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There are a lot of online plagiarism tools that will help you check content.

Software for text purposes is especially important for students and teachers. Whether we’re talking about plagiarism detection or grammar checking, there are numerous benefits for users.

If you browse through Google search engine, you will notice there are a lot of web programs that can check plagiarism within a document.

So, why is this type of a tool so important and why are there so many of them?

Let’s see why having plagiarized content is so bad.

Original issue with plagiarism

Back in the day internet was littered with copied posts.

It was really hard to find an original work as majority of the posts were copy pasted from another source. At one time, it even threatened usability of web as a whole. All this information came down to several articles that were spun around. Of course, users were the ones that suffered the most.

In order to restore faith in web information and improve experience, Google decided to penalize any website and piece of content that directly copied information from other sources. While it is still common to borrow ideas from other sources, you are no longer able to simply copy paste articles.

In terms, this new concept improved quality and quantity of information as site owners had to research topics and provide personal opinion on the matter.

So, if you don’t wish to get penalized it is best to shy away from this strategy.

Plagiarism today

Websites have learned that plagiarism is bad. However, it still exists in academia as it is much easier so slip through a copied paper within this field. This is why plagiarism detector as a tool is much more popular for professors.

This is why you need to rely on software such as

Now, let’s check some of its features!

How does work?

Like most similar tools, this free service is pretty easy to use. There is no need to sign in or download. You can use it directly from browser.

Unfortunately, there is no option to upload a file so you will have to copy paste text within your papers directly into a box. Once you click on “Search” button, software will generate a report.

This report will show you percentage of uniqueness and where plagiarism was detected. By doing so, you can easily and quickly address the issues within the text.

There is also an option to put a filter allowing you to search web pages with Google or Yahoo! Search engine.

My personal opinion

The biggest advantage of a tool such as is its price or better yet, lack thereof.

However, I’ve seen enough generic plagiarism tools to know that their usefulness is limited. When using them, mistakes are common so don’t be surprised if you see 100 % uniqueness for a text that was been taken from some other source.

Have you tried this program? What is your opinion?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to join my Facebook group!

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