Skyrocketing Your Traffic Without Building Any Links

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traffic without links

Everyone is obsessed with links. We perceive them as a measure of success oftentimes equating SEO with acquiring links.

Truth be told, there are many ways to boost your traffic without ever getting a single link!

In fact, with the introduction of RankBrain, it became even more obvious that Google wishes to give more control to the Internet users instead of websites.

Time spent on a page, bounce rate and impressions are becoming increasingly important for rankings. This is precisely why you should consider your option and slowly start transitioning to audience engagement optimization.

Here are the best ways to do it.

Create user-centric content

If there is anything that can boost your rankings without a single backlink, it is creating user-oriented content.

Basically, this is everything Google wishes to see: a great, informative article that will be liked by the website visitors. In that regard, you are able to avoid most classic optimization processes. All you have to do is create something good.

Write about the latest news

Knowledge is power. Most people agree to this and love staying in the loop when it comes to their interests.

That being said, if you provide them with the latest scoops they will continue coming to your website and your content will experience a traffic boost due to this fact.

Best way to get the latest news is by checking the most authoritative websites within your industry. They will always have the most relevant information.

However, even better method is keeping in touch with people of interest. People who can give you information before its published anywhere else (in terms of the SEO industry, that would be the engineers from Google). You can also use Google Trends.

Keep in mind that you need to react quickly. The most important things about news is that the story needs to be published while it’s hot.

Create top posts

People can easily digest numbers; much easier than they can do words. Top post articles were always popular due to this fact. By giving your users this type of content, your traffic will skyrocket.

According to research, people react much better to odd numbers (7 Best ways to…). Also, round numbers (such as number 10) attract much more attention.

Problem-solving content

There are a few reasons why people read articles: to be informed, to be entertained or to solve their issues.

You should always try to create texts that are revolving around the users and their personal needs. By giving them answers to their questions, you can get a lot of loyal fans.

But, what do people search for?

You can find out by using Answer the public tool.

Use of multimedia

It’s hard to imagine successful content without any pictures, inforgraphics or videos.

With young generations coming of age, there is much more need for multimedia and virtual content. In order to drive more traffic, you will need to quickly pass information, use aids that are easy to digest and do not require as much time.

Rule of thumb is having at least one image per article. However, this is not the only thing which you can do with your article. For example, infographics have proven to be a great addition to your SEO arsenal.

Videos are also rising in popularity. It is no longer strange to see this type of content among top results for certain queries.

This only means that more and more people are making them and that the videos are slowly starting to overtake traditional content in terms of user satisfaction.

Modify your existing content

You wrote an article, it looks great, your copywriter is thoroughly satisfied with it but you’re simply not getting any traffic.

The problem doesn’t always lie in links or rankings.

It may be in the content itself.

By modifying your content, you can easily skyrocket your traffic. There are a few nifty tricks which you can use:

Change the title

Titles are number one reason why people click on a link in the first place.

If you’re content isn’t bringing enough traffic, it is most likely due to a bad title discouraging people from reading your content.

Titles need to be attractive and intriguing. You should also focus on words such as amazing, incredible, cool, etc. Basically, you need to sell your content to the Internet users and best way to do it is by hyping up the titles.

Unfortunately, there is one potential problem with this type of titles.

Although they should attract visitor to the page, you should never promise more than you can deliver. Otherwise, visitor will not be satisfied with was provided to him and this will be seen through bad user interaction and short time spent on page.

Adapt article to current trends

Yes, trends are very important when it comes to content writing. In last year or two, long content ruled (so called power pages). Today, readers are sick with it and require quicker answers coming from shorter articles.

Internet content constantly changes. In most cases, it is a reflection of users’ needs and wants.

The best way to find out what people really want is by scanning the top competitors. If their model is working, you can definitely apply in on your own audience.

Update your content

Engagement rate is crucial for content to be successful. By updating an article you are able to refresh it and increase its engagement potential. It is a great way for a post to remain relevant for a longer period of time and it also may increase your previous rankings.

There are several good reasons why you should do this:

  1. There was some breakthrough on the topic and you wish to harness some of that traffic
  2. You slowly started slipping in rankings and wish to boost your article.

Switching the main keyword

Keyword volume and keyword difficulty aren’t static factors.

They change all the time and something that seemed lucrative today may lose its potency tomorrow. Some keywords are exclusively connected to trends. If those trends change so will their potential.

That being said, you should revise the main keywords in your most popular articles and swap them with something better.

There are numerous tools which can help you track your keyword positions. The one I would recommend is Authority Labs. It is a pretty thorough and precise tool that can help you plan your keywords. If you notice a severe drop in volume for a particular keyword, you might consider switching it up.

Merge content

The last modification worth mentioning is content merging.

A lot of websites have issue with keyword cannibalization. If you’ve created several similar articles, this is to be expected. The best way to address the issue is by merging these posts into one amazing article.

Besides avoiding cannibalization, the biggest benefit of merging is the fact that you will use data from several texts to create one MEGA piece.

With this method, not only will you fix your SEO issues but you will also create a post that have a good chance of becoming the dominant guide on the topic.


Words matter!

Regardless of what you think, on-page optimization is every bit as important as off-page optimization.

In fact, it is really astonishing how much work you can do without ever outreaching to other bloggers for links!

I know that from personal experience.

So, before you start doing email outreach for links, make sure that your content is perfect in every sense.

What is your biggest win when it comes to on-page SEO? Have you ever made a small tweak that significantly boosted your rankings? Share your experience and success in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Excellent Niksto I truly really like how it really is easy on my eyes it truly is. I’m wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your feed which could do the trick? Have a nice day!

3 years ago

Great tips, thanks Nik

Patel Nisha
3 years ago

Now am intensively learning internal linking and your post did help a lot

Lori Bachman
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this article, I have started focusing on my business blog and was looking for some help and landed to your blog. Keep up the good work.

3 years ago

Thank you for the tips, the latest news section is very interesting as I like being the first to publish a news that will trend later in the day, nice post.

Anil Agarwal
3 years ago

Hey Nikolay! Nice headline and an awesome content! It’s really scannable and easy to consume. Just exactly what people want to read. 🙂 One of the most discussed topics on the internet is “Traffic Generation”. It’s important to build links and get traffic to ones blog because it is the lifeblood of every successful blogs. It is the determining factor of whether or not you would make good ROI from your blog or not. And this is why I love and always consume everything on the topic…you did extremely well with mentioning these points here, especially the user-centric point. To… Read more »

Brett Cairns
3 years ago

Hi Nikolay. Are there any good tools out there to test for keyword cannibalization on a website? thanks

3 years ago

I try to upgrade my website, and finally meet with your article, thank you very much for sharing the way

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Very nice write-up. I absolutely appreciate this website. Thanks!