Quetext Review: How to Check Your Content for Plagiarism?

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There are a lot of plagiarism checker tools that will help you with writing and analyzing articles for your sites or students academic papers.

If you search Google results in 2017, you will notice that the top results mostly consist of free software.

In fact, most of the tools of this kind are free due to rudimentary technology and basic features that they provide.

In terms of complexity, Quetext plagiarism checker is on a completely new level.

Saying that Quetext is probably the best plagiarism detection tool on the Internet wouldn’t be wrong. If not this, it’s definitely one of the most popular ones.

Let’s see what is so different about this online service for teachers and writers.

First off, I urge you to watch this short video showing what Quetext plagiarism can do for you:

How does Quetext work?

Before we start with our review, let’s say that Quetext is a word tool that has two versions – free and paid.

Well, don’t expect too much from the free version even though it’s much better than its competition.

You can use it if you copy paste a text into an empty box presented on the homepage of the website. Then, the tool will start the process with a thorough scan.

This is how most other free plagiarism tools on the web work.

However, this is where it becomes good.

After checking various sources, the tool will create a document with a final report.

You will see your original text with certain parts being underlined.

On the right-hand side, you will get a percentage signifying how much the text was plagiarized.

It goes from 0 to 100 where 0 represents unique text and 100 represents completely duplicate text.

You will also see a list of all the resources where troublesome lines appeared. This allows you to track the source and compare your article with the one from other sites.

The free version is not the best tool to check plagiarism on a regular basis.

It is more of a trial given that you can use it only 3 times per month and with the word limit up to 500.

Quetext paid version review

But if you decide to get the Quetext Pro account (the price you’ll have to pay is $9 per month) you will get all these great features:

  • Deep search (Technology patented by the company. With this algorithm, you do not only detect files with exact match sentences; you also find sentences that are similar and are likely rewritten. This means you can easily track if someone used your paper as a source for their own)
  • File upload (Allows you to upload up to 5 files at the same time. They can be in various formats)
  • PDF report export (Allows you to export your reports in a PDF file)
  • Exclude sources (You can exclude all the sources you don’t wish to be checked for plagiarism)
  • Premium support (If you get paid version, you get premium customer support)

On top of everything that I’ve mentioned, the paid version doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to a number of monthly use.

Finally, you can upload text that goes up to 25, 000 words.

To sum it up

If you scan your websites or documents with a plagiarism checker on daily basis, you should definitely consider getting this high-quality tool. With it, users can ensure they have an original text on their hands. No need to stumble on copied posts as you can have the real deal!

Although the free tool is very limited, the paid tool is probably among top 3 software of its kind on the Internet.

You should also try another software for plagiarism named SafeAssign checker, which is pretty solid as well.

Have you tried plagiarism checker Quetext? Do you find it easy to use? Share your experience in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe to my email list!

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