How to Use Buyer’s Intent to Write a Better (Sales) Copy

buyer's intent

Understanding your audience is the hardest thing in copywriting.

Most of us know our target demographic and still, it is very hard for us to constantly create content that converts. In the end, without loyal audience, there is no reason for you to write in the first place.

It is even harder to write for websites that are purely profit driven. In such cases, writer has to have good understanding of a product, its advantages and flaws and how to properly present them.

In other words, you have to understand buyer’s intent. Continue reading

E-Commerce SEO Success: 6 Factors To Succeed

e-commerce seo success

Today, most of the business is done online. Truth be told, there is not much point for old brick and mortar economy. For an enterprise to survive on the modern market, it is necessary to cut the cost wherever you can.

With e-commerce companies, there is a completely new set of obstacles imposed. Even though this business is cheaper and more profitable in theory, it also means that almost anybody can do it. Continue reading