Want More Links And Traffic? Have You Tried Reddit?

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Internet gives us a lot of different opportunities to build links and improve rankings of our domain. In a nutshell, SEO experts are very proactive in finding new methods and are always on the prowl for new things.

Like any sales or marketing job, communication is the key for a successful career. Due to this fact, it is no wonder that SEO professionals have found a way to exploit almost every platform which can be used to bring people together.

One of these platforms is Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a website that brings people together. It is an interactive forum where people are able to share their thoughts on different topics. Officially, it is regarded as social news aggregation where you have a chance to ask different questions and get relevant responses to them.

Whenever you answer a question on Reddit, it will be rated by the community.

All these responses are meant to help the users. Based on it, your response will appear higher in the results. At the same time, if your response doesn’t answer the question properly, it will be downvoted making it fall in results until its ultimately erased.

Why is this important?

Your success on Reddit largely depends on the quality of your answers. This platform allows dofollow links within people’s posts. So, as long as you are able to present a quality solution, you will be able to place a link within that answer and get some link juice in the process.

But, you have to remember; a post will remain alive as long as it has enough positive answers. Too many negative responses will lead to a moderator erasing your post and with it, the link which it contains.

Also, based on these votes, you will be able to rank lower or higher within the thread which will make your post less or more viewed. Obviously, this is crucial for traffic.

So, as you can see, by providing a high quality answer on Reddit, you are able to:

  1. Get a backlink to your article
  2. Get some additional traffic

Navigating Reddit

Like any similar website with such an enormous amount of traffic, Reddit needs to be split into subsections so that the users can navigate them easier.

This is where you start from.

Similarly to any link building process, you have to stick to your own topic. If you try to go for things that you are unfamiliar with, it can only lead to excessive number of downvotes.

Why Reddit downvotes matter?

If Reddit moderators see you as a spammer, you will be in a big trouble!

Each link that you add in your post, as well as the posts themselves, needs to be relevant. Otherwise, you might get banned due to overwhelming number of answers that got downvoted.

That being said, always concentrate on topics that are familiar to you.

Reddit has its own drop-down menu. Besides that, you also have a search tab at your disposal. Those two will be more than enough to find relevant posts within your own industry or niche.

Lastly, bad selection on topics can cause a negative effect on traffic.

For example, if your website is about cat food and you post link within car section, you will attract visitors that are interested in latter topic which will adversely affect your click through rate, bounce rate and time spent on website.

Pinpoint certain questions

Ideally, you should use Reddit to promote your fresh content.

Whenever you create a new piece, you can use its keyword to search through Reddit. If there are any questions which can be answered with your article, make sure to post a link. Again, it is necessary to emphasize that the article has to give a precise answer.

If your article is about ancient civilizations and user asked a question about Persians in particular, content may come off as promotional given that it doesn’t revolve solely around Persians. If you chose this path nevertheless, make sure that there is more than enough content for users to be satisfied.

But, Reddit isn’t only for new content. You can also use it for old things.

Based on everything that has been said so far, make sure to prioritize relevancy as the main factor of importance while freshness can be seen as a bonus.

Make sure that your post is not just a link

You probably think that your task is done after you find a proper question and put a link as a response.


People on Reddit require a valid answer within the Reddit itself. Link can and should be seen only as a bonus.

With that in mind, your mindset has to revolve around helping the individual in need. You have to give them a thorough answer within the platform and provide a link as an additional source for reading.

There two main reasons why you should do this:

  1. Your answer will gain more weight
  2. You will gain respect within community

With that, we come to our next point.

Building relationships in Reddit

Reddit is a community in the best sense of that word.

Previously, we mentioned that negative feedback can lead to a ban. On the flipside, helping other users will be noticed by both moderators and frequent visitors.

This will likely increase the number of your positive votes increasing the chances that your link will remain intact.

Another thing that needs to be considered is relationships outside Reddit.

What do I mean by that?

Most of the people looking for answers are usually professionals working within that industry or individuals interested in purchasing products/services from that industry. If you position yourself as a highly skilled professional it will increase your reputation among other experts and it may also lead to some business opportunities.

Closing thoughts

Reddit is a social platform that can definitely become a powerful tool in your SEO arsenal.

It revolves around helping people. As long as you have that in mind and you provide a good value to the community, you will be seen as the positive factor.

Nevertheless, you should still pursue other SEO methods. Even with all its benefits, there are better outlets than Reddit which can provide more with less invested.

Have you tried building links on Reddit? What is your experience?

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Pankaj Dhawanvhcly

Hi Nikolay,

This is awesome post. I have not used Reddit for promotion much because I didnt understand it much. After reading your post, I guess I should give it a shot from the start again and see where I land up.


Hey nikolay
Thanks for sharing another great article

sahil suman

thanks for this wonderful content