Mark PrestonMark Preston,  SEO Training Provider

“I have known Nikolay for quite a few months now and in that time, we have had many a conversation about the wonderful world of SEO.

I have worked within the SEO and digital marketing game for over 15 years and can spot the good from the trash when it comes to SEO.

I have to say that Nik is one of the few SEO’s I know that is totally passionate about performing every single SEO task 100% ethically and white hat.

During our many conversations I have got to know that his knowledge of the SEO world goes far deeper than the basics. He fully understands both on-page and off-page SEO techniques very well and I would consider him to be a specialist in link building.

The only thing left to say is, if I ever considered building an agency again, Nik would be one of the first I would want in my team.”

jonathan prichard

Jonathan Prichard, Owner of MattressInsider.com

“We’ve hired Nick a few times over the past year to do backlink building and backlink audits.

He delivers his work on time, is very knowledgeable about SEO in general, and his prices are fair.

We plan on hiring him again for future projects.”


Andrew HollandAndrew Holland, Certified expert in content marketing and SEO

Director, Zoogly Media Ltd

“Nikolay Stoyanov has become my go-to source for accurate and effective SEO advice. What makes Nikolay different is that he has a passion for SEO that is rarely seen.

From his engaging Facebook community to his regular blog articles, his knowledge of the subject shines through.

My advice to anyone is to listen to Nikolay because he knows SEO inside and out!”


Gareth DaineGareth Daine, Veteran software engineer, content marketer and entrepreneur, specializing in content promotion.

Content Promotion Evangelist at GarethDaine.com

“Nikolay Stoyanov is a tremendous SEO talent and content marketing wiz.

He not only knows his stuff when it comes to content marketing and SEO, but he’s also a genuine human being who is always willing to help others succeed.

Apart from running a successful blog and business, Nikolay also created and runs one of the fastest growing and most successful white hat SEO Facebook groups around.

His knowledge of SEO, back linking, and content marketing is excellent and he’s managed to secure links and placements from some of the best industry blogs going.

He’s also developed a network of professional contacts in the digital marketing industry that he is able to leverage in order to help both clients and colleagues.

Nikolay is well-respected in the SEO community. And, for good reason.”


Nick SwanNick Swan, Owner of sanitycheck.io

Nikolay has worked on a number of projects for us. He has always got the job done ahead of time. As well as working on our own sites – I have referred Nikolay to a number of client projects who have also been delighted with his work.

We’ve used Nikolay specifically around auditing our back link profile. This is a time consuming task to do manually.

But with Nikolay’s experience of using the right tools, and having worked on many different site profiles I know the work Nikolay products can be trusted.


Tim SparkeTim Sparke, Owner of ForPumps.com.au

Nik has been working on our campaign for a little over 8 months now. He is a wealth of knowledge and nothing is ever too hard for him.

He just does whatever needs doing month in and month out with no BS. I have recommended him to 2 other people already.


Adam WatsonAdam Watson, Owner of HollywoodMirrors.co.uk

“In just a few months working with Nik he has given our site a good boost in google for lots of keywords that convert. He only builds quality white hat links to our site and he is one of the best SEO’s around.

We look forward to working with Nik for a long time as we grow the business.”


Erik OlssonErik G. Olsson, Owner of fritiden.se

“We had a huge SEO problem for years and hired two of the leading SEO firms in Sweden to help us solve it. After weeks and a lot of money invested, there was no solution. Then we found and hired Nick and within hours he identified the problem and solved it right away.

We are so glad we found him and grateful to him. When it comes to SEO, he is without a doubt the #1 choice! Professional, affordable, and over-delivering in every area. Thank you!”


Gary EvansGary Evans, Social media expert, speaker and mentor

Founder of YourWeb.ie 

“When it comes to safe SEO tactics there is nobody better than Nikolay. His in-depth understanding of how to optimise a website for maximum results while still following the rules puts him way ahead of everybody else.

I have used Nikolay for some very technical and competitive campaigns. His in-depth knowledge of SEO has made a huge difference to some of my ranking results.

Hands down one of the best SEO’s out there. Nikolay follows the rules and uses proven tactics to deliver results – time and time again”


Joshua BallardJoshua Ballard, SEO expert and digital marketing manager

Founder of ParadoxMarketing.com.au

“I have known Nikolay for just over a year so far, and his story is truly an inspiration. Having come from the darker side of our industry he entered what I would call a ‘white hat renaissance’ and he has never looked back since.

In the true spirit of white hat he has consistently added value and expertise to every single person that he comes into contact with. He consistently shows that he not only knows what he is talking about, but he is also practicing what he preaches.

In an industry that is so often filled with people talking about link building, a simple search of his backlink profile shows you that Nikolay doesn’t just talk about white hat outreach, he lives it. His determination to help change the face of SEO into a more respectable industry shows through his sheer willingness to help others on their journey towards understanding SEO and all that it entails.”


Nigel McHugh, SEO/ SEM/ Social Media expert

Founder of Surrey Digital

“I’m also an SEO professional and when im looking for an expert view on an SEO challenge, a second opinion from someone I trust and respect, or just a brainstorming session to get the creative juices flowing again Nik is my number one go to guy.

Always friendly, helpful, patient and extremely knowledgeable, he also runs a fantastic SEO Mastermind SEO group on Facebook – it’s well worth getting invited to join!”


Sertac YakinSertaç Yakın,

Marketing & Growth/ Investor/ Buy Side Analyst

“It’s really difficult to find experienced, up-to-date and skilled SEO professionals (even!) in San Francisco. Nikolay is the only person I can recommend to all level of startups I’m working with.

He always gets impressive results and I get many ‘Thank you for introducing Niko to us!’ messages from the CEOs or CMOs.”


Probuddha NagProbuddha Nag,

Professional Internet Marketer with over 12 years of experience in Search and Email Marketing

“I have known Nikolay for over a decade now, back from the time when we both were members of the same online SEO community.

Though we haven’t worked together officially we had exchanged ideas and have even had engaged in intense discussions related to Search Marketing many times . Every time he had come across as an extremely knowledgeable and skilled Search Marketer.

Today, Nikolay runs a successful SEO business and have also built the fastest growing White Hat SEO community on Facebook and I am honored to be a part of it.

Not only is Nikolay very skilled at SEO, he is also extremely helpful and goes out of his way to guide SEOs in the correct direction. I have been in the Online Marketing industry for 14 years and so can identify who is legit and who isn’t and I can proudly say that Nikolay is one of the best when it comes to doing SEO the right way. I trust his opinions and suggestions immensely and can vouch for him big time.

If you’re looking for a reliable and no-BS Search Marketing to take your business to the next level, hire him!”


Sam ObrartSam Obrart, Digital marketing consultant

Founder of AtomicMarketing.co

“Nikolay is a talented SEO expert with an abundance of actionable advice. He is an active member of the SEO community and uses his knowledge and experience to consistently find answers to challenging industry questions.

What I admire most about Nik is his contribution and dedication to promoting white hat SEO, raising the standards for all industry professionals.”


Kris JonesKristopher Jones, Serial entrepreneur and investor

CEO of LSEO.com

“Nikolay Stoyanov is well respected SEO expert and writer.

Over the years it’s been rewarding to learn from Nikolay and watch his career blossom.”


Russell LoboRussell Lobo, Full-time online niche site owner

Founder of RussLobo.com

“Nick is one of the most knowledgeable white hit SEO expert I know. The best thing about him is that he is extremely helpful and follows the “win-win” credo which makes sure that he adds value to every aspect of the work he immerses himself in.

He has an immense network which is a great asset when it comes to getting publicity and the all important links for your website to rank. He has a lot of goodwill in the industry which you can leverage to increase the ranking of your websites if you employ his services.

He is one of the few honest, dedicated and performance driven white hat SEO experts today.”


Andrew LowenAndrew Lowen, Content Marketing / SEO/ Web Design/ PPC and E-mail Marketing

Founder of NextLevelWeb.com

“Nikolay’s articles are extremely insightful and drive deeper than most other SEO-focused content producers on the internet. The site is free of frills and garbage, and is full of expert and trustworthy White Hat SEO advice.

Nikolay Stroyanov is one of my top authority figures in the world of SEO. The knowledge I’ve gained from the articles on NikSto.com has helped me bring my game to the “Next Level.”


Trevor HansenTrevor Hansen, Digital Media Producer and SEO Manager

Founder of consultthehansens.com

“Google is a zoo and they have animals such as pandas and penguins. SEO is a tool that helps you manage these animals.

Nikolay’s knowledge is second to none when it comes to learning how to control these animals. He is a great expert and a resource with many tools at hand.”


Darren DeMatasDarren DeMatas, Content marketing strategist and SEO

Founder of selfstartr.com

“When it comes to SEO, Nikolay is in a class of his own. He brings deep knowledge, experience, and passion to the table.

Nikolay knows how to bring a community together, which is something few can do.”


Neil ShethNeil Sheth, Owner of a content driven SEO agency based in London.

Founder, onlywayonline.com

I’ve known Nik for a number of years now and besides being a very honest and and trust worthy guy, he is one of the few I would turn to for a good old SEO brainstorm.

I really like the fact that Nik encourages discussion and debate among some of the best SEOs in the industry through his Facebook group, which helps to create a collaborative environment for us all. This has also made Nik the SEO guy in the know.

Nik will not disappoint and is someone you would want to work with.


Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka, Hosting provider

CEO & Co-Founder of Power Up Hosting, GoPBN and UditGoenka.com

“I have worked with Nikolay for the last several years, the kind of SEO knowledge he posses is immense.

He can do what it takes to help you rank, I would absolutely recommend him.”


Glenn CooperGlenn Cooper,

Founder of quickrebates.co.uk

“I was first introduced to Nikolay Stoyanov (Nik), just a couple of months ago when I was searching for SEO groups on Facebook. I had come across the ‘White Hat SEO – Learn It Now’ group, which is administered by Nik.

It’s a great group to be in, not spammy unlike other groups, most conversations and topics are rewarding in terms of questions being asked, and answers being provided. Collectively, the group is extremely effective for the members as a whole. Everyone seems to be benefitting from it, whether they are experts, or less experienced like myself.

In term’s of Nik’s personal SEO blog, this is probably something I should spend more time reading. I have studied more of his recent articles but I suspect there are hidden gems buried away in the past archives. For example, I’m yet to test outreaching to bloggers and there’s no doubt I will refer to Nik’s content about blogger outreach during my testing and appraisal of this method for backlink building.

In summary, Nik’s doing a great job across the board and must keep up the good work!”


Hussain OmarHussain Omar, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

Founder of Cost Effective SEO

“Nikolay is a knowledgeable SEO, he has excellent understanding of the White Hat SEO techniques, search engine updates, and trends. All that combined with his positive attitude qualified him to be an influencer in the field.”


Minuca ElenaMinuca Elena, Influencer roundup expert

Founder of MinucaElena.com

“Nikolay is a hard working man, dedicated to his work.

He is an experienced white hat SEO expert that will improve your site’s rankings while following Google’s guidelines.”


Ahmed Hasan, Project manager and Software engineer

Founder of mobilesiri.com

“There are a lot of White hat SEOs, who will say they adopt only white hat SEO strategies only to provide you loads of risky backlinks. After getting fed up with couple of such ‘whitehat SEO Agencies’, we worked with Nikolay for our site and it was a marvelous experience.

We did not need to double check anything at our end, so I would say, Nikolay knows his stuff!”