Viper Plagiarism Checker Review: A Great Free Scanner Tool

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viper plagiarism

There are a lot of plagiarism checkers out there and no matter what people tell you, they are still crucial tools during the content creation process.

Viper plagiarism checker is one of them. It’s simple yet effective and you can find it at

You just have to create an account, buy a license (or use it for free) and submit a file.

Whether you’re using it for a website or academic papers, this tool will surely help you detect plagiarized content.

In fact, it probably has one of the most thorough and easy to understand reports I have seen out of all the plagiarism checkers out there.

Let’s see why you need such software and how Viper checker, in particular, can help you.

What can you use Viper plagiarism scan for?

As I already said, there are two main reasons why you should sign up for such a tool:

  • For SEO (you can compare your content to other articles on the web)
  • For student papers (if you’re a teacher, it allows you to check essays and papers and make sure they’re unique)

I think that student papers are a more common reason for getting such software. They work well for teachers as they allow them to check assignments for any signs of plagiarism.

They are very important for universities and somewhat important for high school institutions. Nevertheless, I will focus on Viper plagiarism scanner in terms of search engine optimization benefits.

Why plagiarized content is bad?

As you well know, plagiarism detection software isn’t as important as it was 10 years ago.

Back in the day, even medium tier websites were copying articles from each other.

This led to massive amounts of duplicate or thin content on the Internet. Google Panda penalties soon followed and people were forced to change their game.

In 2017 copying other people’s content is not so common. The risk is simply too big.

Yet, people are still rewriting articles. No matter how good of an expert you are, unless you’re getting information from a direct source, it is likely that you will be taking ideas from someone else.

This means, like it or not, that there is a chance your article will have non-unique sentences and paragraphs.

Even if you haven’t used any other source of information you still need to check your content before publishing.

Have in mind there are a lot of websites out there and sooner than later you might create an article that is similar to something else that already exists on the web.

Some of the most popular ones I wrote a review of are Plagtracker, Quetext, Duplichecker, and SafeAssign.

What do we get with Viper plagiarism software?

First of all, check this short video which shows how to use Viper checker:

Now, there are three main reasons for getting this software:

  • Vast database (your document will be compared to 10 billion online sources which include studies, academic papers, and regular online posts)
  • Fast check plagiarism (according to creators, the tool uses Viper plagiarism technology that allows a surprisingly fast check)
  • Detailed scan reports (you will get the best possible report)

Before I mention anything else, please bear in mind that this tool works both for Mac and Windows operating system (unfortunately, it works only for older versions of Windows). It’s mainly geared to support an English user.

Now, most of these tools work under similar principles: all you have to do is copy paste a text or upload word files. Once you’ve uploaded a text, a program will quickly scan it for any traces of plagiarism.

Viper online plagiarism checker uses their own original database for reference scans (they use their own database which is focused on internet sources and academic works.

Most of them are reasonably fast as well. However, the thing which separates Viper checker from any other version of plagiarism checker is its intricate report.

Besides the fact it allows you to download a full report, it shows exact articles where plagiarism was spotted.

You will get stats for your documents such as:

  • words matched
  • match percentage
  • unique words matched
  • unique match percentage

This list of features can be crucial for teachers and some other users working within the education field as it allows them to access some data that you don’t have elsewhere.

Although this may not seem as much, it is very important when you’re dealing with bigger articles and papers.

In terms of SEO, this feature is important when you’re creating ultimate guides. In terms of academics, these stats will be of value when writing longer studies.

The last thing which I would like to mention is that Viper plagiarism tool gives you the option to choose a category that needs to be checked.

For example, if the article is about marketing, you can select for the article to be compared to all other marketing articles on the web. This is important as it allows the tool to focus on particular texts and also quickens the entire process.

Final words

Although there are a lot of similar tools on the web that can give you almost the same results, I would still recommend Viper free plagiarism checker to any business company that works with a bigger volume of texts. It works on credits which means you will pay based on the number of documents you checked.

Whether you’re checking your essay or scanning your site, this is a good alternative or the other popular software on the Internet like Turnitin.

The tool is very fast, can save you a lot of time and it also helps you find the real exact resources from which a person “borrowed” ideas. It will make all your posts completely plagiarism-free which is a good reason to invest in it!

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