PlagScan – One of The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

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PlagscanPlagScan is a browser based free plagiarism software is one of the best ways to check documents for plagiarism.

Although it is geared towards and English users, tool can benefit any user regardless of language.

There are a lot of similar text tools but during internet navigation you will notice that sites rarely mention security.

This is precisely the difference between this and other programs as this online checker invests a lot of time to protect your web data.

This very fact makes it one of the best options for search engine optimization as it secures your work documents.

Before I mentioned other service features, let me tell you why you need to create a account today!

PlagScan for any commercial website

If you have a business website, you are aware of the fact that Google doesn’t allow upload of non-unique content.

If you constantly copy paste content from another source, Google will perceive organization’s site as low quality; reliant on other sources.

In terms of SEO this is one of the worst things you can do and may eventually lead to a penalty. Even if you weren’t penalized, Google will likely down-rank this page.

Even if your document wasn’t intentionally copied from other site, you might quickly learn there are similar posts somewhere on the net.

This is why online plagiarism check prior to publishing is a must, precisely where PlagScan comes into play. It’ll improve your management processes and help development of your online business.

You need to test your article against other sources and see how unique this post really is.

Great system for education

Academic writing is another field where plagiarism is common.

When learning, university students always use lots of sources.

The problem issues when they start using these sources too frequently. Even copying some of the sentences, paragraphs and pages. You should never submit such a report as it can lead to expulsion and even legal actions.

PlagScan is great help for teachers and professors when checking student papers. Also for researchers for checking the uniqueness of their pages) and academic assignment.

It has amazing database that is used to scan searches and retrieve results. You can upload files in all document types like Word, PDF. PlagScan allows up to 1000 words per file and maximum of 300kb document size.

It is especially important for new professors as they don’t have so much experience with various publications and it is rather easy to submit a plagiarized piece to them.

Here’s a short video on PlagScan and what you can do with it:

PlagScan’s features

When you sign up and login into you will notice it has rather slick interface. But that isn’t the main reason why you should get it.

It is one of the best protected programs of its kind on the internet. It uses top tier technology and also include support for different languages.

Also, after checking a document, you get a detailed reports. There you can view sentences that are complete match, likely rewritten as well as quotes. You can also download this paper so you can access it later on.

This gives you some valuable insights in terms of sources being used and to which extent were they used.

Like most of free plagiarism checkers, PlagScan has a free version allowing you to check it out before fully engaging. The software also has a very good support team.

My feedback

PlagScan is like most other online plagiarism detection programs. It does its job rather efficiently and there is little margin for error. Still, I would primarily recommend it to SEOs due to its great security features.

PlagScan allows you to protect your resources which is really uncommon for checkers. For that very reason, you should at least consider getting it. With it you can check plagiarism, grammar and find accurate info regarding sources being used.

If you wish to get some other checker, I cover latest plagiarism check related news and reviews so make sure to browse my other articles.

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