9 Easy Ways to Use Images on Twitter to Catapult Your ReTweets

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words for more retweetsIt is well known that people are visual beings. No matter what kind of a business you are running, it is necessary to find a way to engage them. Even if you have a nice product or service, your business may be falling short just because you are unable to peak their interest.

Nowadays, most of the business is done on the Internet. Social networks such as Twitter lie in its forefront.

It is not much of a secret that good, relevant pictures are necessary in order to achieve the necessary success on this platform. However, as this became a common knowledge, it also became increasingly harder to create interesting images that Twitter users will click on.

Let’s begin by checking this awesome infographic by Dan Zarrella:

twitter images

Here are some tips that will help you make images which will get retweeted.

1. Make a connection with your followers

Before we go through technical details, there is a basic rule that needs to be mentioned. Always create pictures with your followers in mind! Different businesses and bloggers send different messages. Having this in mind, there are things that are expected and those that are not expected from you. When using images, make sure that they fit business principles and mission of your company. You do not want to send mixed messages.

2. Behave naturally

Internet has changed the basic rules of engagement. It has made things more transparent. Even if you are a big international company, interested parties can gain insight into your private affairs. There is more transparency in everything.

With that being said, people no longer expect from companies to behave as they did in the past, all official and cold. Instead, Twitter users appreciate when they have direct line of communication with you. They prefer to have a real person on the other side. This mentality has to be reflected through your pictures. Do not hesitate to post images that show you in a natural environment, with family, while doing everyday things.

3. Put words on images

As we previously mentioned, people started using images on Twitter in order to attract more attention. Furthermore, when you see some tweet for the first time, you will most likely notice the picture before the textual message. Sometimes, people will see a picture and they won’t stick around to read the text.

So, instead of waiting for a person to read a message, you can put words on the image and instantly convey an idea. It also gives you another advantage. You can use things such as statistics, factoids or inspirational messages on a picture. By doing this, you are able to send two messages: one that shares information and the other that calls to action or peaks user’s curiosity.

4. Be consistent with your profile pictures

Profile picture needs to reflect your company and your values. It is best if you have the same image or logo that you have on your website. Do not confuse your clients and potential clients by putting totally unrelated things on different social networks.

Nevertheless, the dimensions of the Twitter profile image give you some room for improvisation. For example, you can add some statistics or motivational messages. Perhaps the best thing that you can do is if you add some information that will show your impressive presence on Twitter and how important you are to the Twitter community.

5. Use colors to your advantage

Colors are a very important marketing tool. Each one of them can invoke different feelings, from happiness to depression. When creating images, it is usually better to use vibrant colors. They are soothing, positive and fun. Also, they can easily attract people to your tweets. But, make sure not to overdo it and try to be consistent.

Even though bright colors covert better, they are not the best fit for each industry. For example, authoritative colors such as black and blue are much better for heavy industry. They instill confidence in potential client and they ooze safety and reliability.

6. Use horizontal images

Different social networks give advantage do different photo formats. When it comes to Twitter, horizontal images are definitely better. Also, they can easily be converted to Facebook. Have in mind that the long vertical images might get cut off in certain views or sometimes, they may be hard for viewing.

7. Create collages

Although you should make your pictures visually similar with a similar format, there are certain situations where you wish to change it up a bit and do something new. In certain cases, you may want to make a compilation of your best pictures. Occasionally, you wish to tell a longer story through your pictures. If this is the case, you should make a collage.

8. Tag people and companies on Twitter

There is a good reason why social networks are called social. They are used to create connections between people. In today’s internet world, someone who was previously seen as a competition can be viewed as a potential partner. Whenever you mention a user, he will get a notification. This is a good way to break the ice and create a long-lasting relationship. At the same time, when this user sees your tweet, he might retweet it sharing it with all his connections.

9. Use Twitter cards

Twitter cards are another good way to share a longer message and look apart. When you use them, they add additional information within a tweet such as image thumbnail and excerpt. They are especially good when sharing your own articles.


Like any social network, there are certain rules that you have to abide when using Tweeter. Given the importance of images, they should be an inseparable part of your arsenal. Have in mind that some of these rules are not static or definitive (such as the use of colors). In certain cases, you will have to test things in order to find the best formula that will work for your followers. Nevertheless, these image tips will give you a good head start and help you get more retweets.

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