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There’s so many free plagiarism software and countless online reviews that it becomes hard finding a software that will work for you.

No matter what kind of profession you work in, you probably rely on some great tool on a daily basis.

This is especially true when it comes to content checking.

Whether you’re trying to improve the quality of posts or you’re an academic professional trying to check authentic writing of their college students, will help with its great web service.

Let’s check what the best ways to use this plagiarism detection tool are by watching this great short tutorial video on how to use

Plagtracker for student papers

When it comes to plagiarism, students are among the most common culprits.

The biggest issue lies in the fact that a student needs to refer to some other text in order to learn and form ideas.

This makes it easy to copy some of the ideas from the original paper.

But when they turn in a report, it needs to be completely new and authentic.

Even though university professors and teachers know most of the sources, it is easy to rewrite and slip some data as your own without anyone being to detect it.

Plagtracker for site

You can find a similar type of plagiarism on the Internet.

Most authors search Google for news and ideas. As they review and learn from content, it is really easy to borrow some of the ideas.

It makes it even worse if you’re using outsourced content services.

It is really easy for a company providing service to rewrite existing articles and present them as their own.

This makes content shallow and can affect you in terms of traffic and rankings, even leading to a penalty. This is precisely why companies are protecting themselves with software such as Plagtracker.

Two versions of Plagtracker

There are two versions of Plagtracker: free and paid (premium).

If you go for free service, you will get the basic options.

When users submit text, this plagiarism tool will scan the data and return highlighted “Plag” score.

This is a score for plagiarism that goes from 0 to 100 and indicates how unique your written text is.

Additionally, a user will be shown their original article with underlined, plagiarized sentences.

You will also get a list of where these sentences were used online which is great in cases when you wanna find out where was the text copied from. Plagtracker relies on huge databases to perform the scan.

The biggest issue with the free version?

Well, it takes some time for the tool to process data. It also lacks some of the nifty features the paid version has. So if you’re serious about plagiarism, perhaps the premium version makes more sense.

When you create a paid account you get:

  • Instant reports
  • Grammar check
  • Reference processing
  • PDF report
  • Database check
  • Document upload
  • Access to API
  • Unlimited checking volume
  • Great support which will solve each problem

Plagiarism checker performance

Each day, approximately 1500 to 2000 people use this tool (data for 2017).

It was also heavily promoted on popular websites such as Yahoo! news and PC world.

If you click on its results and perform a detailed check of sources (when using the free version) you can see that the tool is rather precise.

If you’re doing checks on a daily basis, it is best to add the paid version to your tool arsenal. The price is rather reasonable – just $7.

There are lots of other good plagiarism checker tools you can try. One of the better ones on the market is called SafeAssign Checker. I suggest you give it a try too.

Do you check your documents with Plagtracker? Do you use it in your education? Share your experience in the comments and follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook and join my email list!

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