Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools

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Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools website has some of the best, free tools that will help you with various online tasks.

Although the service is rather rudimentary, it is rather easy to use as well as accurate. Any user can work with it due to its simplicity.

Company’s online plagiarism software doesn’t rank among the best on the web. Still, people use it regularly to check their textual content.

Even in 2017, with the appearance of so many great programs, this free plagiarism checker ranks among most commonly used on the Internet.

What is so great about Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools?

As I said, this service is completely free which allows you to check a text without any ads, any promotional material or any other hindrance.

Site loads quickly and provides results even quicker. Plagiarism detection is done within seconds and you can quickly get a report showing you uniqueness of the text. All you have to do is copy paste a text into tool’s box. You can also upload a file from your computer.

Some of the options at your disposal are “check plagiarism”, “check grammar” and “download report”. In that regard, Plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools provides all the data you would’ve otherwise have gotten in some other, more complex, paid tool.

Like other similar tools it compares your article to databases of documents found on the Internet. This includes student papers, research paper, studies and all other academic work. Which means it goes through PDFs and other files that are uploaded online.

Who can use plagiarism checker?

Any internet user can use without any limit but it is mainly geared towards college professors, SEOs and content writers. In other words, anyone interested in whether text is plagiarized or not.

Uniqueness of text is important for website owners as Google search engine hates content that is not unique. Such content usually ranks low within the engine and if you start copying posts all over the web, it might even get your site penalized.

If you’re paying money for such services, it makes sense that you will check content that is delivered to you. There are a lot of content writing companies and individuals who wouldn’t mind copy pasting articles and delivering them as such. In order to track uniqueness and detect any issues, I recommend using Plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools. This way you can make sure that articles posted on your blog are one of a kind.

University professors can also benefit greatly from this checker. Students tend to copy ideas from books and they sometimes do it blatantly completely replicating whole sentences and paragraphs. Then, they give those papers to professors.

Such act is considered as a criminal offense and can easily get you expelled from school.

When determining uniqueness of a paper, professors can use Plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools to compare it to other sources on the Internet.

Final thoughts

If you require a detailed report, this tool probably isn’t for you.

However, for a quick check, it is more than enough and can easily tell you whether your post/paper is unique or not.

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