In that regard, LSI Graph is more of a market research tool than anything else.

It can be a great assistance for people who just started working within an industry or are thinking about competing in it.

Last thoughts

Like most of the free SEO tools, LSI Graph is not perfect.

It has its ups and downs but is definitely one of the LSI generators that should be considered for your cannabis brand.

It has limited use and for that purpose, it is probably among the best ones.

As I always say, try it out and make your own assessment.

Have you tried the LSI Graph tool? Would you use it for LSI keywords research? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and contact me for any further information.

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