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If you do an online search you will find a lot of free text tools that can help your articles. Most of them are focused on detecting plagiarism within content.

Why is this such an issue?

Plagiarism is a big problem for web marketing as Google penalizes any website that copies content. However, it can also present you with some legal issues.

According to copyright law, it is a crime to use certain sources for your own posts. While this is still rather new concept in terms of internet publishing, it is only a matter of day when it becomes globally punishable.

This is why tools such as Plagium exist.

What is Plagium?

Plagium is an open checker that allows quick detection of plagiarism within a text.

Although it is focused on English language, it can be used by everyone as it compares your text to web and news sources.

When it comes to available options, you can check a text, a URL or a file. Software can support up to 5,000 word text. You can view a list of every plagiarized source within browser without having to download anything. This makes it really simple and quick to use.

Good thing about this plagiarism checker is that it is highly customizable allowing options such as “My searches” and “My alerts”.

Lastly, I have to say that the software can work quite well on mobile devices.

Let’s check this short video review of to see how it works in practice:

Is this plagiarism tool free?

While there is an option to use it for free when it comes to shorter articles, you will have to pay for longer files and texts.

It works per written page ranging from $0.005 per page (if you wish to compare files) to $0.08 per page (if you wish to perform deep search).

If you compare it to top tools within industry, this is quite steep as most of them are free. Those that are paid usually provide some grammar and dictionary options making Plagium a hard product to sell (please have in mind that this is only my opinion).

My take on Plagium

Plagium is pretty simply and quick to use. It is a textbook definition of a free plagiarism detection tool.

However, while I heard from my community that it is pretty solid, it is far from the best tool on the market. It isn’t particularly popular as well. This might be due to fierce competition or due to bad performance; I am not completely sure.

Great thing about it is that you can sign up for free. Given that it works based on pages searched and not monthly subscription, you can easily check it out for yourself. It might be worth a shot.

Have you tried this plagiarism tool? Did it help you?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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