Keyword Difficulty: How to Choose Keywords You Can Rank For

keyword difficulty

We often mention keyword difficulty.

As you can presume, it refers to how difficult it is to rank for a certain word or phrase.

In fact, when analyzing a keyword, most people will take into consideration volume of monthly searches as well as the difficulty.

These two are often presented as the most important factors when determining whether or not you are going to pursue a keyword. Continue reading

100 Small SEO Tools You’ll Love (90% are FREE!)

small seo tools

SEO can be a complex matter. You have to perform research, to collect data, to analyse it and finally to make sense out of it.

As an SEO expert I find it hard to perform some of my daily duties without the help of some nifty online tools.

In this article I collected over 100 mostly free SEO tools reviews that can really save you tons of time and effort and to shoot your SEO to a higher level.

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