Why Organic SEO is the Best Strategy for Your Online Marketing and Business

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Organic SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most commonly discussed topics within internet marketing industry. As something that will boost your site and strengthen your brand you always have to pay attention to it.

But the real question here is not whether website optimization is good.

The main question is: can it beat other approaches?

Let’s find out!

The nature of organic search

Majority of the population are not SEO experts.

In fact, people just started relying on web content for information. Their understanding of organic SEO is very limited, they barely know what terms like keywords, building links and click-through-rate are.

That being said, most people accept information as it is.

When they use search engines they see top results as a valid source of knowledge. They don’t question this data nor do they understand how organic search works in 2017.

Everything in front of their eyes is considered legit.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), SEO has a feeling of a “true information”. It is not advertised or paid for.

It is simply the most relevant free data on the Internet which people are eager to learn from.

Although this may seem as a small distinction and people usually focus on traffic when comparing PPC, SMM and SEO, it definitely affects consumers’ feelings when forming an opinion about a blog.

SEO versus PPC

Simply put, organic search is… well… organic.

Seemingly there is nothing artificial about it. But that is not completely true.

Nowadays, everybody is using SEO services.

Quite often you can see companies which offer specific ones such as SEO for estate agents.

However, the average visitor still thinks this information is ranking among top results because it’s better than the rest.

In many cases, the top ranking articles are very similar to all the others.

This fact is often overlooked and it shouldn’t be.

People usually have a negative attitude towards commercials. This means they are less inclined to read or click on PPC results.

Luckily for organizations using pay-per-click is the fact that a lot of Google users don’t understand that this is a sponsored content.

My prediction is that this will change in time with the tech-savvy generations coming of age. It might even jeopardize PPC as a concept and service.

For example, 5 years ago Search Engine Watch wrote this article: Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time.

You do the math!

Price for SEO and PPC

Experts usually talk about commercial side of PPC and SEO.

When it comes to pricing, it is hard to determine whether pay-per-click or search engine optimization is more expensive.

There are numerous factors that go into equation and every keyword can be different. But, the thing we can calculate and quantify is efficiency.

If we have to simplify, PPC is short-term oriented while SEO is a long term investment.

As I always like to emphasize, there is no issue in doing both. It’s actually great if you can afford it.

Just always remember that SEO takes a lot of work, patience and knowledge.

While you wait for your SEO rankings to kick in and start producing some quality traffic, you will rely on PPC strategies to keep you afloat.

They are not mutually exclusive and they can both help.

So why would I still recommend SEO over PPC?

Well, the real reason is because most people do not have the necessary funds to run both campaigns and yet, most people wish to have a stable, profitable company for years to come. That’s why my vote goes to search engine optimization.

SEO versus SMM

Social media marketing is a lot different than SEO and PCC which focus on Google search results. It is a rather new concept that came with the development of social media and their increased usage as a source of information.

The biggest plus of SMM is the fact that its results are seemingly not disturbing users. This is where SMM’s biggest advantage is coming from.

Initially social media platforms were created as a way for people to contact each other and do long-distance communication.

However, they soon became source of entertainment.

In terms of having fun, people prefer to visit YouTube and Facebook where they check their favorite channels and groups without leaving them.

There is no real reason to visit the actual websites as users can watch the chosen content directly from within YouTube or Facebook.

Now, most of these platforms are really intelligent and have solid algorithms to help their users.

Does this mean they are perfect?

Far from it.

The biggest issue with social media is that the users are getting a lot of different stuff.

Even if you filtered the results, there is still a good chance you will see things that are really annoying. You will then have to block them to stop seeing them.

In other words, if your content is bad, you will be permanently buried without any hope of coming back (unless you turn to paid advertising).

In fact, before content goes viral on social media you will have to promote it on so many different channels that you’ll yourself was it even worth it.

Besides that, these platforms are both paid and free in nature. In other words, they can be similar to Google AdWords.

Nevertheless, if you do manage to go viral with your content the traffic potential will be huge.

Not only that; there is a high chance that a social media platform will constantly recommend that same channel or website if you reacted positively to it the first time.

In other words, one good post can lead to an avalanche effect where a person constantly visits your page and social platform is even helping with that.

This is unlike PPC or SEO where you need to enter a keyword. Even then, what are the odds for a person to visit your page?

Have in mind that every platform works differently and it is hard to summarize everything within one chapter.

Anyway, I would recommend SMM over SEO only in case of entertainment content. Otherwise, organic search results and local results in Google are much better.

Additional things you should consider with SEO

So far, I’ve talked about the differences between SEO, SMM and PPC.

As you can see, each one of these approaches is really different and has a particular purpose. You can use all of them in theory.

But there is a good reason why I would always recommend search engine optimization over other methods.

Because it builds your brands!

You see, both SMM and PPC have a highly commercial background.

Although in case of SMM you can go viral without paying for anything, a lot of companies do invest in it.

In comparison to that, SEO is more or less free. If you have the necessary knowledge you can even do it yourself.

But that isn’t not all.

SEO goes hand in hand with branding.

Most experts emphasize on the fact that you do not have to do SEO if you’ve built a strong brand given that the exposure will come by itself.

On the flipside, if you have a good potential, innovative products and services, SEO can give you the necessary boost that will put your organization on the map.

This is something that doesn’t come with PPC and paid SMM.

They are more of a “fishing” efforts that are meant to bring more customers but will not necessarily build your brand. You can invest in them for years and years until you improve your organic traffic.

So, if you really wish to build a company with strong roots, from the ground up and you can be patient during the initial years, I would recommend that you go with the search engine optimization approach.


When it comes to pure profit, I can’t tell what is best for you.

Some companies are so eager to get money and find it hard to maintain their day-to-day business. This forces them to go down the paid route. This is why PPC and paid SMM are so popular.

However, most of us wish to have a long-lasting company.

That being said, I suggest you check these 7 marketing predictions for 2018 from Smart Insights.

Lots of entrepreneurs see their company as their own child and would like it to exist for as long as possible.

If you consider that, it is obvious that SEO can give you that longevity and brand development that you so eagerly need.

What is your take on choosing organic SEO? How do you promote your website? Drop me an email or give me a Skype call and let me know 🙂

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Betty R. Stamm
3 years ago

I am very much happy with your seo strategy 🙂

Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing Studies

Great information, thanks for sharing the difference between SEO, PPC and SMM. Really helpful for beginners to understand the actual concept behind their use.

Haider Umer
3 years ago

Now a days SEO has changed the world. Those who knows the importance of SEO are earning a lot.

3 years ago

Nikolay, thank you for highlighting the difference between SEO< PPC and SMM. And thank you for discussing why SEO is the best option and ROI. Organic traffic is free when the ranking is attained! Great read. looking forward to reading you again.

Stacy Stony
3 years ago

Your page information is very unique and interesting i am happy to be a part of your
blog. Thanks