7 Evergreen Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Influence

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social media influence

For some time now, there has been a battle between SEO and social media optimization (SMO). Experts working within each profession have regarded their work as more important. Anyway you put it, both have their advantages and flaws and it is hard to draw a line between them.

One thing is for sure. As the time goes by, Google is placing more emphasis on social media and user experience. In future, it is very likely that our rankings will be directly determined by impression of website visitors. That being said, I would give a slight advantage to SMO due to its increasing potential.

Based on all of this, it is important to increase your social media influence.

Even if things go wrong and people do not connect with your website, by engaging people on social media you can prevent loss of traffic. In fact, social networks are platforms that can give you some interesting opportunities. It would be unwise not to optimize for them!

Let’s check out a few ideas which can help you increase your social media influence.

  1. Start a conversation

OK, this is a basic principle that has always worked. You should always start from a premise that people will not engage you. In fact, you are the one that has to start the conversation.

This doesn’t have to be about business. You can chat about irrelevant things, commend a person on his achievements or talk about mutual passions. There is bunch of topics you can choose from. But, make sure always to stay positive and polite.

Similarly to nurturing a real-life relationship, you can accomplish wonders by engaging your followers and other professionals.

  1. Share your content

Sharing content is one of the basic reasons why people create their social media accounts in the first place. Let’s face it, if you are a blogger you will use these platforms to promote content on your website and drive more traffic.

However, sharing content can be tricky. You should avoid being spammy. You might think that you are creating a bridge between blog and audience but you are only alienating them.

Even if a person likes your blog, that doesn’t mean they wish to get a bunch of notifications from you every day. Instead, try to focus on your best work. This will have a double effect: you won’t be pushy and you will make a better impression through better content.

Here’s a great article on how to gain 500 shares overnight which I suggest you read.

  1. Write a blog post

Nowadays, some of the social media allow creation of blog posts.

You might wonder, why would I create a post exclusively for a social network when I can create something on my blog and share it afterwards?

Different people respond to different things. As I said, part of your audience will be turned-off if you start spamming them no matter how much they like your articles.

On some networks, such as LinkedIn, people see a blog post as a way to share your individual impressions, not affected by blog’s writing policy. Usually, they come off as more personal. And that is just the thing that will help you make a connection with an individual.

  1. Create polls

There are two main reasons why individuals use social networks: to receive and send information.

There are those that constantly have a need to vent, share things and engage in conversation. Others prefer just reading the news and getting fresh info.

For those who like to share their opinion, polls are just the thing. This way, you can create some fun stuff for them and simultaneously, get an answer to your questions.

Do you worry about your website design? Is there some big change happening within the industry? Make a pool and check the results.

  1. Participate in groups

Oftentimes, your own channel will not be enough. This is especially true for webmasters who just started doing business. Most of them do not have enough followers and it is hard to move from the dead spot.

In order to attract more attention and increase your social media influence, you can participate in big groups within your industry. By sharing your knowledge, people will recognize you as an authoritative figure and part of that audience will surely spill to your pages.

Moderators are the only problem as you are somewhat limited when it comes to your posts. But, as long as you behave properly and do not spam, you will be accepted in all major groups.

  1. Create events and giveaways

One thing is for sure, people love free stuff and entertainment. As long as you are able to provide either one of those, you will be able to attract a much bigger audience.

When it comes to events, you can do numerous things either online or offline. Webinars are especially good given that you are able to invite other professionals, to make contact with influencers within your industry and to position yourself as a go to guy.

Be careful with giveaways though. Your audience is interested in a particular topic. They probably won’t take it kindly if you start giving away stuff that is completely unrelated to it.

  1. Always be trendy

No matter what you are doing, you have to be trendy and relevant. People are constantly looking for latest news. If you provide them just the thing they need, it will definitely increase your reputation among visitors and peers and your website will prosper in terms.

Here’s a great case study on how to improve your social media metrics in just 20 minutes by my colleague Chris Makara.


Playing field has never been as competitive as it is nowadays. Everybody is using social media to send their message across but only a small number of people actually manage to be profitable while doing so.

Managing a social account is no small feat. You will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort in it.

Furthermore, it is something you should do on a continuous basis. However, the publicity and contacts you get from it will be immeasurable for your business.

How do you utilize your social media influence? Do you do any of the seven tips above? Share it in the comments below.

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Santanu Debnath

Staying active in social media is a very important point these days to get proper influence & benefit. Just for the sake of sharing coming frequently will not help in anyway. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article here.


I really love to read your blog as well as the examples that you’ve mention. Thank you so much for this helpful contents. I am looking forward to see more example contents like this.

Aaditya Koesis Sharma

Nice article.
Since social media has become a vital part of our life, it becomes important for everyone to leave an influence there in any form. It will be grateful for those who are promoting something on social media.


Hi ,This is a very well written piece.Keep up the good work.Thanks

Jayden White6vzNA

Agree, we have to give a lot of time and efforts to improve social media influence. What you think if we use social media scheduler like Buffer etc. to save time and efforts.