100 Small SEO Tools You’ll Love (90% are FREE!)

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small seo tools

SEO can be a complex matter. You have to perform research, to collect data, to analyse it and finally to make sense out of it.

As an SEO expert I find it hard to perform some of my daily duties without the help of some nifty online tools.

In this article I collected over 100 mostly free SEO tools reviews that can really save you tons of time and effort and to shoot your SEO to a higher level.

Here you won’t find the usual all-in-one small SEO tools that can be used for multiple tasks.

Instead, I decided to create a list with simple SEO tools that can get the job done within a couple of mouse clicks – simple yet quite effective. Most of the reviewed tools are free, but you will also find some freemium and paid ones. But all of them are really simplistic!

Brian DeanI invited one of the best SEO experts Brian Dean as a special guest for this enormous article and asked him to share his top 3 small SEO tools. Thank you, Brian!

Here’s his answer:


Use the quick links below to jump to the particular group of small SEO tools and start reading.


Link Building Tools  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Technical Tools  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Keyword Research Tools  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Rank Tracking Tools  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Backlink Analysis Tools  (Free and Freemium)

Content Tools  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Google Algorithm Update Checkers  (Free and Freemium) (Paid)

Every handyman has his toolkit. I hope that this article helps you find yours 🙂

If you want to find even more SEO tools, I suggest you read this powerful list of 20+ best SEO tools.

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Freemium Link Building Tools

check my links

Check my links (FREE)

This tool is pretty simple to use. It is in fact an extension for Google Chrome and helps webmasters by crawling through their pages and pinpointing all the broken links on them. After a quick analysis, it will show the number of good and bad links. Quite efficient for all those popular pages that existed for some time and have a large number of links.

Find Broken Links

Find Broken Links (FREE)

Unlike some other link checker tools, Find Broken Links allows you to remotely check the links even without visiting the website in question. Furthermore, it is able to check content of the entire website, leaving nothing to chance. It will take a while for tool to check all the pages and you can have results sent to your e-mail address.

Free Broken Link Checker

Free Broken Link Checker (free, for more than 3000 pages price upon agreement)

Like any other simple and small SEO tool, this one is pretty straightforward. After entering your domain, tool will start crawling through the pages. After a while, it will give you a list of all the errors with specific page where they can be found. This way, you can address them directly and correct any issue you might have. A premium backlink checker for your SEO toolbox.


LinkMiner (FREE)

If you know how Check My Links works, you will have no problem using LinkMiner. This is another extension for Chrome which can be used to quickly analyze links on your pages. Unlike Check My Links, this tool provides us with some additional options. It gives us much more data regarding problematic links. After all is done, you can export information to CSV file.

Link Prospecting Query Builder

Link Prospecting Query Builder (FREE)

Link building still remains the most important aspect of SEO. In that regard, it is good having small SEO tools that will quickly help you with prospecting. According to the keyword and type of link you need, Link Prospecting Query Builder will provide you with all the relevant results which you can use to find websites of interest.

Quick URL Opener

Quick URL Opener (FREE)

Great content attracts a lot of links. When numerous websites link to you, it is hard to distinguish who is who. By using this small SEO tool, you are able to open numerous URLs at the same time. Each URL will be opened in a separate tab saving you a lot of time in the process. Of course, this tool can be used for other purposes besides search engine optimization.

Siege Media Embed Code Generator

Siege Media Embed Code Generator (FREE)

People who have their own website know that insertion of a picture, infographics or video can make a real mess of your page. Siege Media Embed Code Generator allows you to use multimedia properly and get the most out of it. This generator allows you to create a code for any type of multimedia which you can later on paste avoiding any potential problems.

Paid Link Building Tools


Linkstant ($7, $ 27 – per month)

It is quite handy knowing when someone is linking to you. By using Linkstant, you will get notification straight to email, alerting you that another website has created a link pointing to a page. It is definitely a good addition to SEO expert’s arsenal and a great solution for small business SEO.

Freemium Technical SEO Tools

Know Your (or Competitors) Host

WHSR Web Host Spy (FREE)

WHSR Web Host Spy allows you to gather information about the hosting service (server location, name servers, WhoIs information, etc). It’s best use to research hosting options by drawing upon similar websites. It is 100% free, simple, and easy to use.


Browseo (FREE)

Web crawlers see pages differently from people. However, an SEO expert needs to cater to both groups and make sure that crawlers see the page properly. In that regard, you need to know if your site has some hidden content, if something is being blocked or if some other errors exist. By using said tool, you can see a webpage the same way web crawlers see it.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith Technology Profiler (FREE)

Even though there are some popular programs for web design, there are numerous options and technologies which can be used to create your homepage. This simple and small SEO tool shows you which programs were used for creation of the website. It gives you data about the web server, content management systems, analytics and tracking, java scrip libraries, etc.

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML (FREE)

Most people prefer writing documents in Microsoft Word. It is a great program for any type of content creation with various options that allow you better formatting. Nevertheless, the issue arises when a person wants to transfer this content to HTML form. With this small SEO tool, you are able to quickly convert content and instantly use it for your website.

Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview (FREE)

If you have improper title tag or other meta tag, people are less likely to click on your webpage when search results appear. In order to make sure that your title tag and meta description look good, you can use this free small SEO tool. It gives you a preview of your snippet so that you can modify and optimize it.


GTmetrix (FREE)

By using GTmetrix, you are able to quickly analyze your website speed. With this small SEO tool, you can dig into small details and fix them. Besides overall score, it gives you some other stats such as page load time and total page size. Also, it provides you with website speed history allowing you to monitor progress made.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer (FREE)

Spam is something that we all have to deal with. Of course, whenever we can, we try to avoid it. As its name implies, Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer is a small SEO tool that can be used together with your Google Analytics account. It adds filters that are eliminating numerous spammy websites giving you better statistical results. There is a limited number of Google small SEO tools but they are all very good.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test (FREE)

Google has realized that mobile devices are the future of the Internet. Having this in mind, it is only logical that Google search will favor those websites that are well-optimized for these devices. By using Google Mobile-Friendly Test, you can quickly get the answer to this question and make some adjustments if needed.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights (FREE)

Similarly to the previous Google tool, PageSpeed Insights allows you to evaluate your page speed. In future, user experience will be a very important factor for all the websites. In that regard, speed and responsiveness will play a major role. When you enter your URL into the bar, this tool will provide you with thorough analysis of your page, alerting you to all the things that need to be fixed.

Jellyfish Search Snippet Tool

Jellyfish Search Snippet Tool (FREE)

Another tool on our list that can help you analyze snippets before content goes live. It is fairly plain and simple. You need to insert title, URL and description and this tool will give you a preview showing how the page will look like in Google search. This is a great way to optimize things beforehand.

Jellyfish Google penalty checker

Jellyfish Google penalty checker (FREE)

This tool is pretty straightforward. Similarly to other SEO small tools of its kind, Jellyfish Google penalty checker shows fluctuations of your ranking. At the same time, it shows you the precise time when Google update happened and how that update impacted your positioning within the search engine.


Lipperhey (free, $99 – per month)

Lipperhey has two main functions: it helps you with any technical issue and it can assist you with content analysis. After brief scan, it will provide you with technical, SEO content and popularity scores. Besides that, you can also go through your competitors and analyze keywords you may wish to use in future.

Creator’s tip: Lipperhey is the most comprehensive free tool because it crawls not just the homepage, but all the pages of your website.  We crawl the website just like Google and then tell you page by page what you should improve starting from the most important points.

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator (FREE)

As its name implies, Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator is one of the best small SEO tools that can be used to make sure that your sitemap is in order. It quickly analyzes your website and provides you with the necessary answers. To top it all off, it also has a nice option that checks all the links in your sitemap.

Microdata Generator

Microdata Generator (FREE)

It is no longer enough for a person be present on the Internet. In order to get clicks, you need to attract the attention of the people who are browsing it. By using this generator, you are able to add Schema.org tags to your website. This is a great way for local businessmen to get necessary exposure, improving their site’s listing considerably.

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats (FREE)

SEO profession revolves around statistics and numbers. When you install Open SEO Stats, you get a nifty Chrome extension which can give you precise data about website and its performance. This small SEO tool has stats and information such as SEO stats, traffic stats, site info, page info, link stats, page speed as well as some additional small SEO tools.

Panguin tool

Panguin tool (FREE)

SEO profession is directly connected to Google updates and constantly adapts to these changes. Whenever some update occurs, websites either gain or lose positioning based on the new algorithm. In order to track these fluctuations, you can use Panguin Tool and reveal how the latest Google update has impacted your website.

Pingdom Website Speed Tool

Pingdom Website Speed Tool (FREE)

Like we mentioned before, website speed is a very important factor that can have a fairly significant impact on your SEO effort. Pingdom Website Speed Tool is a very simple, yet very efficient tool that quickly analyzes your page speed and gives you a thorough report, alerting you to any issues that may affect page performance.

Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO (FREE)

There are numerous things that can go wrong with your pages. In order to find out all these issues, you can use Plugin SEO. It gives you data regarding potential SEO, speed and blog problems. However, it doesn’t end here. It also gives you suggestions as how to correct these issues and restore functionality.

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool (FREE)

Google Analytics is the basic tool for every website owner. But, even though it is such an important tool produced by Google itself, it can still be compromised. Referral spam is something that can severely interfere with Google Analytics. In order to get a clean slate and get rid of all these factors that are affecting your real results, get Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool.

Creator’s tip: We update our blacklist daily, and you will receive a weekly update. Any spam we miss, our wonderful users submit to us for removal. Takes no longer than 30 seconds to setup. Each potential spammer we find, gets a manual review by our SEO team. Our approach cleans up historical, and future spam. Cleans up at least 3 kinds of referral spam, including URL spamming, keyword query spamming, and more. 100% free!

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel Nofollow Checkbox (FREE)

Even though we may have numerous links on our website, some of them have not earned our trust. In order to differentiate reputable websites from those that are not trustworthy, we use dofollow and nofollow tags. This incredibly small SEO tool allows you to mark certain links on your webpage as nofollow and avoid any potential issues.

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator (FREE)

Robots.txt files are very important for web spiders. Before spiders crawl through your pages, they will refer to this file and see which data is off-limit. By using this tool, you are able to create robots.txt files without any problem. It also has a great feature of blocking certain spiders (SPAM-bots).

Robots.txt Checker

Robots.txt Checker (FREE)

As previously mentioned, robots.txt files are very important part of your search engine optimization effort. If you decide to create this file on your own, have in mind that there is always a chance to make a mistake. When using the tool, you can be sure that your robots.txt file is well-structured, well-optimized and without any mistakes.


SEO-Browser (free, $10 – per year)

Like Browseo, SEO-Browser allows you to see a website from Google bots’ perspective. It is a very functional small SEO tool that can help you with different issues. Have in mind that this is a freemium tool and that there are more advanced options to it.

SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images (free, $79, $149, $179 – one time purchase)

Optimization is a big problem when it comes to pictures. Simply put, Google cannot recognize things which are on the image. Due to this fact, pictures that don’t have alt tags won’t rank anywhere in Google. In order to circumvent this problem, you can use SEO Friendly Images – a tool that adds ALT and TITLE attributes to them which allow Google spiders to properly crawl them. It is also great for your visitors.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool (FREE)

Markups are a very important part of your pages nowadays. They can attract a lot of attention and increase the number of clicks. But, when creating a markup, there are numerous things that can go wrong within the HTML code. In order to check whether everything is alright, you can use Structured Data Testing Tool.

Title and Description Optimization Tool

Title and Description Optimization Tool (FREE)

Title tags and meta descriptions were once very important aspect of search engine optimization. Today, they are not as powerful but they still serve some function as they improve your visibility. With this tool, you are able, not only to optimize your own tags and descriptions, but also to gain insight into your competitors strategy.

Creator’s tip: Select a country in the drop down menu. If you’re writing an article in English and are targeting users in, say, the UK specifically, then you may want to check out the results for other English speaking countries too, because the tool may give you additional and highly relevant words and phrases your local competitors are not yet aware of or targeting.

URI Valet

URI Valet (FREE)

Every SEO knows how important technical aspects of a website are. As Google implements new updates, website architecture will become even more significant. URI Valet is a small SEO tool that can help you check server headers, to check internal and external link verification, to validate HTML/XHTML/CSS/Mobile/Semantics and to perform other tasks.

Creator’s tip: You can Validate HTML/XHTML/CSS/Mobile/Semantics all from one interface. Quickly perform quality checks on URIs. You’d be surprised at the number of errors and the types of errors we see being reported – some are fatal.

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool (FREE)

Varvy SEO Tool is a quite simple and easy to use tool. All you have to do is enter your page into the bar and you will get numerous data within a minute. It can help you analyze your domain, all the links on the page, number of social shares and likes, page speed, keywords, images, presentation and content as well as Googlebot access.

Creator’s tip: The Varvy seo tool is unique as it only looks at what can be improved about your site. It checks a webpage against the the newly updated Google webmaster guidelines which include things like mobile, accessibility, and speed. One of the best ways to improve your rankings is to improve your website.The Varvy SEO tool will give you a comprehensive look at the improvements that can be made.

Web Developer Toolbar

Web Developer Toolbar (FREE)

Another great toolbar on our list, Web Developer Toolbar is an instrument that can save you a lot of time. It allows you to manage cookies, CSS, forms, images etc. It gives you a lot of different information and some additional small SEO tools. By using this tool, you can easily perform any SEO audit.

Website Penalty Indicator

Website Penalty Indicator (FREE)

Loss of positions and penalties are something that every webmaster fears. Luckily, by using this tool, you are able to analyze the impact of every update. Through very simple design, Website Penalty Indicator provides you with all the updates and their impact on your organic traffic.

Creator’s tip: You can use the penalty indicator without the need for Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools access – perfect for lead prospecting and competitor analysis.


WebPageTest (FREE)

WebPageTest can easily be compared to Pingdom Website Speed Tool. These two tools can be regarded as some of the greatest small SEO tools within their respective niche. WebPageTest performs numerous actions that help you determine whether your website is quick enough.

XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector (FREE)

Sitemap is a very important part of your website. It is great for navigation and it also helps crawlers index your new pages. You can toggle navigation option at will. But, like with many other things, numerous errors may occur in the process. You can submit your sitemap to XML Sitemap Inspector and it will quickly repair all the errors you might have returning a clean file to you.

Zadroweb SEO Auditor

Zadroweb SEO Auditor (FREE)

Every SEO experts knows how important website audit is. In order to reach best positions in Google, your webpage needs to be flawless and to address all the technical issues that it might have. With this small SEO tool, you can receive suggestions regarding your organic traffic, SEO stats, crawl stats, source code, social as well as URL stats.

Creator’s tip: I think since we provide the top 10 keywords, it sets our tool apart a little. Also, it will always be free to run against 1 link. If you have any suggestions to enhance the tool, please let me know.

Paid Technical SEO Tools


Dareboost ($9, $39, $79 – per month)

Although this is not a small tool, it is definitely a simple one. SEO experts who wish to try out Dareboost will be surprised by the number of options which are provided. First and foremost, it gives SEO expert a detailed report allowing him to analyze his website, its strengths and weaknesses. It can help you monitor different performances, website loading speed and it can even compare speed of various pages on your website. Great addition for any
expert who wishes to quicken things up.

Creator’s tip: Dareboost is great to run a website speed test and to get  in order to optimize your website, and not only its speed but also the security, the SEO, the accessibility and more. And our tool is unique as it allows you to monitor all of this in order to avoid any regression or slow down!


LinkPatrol ($50, $100, $200 – per year)

This great WordPress plugin can save you a lot of troubles when performing link audit. After submitting your URL, tool with give you all the relevant information regarding your website’s links such as names of the authors, domains and anchor texts connected to your links. If you wish, you can easily nofollow or strip troublesome link thus eliminating the problem.

SEO Site Checkup
SEO Site Checkup ($20, $35, $80 – per month)

There are numerous SEO audit tools on the market but most of them are really robust. SEO Site Checkup represents simple SEO tool that can provide you with almost instant results. To top it all off, its simplicity allows both experts and journeyman to perform website audit. It has stats for general SEO, speed, server and security, mobile usability and advanced SEO.

Creator’s tip: Our competitor analysis tool is awesome – with a few clicks, you can quickly compare how different sites/competitors are approaching their SEO differently, and where their/your strengths may be. It greatly speeds and simplifies the research process when it comes to SEO audits. Screenshots attached are for your reference / republishing.


SERPmetrics ($0.62 dollar per every 1000 unique search queries)

Bing and Google are constantly implementing changes that are improving their search engines, eliminating spam and improving user experience. Sometimes, these SEO updates can be very volatile and have big impact on positioning of a website. In order to track fluctuations, you can use before mentioned tool.

Speed Booster

Speed Boost ($20, $35 – per month)

Webpage speed has become an important factor for Google positioning. SEO experts are putting an extra effort to meet the demands of the biggest search engine. As user experience becomes more relevant, loading time will increase in importance. Speed Booster has the solution. By using this simple SEO tool, you are able to analyze performance of your website. It gives insight into HTML, JS, CSS and images and how they impact your page. Speed Booster is an
excellent solution for a very small cost.

Creator’s tip: Our tool always keeps eye on your website. If there is some room for improvements it emails with the specifics. If your website goes down, you will get noticed before any user.Most importantly you could fix all the issues in just few click. The software does this automatically. It compresses your images, CSS, JS without losing its quality. We internally use Google Api to compress them. Since it is a cloud software you don’t need to install any plugins and in fact you could remove all your hefty plugins for the compression.

WoorankWoorank ($49, $149, $249 – per month)

Woorank is a pretty simple and straightforward tool. It performs a detailed analysis of your website, giving you information about multiple SEO aspects like mobile and usability performance, technologies which are used for it, backlinks, social and local factors. Tool is paid monthly and there are three different plans you can choose from.

Creator’s tip: If your website were a car, WooRank would be the mechanic who spots a dangerous brake problem you didn’t know you had in the first place. For instance, did you know that crawl errors can prevent your website from appearing in Google search results? Nobody wants that. And guess what: WooRank makes it super easy to eliminate such errors and make your site 100% Google-friendly.

Freemium Keyword Research Tools

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator (FREE)

Search engine optimization always starts from a proper keyword research. Given that the Internet has become a highly competitive environment, it is very hard to find keywords that have high traffic and small competition. When you use this tool, you are able to mix up several keywords in hope of finding one that will hit the sweet spot.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public (FREE)

SEO expert always has to be aware of his visitor’s needs. Answer The Public is one of the best small SEO tools that can be used for this purpose. By typing a certain word, you can discover all related questions and sentences your potential visitors are using for their search. After that, you can adapt your SEO strategy accordingly and get the most out of it.

Creator’s tip: The tool should only be a starting point. If the tool throws back some interesting questions then spend time reading through the results in Google for that term. You’ll discover sites / communities to target. Maybe new influencers you should be forming relationships with and so on.



Unlike Answer The Public, FAQfox is solely based on questions people type in the search box. However, this website is much better at targeting. In other words, besides your keyword, you are also able to enter URLs of all the websites you want to search. On top of that, you can also add particular industries which you want to search further modifying your results.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate (FREE)

When people search for certain phrases, they tend to use some words together. For example, car and tire are often part of the same search query. Best way to find correlations is by using Google Correlate. By inserting a particular word, you can get all the other words that go with them and are likely to be searched for.

Google Trends

Google Trends (FREE)

Keywords are similar to anything else. They depend on trends. When determining what keyword is best for you, it is important to account for its popularity and number of searches. There is no point in using a phrase that is slowly losing its viewership. Google Trends allows you to determine which keyword is going to be popular in future and which one is likely to fall.

Imforsmb.com's Bulk Keyword Generator

Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator (FREE)

Internet is a great way for people to promote their business, whether it is local or global. Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator is one of the greatest small SEO tools that can be used to improve your local enterprise. With this generator, you are able to discover main keywords which your potential clients are using in order to reach local service providers.


Jaaxy (free, $19, $49 – per month)

Nowadays, there are tons of online keyword tools and keyword generators. But, most of them are automatic, giving you little control over the process. When you use Jaaxy, you are in complete control. This nice tool allows you to quickly discover niches, brainstorm and save ideas. Besides that, it gives really precise traffic estimates.

Keyword Combiner

Keyword Combiner (FREE)

As previously mentioned, keyword research always has to be thorough. There are numerous keywords which can be used and sometimes, even though we do our best, there are some keywords that may slip under the radar. When using the Combiner, you get all the possible combinations.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye (free, $17 – per month, enterprise option based on agreement)

Keyword Eye has numerous options but it is really easy to use and navigate. The tool is based on a very simple and innovative concept: it gives you a cloud with all sorts of keywords. Depending on the size of the keyword, it will be more or less searched for. At the same time, color of the keyword represents competitiveness. You can also perform competitor and link analysis with it.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer (free, $10, $30 – per month)

Extremely simple to use and very informative, Keyword Revealer presents you with various statistics regarding keywords. Furthermore, it has a very nice feature that allows you to see all the keyword trees, ranging from original one word keyword to long phrases based on it. Tool can be used for free but there are also two paid options.


KeywordTool.io (free, $48, $68, $88 – per month)

KeywordTool.io works under similar principle to Keyword Tool Dominator. It is also used to find Autocomplete results from Google, Bing, YouTube and App Store. Despite being one of the best freemium small SEO tools within its branch, you will have to pay some money to get the most out of it.

Creator’s tip: Keyword Tool is the best for long-tail keyword research. It will show you plenty of keywords that you will never find using Google Keyword Planner.


Kwfinder.com (free, $29, $49 – per month)

This is a great option for all those who want to get quick and relevant results. Kwfinder.com gives you almost instant results for a particular keyword with some useful stats such as top positions in Google, keyword trends as well as related keywords and their own statistics. Besides the free plan, you can also choose two paid versions.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter (FREE)

One of the many small SEO tools, Keyword Shitter has pretty simple and efficient design. Nevertheless, it is really good for extracting numerous keyword suggestions. It will simply start pouring thousands and thousands of phrases which you can use for your search engine optimization.

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords (FREE)

When searching for a particular website, person may type different things into the search box. By using Seed Keywords, you are able to determine which keywords people are most likely to use in order to reach your website. Based on that, you can easily optimize the text thus driving more traffic and boosting your search engine optimization.

Creator’s tip: As our Seed Keywords tool is very simple I think it’s coolest feature is the way it uses real data created by real people in response to a question. I know that’s kinda obvious given what it does but that’s it’s best feature 🙂



When you type in a keyword into SERPStat, you will almost instantly get all the suggestions and long-tail keywords based on it. However, that is not all. This tool also gives you a list of words that are most likely to be paired with your keyword. When you finish the search, you are able to extract all the data. Search can be performed for various international Google versions.

SimilarWeb (free, $199 per month, other monthly payments upon agreement)

Like in any other industry, competition is a very important aspect of the SEO world. In order to develop your strategy and react to all potential threats, you need to analyze other companies. SimilarWeb is recognized as one of the premium small SEO tools for this particular purpose. It compares data between websites. Besides free version, you can also opt for basic, advanced and enterprise plan.


Soovle (FREE)

Another tool on our list of Autocomplete tools, Soovle is very practical and easy to use. In fact, all you have to do is put your keyword (or part of a phrase) into a box and it will give you all the recommendations. Furthermore, results from various sources are presented on the same page which additionally saves time.

Creator’s tip: One of the features people often overlook when using the tool is the drag-n-drop collections.  All of the suggestions are, secretly draggable.  If you grab one with your mouse, the “saves” book opens up and allows you to drop it in.  Once you’ve collected up suggestions you want to keep for later, there is a handy “download” link, that will immediately download them onto your computer for later consideration.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

Suggestion Keyword Finder (FREE)

Keywords can vary when it comes to their complexity. They all derive from initial, root word or phrase and then spread to numerous keywords and sentences. If you use Suggestion Keyword Finder, you are able to distinguish different levels of a phrase, starting from the simplest one and expanding to those that are more complex.


UberSuggest (FREE)

Different small SEO tools have different approaches when it comes to presenting their keyword results. UbberSuggest does it by creating a long list and then adding certain letters or numbers to each particular result. By doing that, it gives you an enormous compilation of potential keywords. If you wish to research even further, you can click on each phrase in order to get additional suggestion.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout (FREE)

There are some Google extensions that can perform tremendous work for an SEO expert. Wordtracker Scout is one of them. With this small SEO tool, you can get a summary of all relevant keywords mentioned on a particular webpage, their total number, relevance, number of searches and competition. It also analyzes how profitable a keyword may be for you.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher ($47 – one time purchase)

When we Google something, we get numerous hits. However, this list is not final. There are much more keywords that can be exploited and used for our purposes. The beauty of Keyword Snatcher is that it scrapes results from numerous sources giving you much bigger list than you would get by solely searching through Google or Bing.

Creator’s tip: Keyword Snatcher finds Untapped Niches That Other Webmasters Are Overlooking and Google is hiding from you.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator ($14, $16, $19, $20, $60 – one time purchase)

In order to make search easier, Google, Bing, YouTube and other big search engines provide you with instant suggestions as you write. But, this list is not complete. Instead, there are numerous other results which can also be used. This powerful yet small SEO tool gives you full access to these Autocomplete databases.

Freemium Rank Tracking Tools


GeoRanker (free, $99, $249, $490 – per month)

Think locally act globally is a premise that was around for quite some time. Google, recognizing the need for better local results, is doing its best to give advantage to the websites that are offering services in a smaller area. Naturally, in order to have good ranking in your hometown, you need online tools such as GeoRanker. This efficient SEO tool shows you top search results for various cities and regions, it can track your positioning over longer period of time and it can also help you find local citation sources. A must have tool for all the businessmen who wish to target their local market.

Creator’s tip: GeoRanker allows SEO Experts working for companies or Agencies to check Google Rankings with high accuracy in over 50.000 locations around the globe. All reports can be generated from an Local and Global perspective.

Keyword position checker (FREE)

This free SERP checker can be found on smallseotools.com. It is one of numerous tools which are available on this website and it rather precise. Like all other software made by the company, it can be used directly without registration and it provides almost instantaneous results. After entering initial data position checker will scour Google (or any other search engine) and show exact ranking for that particle phrase. It is definitely one of the best small SEO tools for keyword position.

Search Latte

Search Latte (FREE)

We are all part of a global society. Due to this fact, we need to adapt to different rules of engagement. In terms of the Internet and SEO, this means that some of you are using various international search engines. Search Latte allows you to extract search results from different languages and country versions of Google by accessing only one website.

SERPs Rank Checker

SERPs Rank Checker (free, $497, $1,997 – per month)

In order to drive traffic, expert needs to find just the right keyword. Even after writing your content, you need to analyze your results and see what was positive and what was negative. By using this small SEO tool, you are able to see your keyword position in Google or Yahoo! Also, you are able to see the top competitors for that particular phrase.

Creator’s tip: Correlation testing. With SERPs.com you can setup SEO tests with just a few clicks and run real correlation tests to see what changes you’ve made actually impact traffic and rankings.


Wincher (free, €6 – per month)

In SEO world, ranking is everything. It is a basic measure of success that shows us whether we are managing our project properly or not. This is why small SEO tools such as Wincher exist. By using this small SEO tool, you are able to insert you main keywords and monitor their daily change. On top of it, you can share your results on social media.

Creator’s tip: Wincher basically only does one thing and that is rank tracking. A decision was made a few years ago to focus on simple and accurate rank tracking in order to keep our prices as low as possible. I guess the coolest thing with Wincher is that you can track huge amount of keywords for as low as 6 euro/month.

Paid Rank Tracking Tools

Authority Labs

Authority Labs ($49, $99, $199, $499 – pro month)

Authority Labs is a pretty solid rank tracker that gives you numerous data regarding your main keywords. It will show you volume as well as positioning of keywords within Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This tool also provides you with analytics data, social media statistics and information that can help you with your SEO audit.

Creator’s tip: One of the coolest parts of AuthorityLabs is the Now Provided report, which surfaces keyword opportunities for you automatically, and updtaes those opportunities for you daily. Another cool feature of this report is that if your site has multiple sections, it can be tailor to each section and give you specific recommendations for each section.  Like if you’re an ecommerce site that has shop.com/shoes, shop.com/sweaters, etc as your directory structure you can get specific category level opportunity recommendations.

SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor ($19, $49, $99, $199 – per month)

Like in any other industry, competition is a very important aspect of search engine optimization. Based on your competition, you decide which keywords to target and which ones to avoid. SEO Rank Monitor helps compare your keywords to competitors and it shows you difference between desktop and mobile traffic.

Creator’s tip: The features our customers value most are simplicity, razor sharp accuracy and the value for money. Me myself, as a hardcore user of SEO Rank Monitor, find the advanced filter feature particularly useful which, together with the tagging feature, transforms any raw tracking data into meaningful information.


SerpFox ($10, $24, $55, $99, $200 – per month)

Tracking keywords can be a real hassle. Sometimes, SEO expert may get lost in abundance of data, forgetting what he is trying to rank for. With this simple SEO tool, you can easily track your ranking over longer period of time. It is pretty straightforward and it gives you direct answers to your questions.

Freemium Content Tools


Copyscape (free, 5c per search)

Uniqueness of the content is one of the most important tasks when writing a new piece. It is a prerequisite for good positioning within a search engine. Given that there are millions of pages posted each and every day, it is hard to tell if your article meets the required criteria. To make sure that there is no similar content on the Internet, you can use Copyscape.

Creator’s tip: Copyscape allows you to rapidly check whether a web page or other piece of content is unique on the web. It can be used to see who is copying your content, and to check whether content you are purchasing was copied from elsewhere.


Keys4Up (FREE)

Modern search engines such as Google have become very refined. Today, you can use different synonyms in order to find certain keywords. Furthermore, writers should add similar phrases to their content so that the page can rank better. By using this tool, you are able to find all related keywords and expressions which you can add to your article making it rank better in Google search.

Creator’s tip: Keys4Up is a semantic keyword research tool based on LSI algorithms. Keys4Up SEO tool helps SEOs, content marketers and copywriters in order find related terms for any topic or niche market. In today’s semantic SEO world the use of relevant related terms is very important in order to get high rankings on search engines such as Google or Bing.

For example, if I’m writing an article about “how to make a pizza”, I would need to add in my article relevant terms semantically related to the topic (entity) pizza. Then I may want to add terms such as “water”, “tomato souce” and “oregan”, in order to make the article more relevant to the article primary topic.

Keys4Up does exactly this: once you enter a topic in the search box, Keys4Up finds terms that are semantically related to the main topic. You can then select all the relevant terms, and easily export all terms as a CSV file.

By using all those related terms in your content, you ensure that the content is semantically relevant, and you’ll get a boost in search engines because you are covering as many aspects of the topic as possible. Keys4Up is very easy to use, and the best of it: it’s free!

Plagiarism Checker (FREE)

Back in the day there was a lot of copied content on the Internet. Being an article rewriter was a really simple and lucrative job. As updates started rolling out, having a unique content became necessity.  This is why Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools was invented. Program helps you discover whether the article was copied from some other source or whether it is unique. Just one of numerous great programs made by SmallSEOTool company.



With each passing year, search engines are becoming more and more intelligent. Nowadays, you no longer have to have exact keyword to rank for something. Instead, if you rank well for cushion, you will also rank well for pillow. This due to the so-called LSI keywords which are basically closely related terms to your main keywords. LSIGraph is among the best small SEO tools for this particular purpose. It gives you all the synonyms for your particular keyword.


nTopic (free, paid version based on credits)

Relevancy is one of the most important factors for every SEO expert. If you are already writing about something, both your article and your keywords need to be oriented towards attaining better positions within a search engine. With nTopic, you can discover irrelevant content and quickly change it. This tool also has a premium paid option.

Creator’s tip: This tool leverages LDA, a statistical model for natural language, to help you improve your website content for SEO.  The free version provides a confidence score that the content provided is relevant to the keyword(s) targeted.  The paid version provides recommendations for keywords that should be included or removed, and density measurements, to improve the topical relevance for your target terms.

Pro TIP:  You can use the keyword recommendations to help you diversify your anchor text when linkbuilding, while maintaining an overall thematic relevant profile.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

QuickSprout Website Analyzer (FREE)

QuickSprout Website Analyzer is another great tool that can help you with website analysis. Before you can use it, you will have to connect it to Google Analytics. After that, the tool can give you basic SEO and speed stats, it shows you how the website looks on different platforms, it gives you SEO suggestions as well as some other helpful statistics.

SEO Plugin By Squirrly

SEO Plugin By Squirrly (free, $20, $76 – per month)

WordPress is regarded as the dominant blogging platform and because of this; people are constantly trying to improve it. Squirrly is a great plugin for WordPress that allows you to analyze your content as you go. It makes sure that your SEO is properly performed; it finds just the right keywords for you, monitors your progress and helps with your content marketing strategy. Squirrly also comes in two paid forms and it is one of the best paid SEO tools on this list.

Creator’s tip: The main aspect that makes the Squirrly plugin so great is that it’s created for non-SEO experts. Anyone who has a website can use the plugin to improve it with the help of the Audit. It shows users data on how well their website is performing in 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Social, Links and Authority. The feature enables every site-owners and content marketing team to point out the weaknesses of their strategy, and will guide them to growing successfully.


SEOptimer (FREE)

A really good small SEO tool needs to provide you with quick and efficient results. This is precisely what SEOptimer does. It is a tool that is used for webpage analysis and it gives you data about HTML, body of content, internal and external links, social signals as well as for your domain and server.



TLDR is a WordPress plugin from Matthew Barby that enables you to add customised summaries to each of your blog posts. The summaries are indexable by Google so will add more content to your pages. They improve user experience by giving a concise overview of your content that works particularly well within long-form content. Not only that, but TLDR allows you to add custom CTAs within the summary sections to drive more leads from your content.

Creator’s Tip: try to align your CTAs to each of your post based on what the user has searched for in Google to find you. For example, if they found your content by searching for “workout routines”, try to create a CTA that includes these words within them – i.e. “Download our workout routine plan”. A small study that we ran at HubSpot found that we could increase click-through rates to our CTAs by an average of 180%.

If you want to check your content as if a college professor is checking your academic papers I suggest you try the following 20 plagiarism checker tools.


Paid Content Tools

Scribe by Copyblogger

Scribe by Copyblogger (paid, needs login)

Scribe is a WordPress plugin. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use. This tool helps you determine whether you content is SEO-friendly. After you finish your content, you can run it through the program and Copyblogger will give you a score based on its title, description and body. By making the necessary corrections, you are able to publish great, optimized content.

Text Tools

Text Tools ($27, $37, $ 67 – per month)

Oftentimes, SEO experts tend to copy strategy of their competitors. In that regard, Text Tools is one of the best small SEO tools on the market. It analyzes top 16 results for a particular keyword and it gives you suggestion as to which terms you should add to your own content. By adding certain phrases, you are able to make content more semantically relevant and to rank higher in Google.

Creator’s tip: Text Tools is a service that gives you detailed insights, which semantically related terms your competition is using and, perhaps more importantly, is NOT yet using. Text Tools gives you a list of terms that should be included in you webpage in order to rank better. This is done with exactly the same science (TFIDF), search engines use to compute the relevance of your page.

Pro tip: share the “compare” link directly with your text writer, so they are able to get valuable ideas directly for the content of your targeted term.

Pro tip 2: write longer and more holistic texts about your keyword. 400 word articles do not work well, 4000 word articles do, if you include all semantically related terms (that Text Tools provides you with).


MozBar (free, $99, $149, $249, $599 – per month, gives you MozPro)

Instant results are very important for any SEO professional. With MozBar, you can see things such as Page Authority and Domain Authority while browsing a website. If you choose paid option, you can see these stats for all the websites while browsing through Google.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer (free, $99, $149, $249, $599 – per month, gives you MozPro)

Open Site Explorer is quite an interesting tool. It is created by Moz and it goes together with Moz pro. The tool has numerous stats which can help you out with your website such as inbound links, just discovered, top pages, linking domains, anchor text, compare link metrics, spam analysis, link opportunities and advanced reports.

SEO Weather's Bulk Metrics Checker

SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker (FREE)

Page Authority, Page Rank and Domain Authority are regarded as some of the most important metrics for any website, quickly telling us what to expect. This is one of the most efficient small SEO tools on the online market which can analyze all of these three stats. To make it even better, you are able to enter numerous URLs and get stats for all of them at the same time.

Creator’s tip: Our tool is great for prospecting. For example if you’ve compiled a list of website prospects to outreach to, checking the authority of those domains is important so you don’t contact any extremely low quality websites. It also helps prioritize who are the key targets (those if the highest authority). The difference between this tool and Moz’s own tool is it will check the metrics in bulk speeding the process up considerably.

SEOGadget for Excel

SEOGadget for Excel (FREE)

Microsoft Excel is by far one of the most valuable instruments for performing search engine optimization. This program can store information and allow you to manage it much better. By using SEOGadget for Excel you are able to directly extract relevant SEO data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords and use them in your spreadsheet.


SEOquake (FREE)

In order to perform good optimization, SEO expert doesn’t only need to rely on his expertise but also efficiency. SEOquake can make your life much easier. This is a toolbar that appears in Chrome and Firefox and it gives you all the relevant SEO data from you very browser. It shows you website stats such as traffic, Page Rank, domain age etc.


ShareMetric (FREE)

If you are working within the SEO field, you often wonder what kind of stats a website has while visiting it. By using this small SEO tool, you are able to get all the necessary data in moment’s notice. ShareMetric is a Chrome extension that shows you important data such as social shares, keywords and link details.

Creator’s tip: The coolest feature of Sharemetric is that it’s the only tool to give you a quick glance at multiple major SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and social shares. One extension covers all of that, and it’s 100% free, relying on your own paid account APIs with each of those tools.


SearchStatus (FREE)

Like any other toolbar, this tool is quite inconspicuous and easy to use. SearchStatus was created for Firefox and SeaMonkey. It represents a great help for SEO experts as it provides you with important data regarding Page Rank, Alexa rank, mozRank, backward links from Google, Yahoo!, MSN as well as some other options.

WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp Backlink Tool (free, $59, $149 – per month)

As its name implies, this is a really simple tool that can help you analyze website backlinks. It is really thorough and gives you all the data you might require such as total number of links, origin of link, IP address, date when it was found etc. However, its free version is quite limited so in order to use it properly, you will need to choose a paid option.

Freemium Google Algorithm Update Checkers


AccuRanker (free, $19.95, $29.95, $44.95, $74.95– per month)

It seems that humor is a popular way of presenting fluctuations in Google’s algorithm. Similarly to MozCast, AccuRanker has similar concept. By using tiger’s face and wide array of emotions (such as chilled, cautious, grumpy and furious) they are showing user how much the ranking has changed. It uses about 28,000 random keywords for this analysis.


Algoroo (FREE)

When you use Algoroo, basic unit of measurement is “roo”. When numbers become volatile, roo will start increasing accordingly. Of course, this includes both negative and positive changes. Even though it cannot compare your website to SERP, this small SEO tool is great at spotting any fluctuations. When such changes start occurring, program will send an automated email to your address notifying you about it.

Google Algorithm Changes by Advanced Web Ranking

Google Algorithm Changes by Advanced Web Ranking (free, $49, $99, $199, $499 – per month)

This tool checks visibility and rankings in Google. It comes in a form of widget which makes it that much simpler to use. Google Algorithm Changes by Advanced Web Ranking also includes algorithmic changes that occurred in previous period. This way, you are able to compare data and see how your results were impacted by things done Google.


MozCast (FREE)

MozCast is a unique small SEO tool. Unlike other small SEO tools and programs present on the market, MozCast uses same topic and tries to turn it on its head. It helps us determine changes in Google algorithms. These alterations are presented through a table with weather report. If the weather becomes really bad or really nice, it signifies drastic changes.

Rank Risk Ranger

Rank Risk Ranger (free, $69, $119, $199 – per month)

Another widget on our list, it is great for calculating any risk factor based on SERP’s fluctuations. It measures daily fluctuations for more than 10,000 domains and keywords. Similarly to the previous tool, this one also includes all Google algorithm changes. Risk is categorized as high, medium, normal and low and it helps you determine what is ahead of you.


Serp.Watch (FREE)

Even though this is a simple and small SEO tool, it does have some very interesting options. Unlike some other trackers, this one has additional filters allowing it to track fluctuations in different countries. Also, you are able to set up filters such as niche and device allowing you to dig even deeper. Lastly, it gives you daily winners and losers.

Paid Google Algorithm Update Checkers

SERPs Volatility Index

SERPs Volatility Index ($497, $ 1997 – per month)

This is one of many SERPs tools. It comes within SERP package and it helps us compare our website to fluctuations within Google and Yahoo! It is pretty simple and easy to use. Also, it gives us a direct answer to the question which was bothering us.

More relevant resources on useful SEO tools:

Now you have access to over 100 AWESOME and nifty small SEO tools. I sure hope that you found this enormous post useful and please share your favorite tool in the comment section below.

Also, please share this article on social media and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign to my email subscribers list if you liked this article and wish to be the first to receive news from me.

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Luis F. Rodriguez
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