Top 10 SEO Experts to Follow [Besides Nikolay Stoyanov]

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In a perfect world, all of you would be reading, the freshest SEO blog by Nikolay Stoyanov 🙂

But given that we all have a different taste you might seek something else.

Given the importance of SEO it is recommended that you always stay in the loop.

Things change rapidly and something that is working today may become completely obsolete in a few months.

Regardless of whether you’re an expert or you just have a blog, search engine optimization is necessary for you to rank well in Google.

Even if you’re outsourcing your SEO to a company, you still need to know the basics in order to prevent any malpractice.

Without further ado, let’s check all the top SEO experts you should turn to for an SEO advice.

  1. Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts worked for Google for quite some time and was the main line between Google and other top SEO experts.

As a head of Google’s Webspam, his task was to make sure that everything is being done fairly.

In a way, he was our global referee for several years before he left Google in 2016.

Given that he had all the data regarding the Google’s algorithm updates, Matt was usually the person people to turn to when something new comes up.

Needless to say, Google is usually secretive and their general policy is to be obscure.

When something new popped up, Matt was the one who notified us. Google usually tries to limit the information giving us only the basic data. Even so, Matt Cutts has always been helpful (as much as he was allowed) as he tried to help site owners all over the world.

You can find Matt on his personal blog

Have in mind that he blogs occasionally so this isn’t the perfect blog if you wish to learn something new or if you wish to start from scratch.

In fact, it is much more common to find his quotes on numerous SEO websites. Still, the limited info presented on his blog is invaluable and top notch.

  1. Rand Fishkin

Ran Fishkin or “Wizard of Moz” (although he recently announced he’s leaving the company he founded) is the poster face of

Within the SEO niche he is regarded as somewhat of a superstar which isn’t too far-fetched given his flamboyant style.

As one of the industry’s leaders he has cooperated with the biggest IT companies in the world such as Google and Facebook.

Over the years both Rand and Moz have been recognized among the top SEO experts in the world.

If you wish to learn more from him, it is best to start with his “Whiteboard Fridays” video series where he explains various SEO concepts.

Rand does this by using a white board and presenting things in a simple and understandable way so that even laymen can understand them.

He is also fairly active on Quora.

  1. Bill Slawski

Bill is another person on this list I hold in the highest regard.

His personal blog is Seo by the Sea. This website has been online since 2005.

Have in mind that Bill usually writes about very complex mathematical and programming phenomena.

This might not be a good fit for beginners but is definitely great for intermediaries.

In fact, I can tell you that this blog discusses and digests some rather amazing topics which you cannot find anyplace else.

Bill is also a director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital.

He writes on this site and some of the articles posted there are a better fit for newbies.

So, if you wish to learn from one of the industry’s leaders, you can opt either for his advanced or beginner channel.

  1. Brian Dean

I love Brian! I really do.

Although every expert on this list has introduced some innovations to SEO profession and improved the process, I will always regard Brian as one of the the greatest revolutionaries in our industry.

This is partially due to the fact that I am a proud graduate of his “SEO That Works” course.

An amazing course that has been around for several years and still attracts so much attention. In fact, you need to join a waiting list to get in!

I graduated SEO That Works in November 2015 and it changed my views on SEO in so many ways.

So, what’s so great about this guy?

Brian Dean introduced Power Pages to the SEO world.

This is a concept that helps you create wholesome, all-in-one guides that convert like crazy and drive a lot of links, social shares and traffic to your website.

Brian’s course main strength is in teaching you how to write content following a proven blueprint which simply works like clockwork.

SEO that works indeed!

He is regarded as one of the best content creators within our niche. All you have to do is visit his website and you can see for yourself.

Although Brian covers a lot of different topics and has performed several valuable SEO research, I would still like to place focus on his content creation articles as some of the best within the SEO industry.

  1. Neil Patel

What makes Neil Patel so different from the rest of the guys on this list?

He places more emphasis on branding.

Furthermore, most people refer to him as an online marketer, NOT an SEO expert. And they are right.

That doesn’t mean he’s bad at search engine optimization, it’s just not his main strength.

However, his branding skills are on a whole another level.

Just by browsing his websites and especially you can quickly see how his personal branding differs from anything else on the Internet.

He has made a cult of personality and manages to captivate reader’s attention through funny yet intriguing images and design.

Like all experts on this list, Neil writes about lots of different topics.

For me, topics that analyze website traffic and social media presence have left the best impact.

  1. Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan can easily be called THE father of search engine marketing. He’s definitely leading the list of top SEO experts and marketers in the world.

Imagine an individual who wrote about search engines and their optimization even before they even existed!

Yes, that’s Danny!

Somewhere along the way he founded two major internet marketing websites: Marketing Land, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Have in mind that both these websites are rather similar in content in a sense that they both cover a lot about SEO and search engines.

The main difference is that Marketing Land also encompasses other aspects of the Internet business.

Danny recently announced that he’s stepping away form Search, but will be staying on as an advisor to Third Door Media.

Given how elusive Danny is, there is another brilliant author you can find on these websites.

I give you Mr. Barry Schwarz.

  1. Barry Schwartz

If I had to use one word to describe Barry I would probably use versatile.

Together with Danny, he is an editor for Search Engine Land and also contributes on Marketing Land.

But that is not all. Barry also founded Search Engine Roundtable, one of the industry’s leading SEO blogs.

He is much more active on this site so if you wish to read his content, this is probably the best place to visit.

The only issue with this is the concept behind SE Roundtable.

The website is primarily focused on search engine optimization news.

If you are a newbie trying to learn SEO, this probably isn’t the best place to start as some of the other authors on the list have high quality guides which are a better starting point.

Nevertheless, if you wish to stay in touch with the latest news, this is where you should go.

Barry also has another blog

  1. Eric Enge

Although most people think that SEO should be learned straight from the Internet, Eric Enge teaches that this is not necessarily true.

Eric is a literary genius and together with Stephan Spencer and Jessie C. Stricchiola, he has written a book called “The Art of SEO”.

This is a perfect read for all those who prefer relaxing in their chair while learning SEO.

Eric is founder of Stone Temple Consulting. On the first glance, this looks like another SEO blog.

But here is why you should read it: it has awesome videos!

Together with Mark Traphagen he hosts one of the most popular SEO video series “Here’s Why”.

I would recommend this to anyone as its light tone is ideal for relaxing as you learn more about SEO.

  1. Bruce Clay

Another veteran of SEO profession, Bruce Clay is the founder of

Luckily for us, a lot of the articles on this blog are signed by Bruce himself. This means you are able to get some premium knowledge.

Also, it is regularly updated so you will constantly have fresh posts.

Besides standard topics such as SEO, SMM and PPC, visitors can find topics revolving around design, analytics and CRO.

I am especially impressed by conversion optimization articles as I feel this is a topic which is often neglected by SEO professionals.

If you are more interested in reading a book, Bruce has written “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies”.

Like other similar books from the series, it is oriented towards newbies and represents a great starting point for anyone.

  1. Aaron Wall

Aaron is another SEO training provider on our top SEO experts list.

His website represents one of the oldest regularly updated websites within this profession.

Although the website has a lot of content and Aaron’s training is still regarded among the best ones within the industry, this is not the ideal place for beginners.

Aaron’s blog is not that active so you probably won’t be able to read it everyday. Still, anything signed by Aaron is pure gold and a source of awesome information.

Final words

As you can see, there is a lot of segmentation within SEO world.

Each of these 10 top SEO experts has their strong points and best way for you to learn is to alternate between them.

For example, I would always prefer reading Neil Patel’s branding articles and when it comes to content, I love reading Brian Dean.

By checking all these websites you can attain unique knowledge, such which cannot be gained by simply following just one SEO blog.

What is your favorite blog? How often do you visit it? Tell me in the comment section below!

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