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For the longest time, plagiarism detection tools were used when checking internet content. Bloggers would use them to check the originality of a submitted, third-party file.

In this article, I will do a thorough review of SafeAssign plagiarism checker for students and how it can help you check your content for uniqueness.

Given that most blogs are outsourcing their content to content service providers, it was a good way to check whether they will submit an original paper.

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As you know, unique content is critical for any online business.

This became even more crucial after Google search engine started penalizing articles with duplicate, thin or low-quality text.

In fact, the situation became so severe at one point that bloggers even started checking their own content for plagiarism issues.

Gradually, the whole Internet landscape changed due to numerous free detection tools which can check submissions.

In 2017 people who create content are no longer willing to plagiarize content as this would affect their business.

That’s how easy it is to check a document nowadays.

Let’s have a look at this SafeAssign short video review:

And another one from its creators at Blackboard:

Plagiarism within academic assignments

The fact that web content creators select not to plagiarize content doesn’t mean that the problem has vanished.

Universities aren’t any different. University students still tend to use outside help when writing a report.

This is precisely why tools like SafeAssign online checker exist.

SafeAssign plagiarism tool is a technology created by Blackboard.

It is a part of the Blackboard Learning System and is used to assess assignment papers by comparing them to various sources.

These reports will be compared to several databases of documents. Each database consists of various resources published over time.

They include:

  • Internet
  • ProQuest ABI
  • Institutional Document Archives
  • Global Reference Database

When you perform a free SafeAssign check for plagiarism online, this tool will match a student’s piece to other learning sources and provide a percentage of originality.

Once the report is done, go to the Grade Center and locate the assignment that you enabled the SafeAssign check options for.

After your view the results, you can instantly grade a student’s paper.

Global Reference Database

Global Reference Database is a completely separate database commonly used by students. They leave their papers in the database as a way of promoting originality. Of course, they can always check a paper for plagiarism without having to submit it to the Global Reference Database. It is a completely voluntarily process. Documents that have been placed in the database cannot be moved or deleted afterward. Instead, they remain there for further use.

Suggesting a new URL

Keep in mind that this particular option can only be reached via Blackboard Learn courses. You can suggest more webpages to SafeAssign by using URL Adder tool. Once you suggest a particular page, SafeAssign will try to add all the pages which are considered to be a part of the site. In the end, all these pages will be available to both users and institutions which is something that everyone can benefit from.

How do you actually use SafeAssign checker?

Unlike most other similar tools on the Internet, SafeAssign is mainly geared towards instructors and faculty staff.

You can access is through Blackboard SafeAssign like this:

  • Open the panel that allows you to manage assignments
  • Expand submission details
  • Make sure to click on Check submissions for plagiarism

It is as easy as that!

This software also supports sharing results between you and another student. You can completely exclude others from the process too.

Not allowing someone access is more common during the grading process when you need to check numerous papers properly.

When you help someone, individually or during a competition, shared access is much more common. This way you can discuss the uniqueness report together afterward.

What’s next?

After you’ve selected all the options and turned on plagiarism, you are ready to perform your analysis. You can enter multiple Word as well as PDF files.

Each document will get a percentage of uniqueness. If you click on a file, you will be sent to a new page called originality report.

Here, you can see all the sources which students borrowed their ideas from. They will be marked in a special color so you can learn more about the sources and sentences they used.

Have in mind that every upload is seen as an individual paper.

So when submitting something for the second time, the process will restart. This means that originality check will be performed again as the tool starts matching your work with other pieces on the web.

This is a good way to compare several documents before and after the corrections you made.

Please have in mind that SafeAssign originality reports are not only a good way to find and prevent plagiarism. They are also crucial for establishing the source of information and seeing what has been plagiarized..

If you share a paper with someone, SafeAssign check can identify if they quoted irrelevant or incorrect sources.

Ability to exclude submissions

As I already said, the professional SafeAssign plagiarism checker can be used for grading institutional courses. As such, it should be the number one tool for college teachers.

But, it can also be used during tutoring, paper preparation, etc.

Within its main menu, you have the ability to exclude or skip submission from plagiarism check too. This comes in handy when you need to consult with a student and when a paper is a work in progress.

This option is important when you have a batch of articles and you don’t need to check one of them.

Simply click on “exclude submissions” option for a particular paper and it won’t be checked against any databases.

What do I think about SafeAssign?

Although I usually focus on SEO stuff, I like to go through online plagiarism checkers.

I can say that SafeAssign isn’t the best internet marketing tool (as it needs to be used within Blackboard). However, it is definitely a tool that has an amazing potential.

The very fact it checks several databases means that every academic or at least, half-serious piece will be checked again top submissions within the profession.

In that regard, it can be really valuable if you’re doing a thorough study within your industry. It can be great for your own site and pieces of content and is a good alternative of Turnitin plagiarism tool. Nevertheless, there are other types of similar checkers available so keep your eyes on them. Most of them have their own dedicated webpages which also work as a plagiarism checker platforms of a sort. I also suggest you try checkers such as Dupli Checker, Copyleaks, and PaperRater.

Have you tried SafeAssign plagiarism checker? What is your opinion on it? Make sure to comment, add me on social media or even send me an email.

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