What is Content Marketing? Benefits and Content Promotion

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Content Marketing

In the Internet world, the basic currency is content.

It is the main reason why some websites become popular overnight while other stagnate for years.

Content includes various types of things such as:

  1. Article
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Downloadable files

What is Content Marketing?

Let’s turn to Wikipedia and search for the answer:

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Wikipedia

Basically, anything on your website can be regarded as content. With that being said, it is understandable why people invest so much time researching this topic and trying to improve content of their pages.

In the blogosphere, unknown people with revolutionary ideas and content oftentimes beat the big brands that have enormous teams supporting them.

Good content creates a buzz, good content gives personality to your website, good content creates loyal visitors and ultimately, good content sells.

Main benefits of content marketing

As we stated, content is something that gives you identity. It allows you to be recognized among various other website allowing you to position yourself on the market. Furthermore, as your company begins to grow, it becomes increasingly important. Without good direction, organization cannot progress and it cannot attract large number of visitors. No one is willing to cooperate with a website that seemingly doesn’t know where it’s heading.

However, these are only intangible thing. Given that most people reading this piece are entrepreneurs, you already know how important it is to be unique.

Now, let’s go over tangible benefits of content marketing:

  1. Good content is crucial for your SEO

You probably heard hundreds of times how content is crucial for your website as it allows you to rank within Google boosting your traffic in the process. People usually tend to exaggerate when it comes to its importance; nevertheless, there is no denying that you need good content to attract the necessary attention. Have in mind that your content doesn’t only need to be good, it also has to be built on solid SEO grounds.

  1. It improves traffic

People surf the internet in order to get valuable information and to be entertained. If you are able to provide either one of those, you will become popular. Logically, that popularity will lead to more visitors, longer time spent on reading the pages, lower bounce rate etc.

  1. Content improves your conversion rate

Like with any other business organization, websites revolve around productivity. In other words, the more efficient you are, the better it is for your company. Same goes with content. By investing into high quality content, you are able to reduce costs of other promotional activities. On top of that, good content will lead to better conversion rate and more units sold.

If we compare price of a good content to some other promotional activities, you can easily realize that creation of nice articles and videos is much better than some other things. Also, it is long-term oriented in comparison to other methods.

Needless to say, your website cannot progress without good content.

It is the glue that holds everything together and without it, you will be lost.

Things to consider when creating your own strategy

Upstart bloggers think that it is enough to create good content which will propel you to that next level.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple.

There are numerous things that need to be considered before you can start creating. In fact, in order to create that unique feel, your content needs to be extension of your own persona and your own team’s persona.

For example, by expressing yourself in articles, in the same way you are expressing yourself in real life, you are able to create that special feeling that will be unique for your blog.

Here are the things which you need to consider when planning your content strategy:

  1. Adapt content to your readers

This is the first and crucial thing to have in mind. Similarly to any other product or service, you always have to think about your readers. In the end, they are the ones bringing you traffic, sharing your content and ultimately, bringing your profit. You have to address them in a proper way. If your niche is more casual, the tone of your articles needs to be casual as well. If you are dealing with an audience consisting of professional, you will have to have professional sounding. Content needs to adjust to target demographic.

  1. Content needs to reflect your brand

Here is the tricky part. Although you have to create content with readers in mind, it still needs to reflect your brand, your company’s vision and mission. Otherwise, it would be same as any other piece written by bloggers who concentrate on catering to their audience. There is a thin line between these two opposite sides and you have to find the perfect middle. Nevertheless, you need to remain firm, retaining your brands identity and at the same time, writing for your audience.

  1. Your content needs to be aligned with your products

No matter what you do with your website, it all comes down to making profit. Without it, your organization cannot exist given that there wouldn’t be funds covering your costs.

That being said, you always have to create things that will ultimately lead people to your product pages and sell your goods. If possible, you should mention your products and service here and there as long as you are not overbearing.

Remember, content needs to intrigue the reader.

Excessive marketing can lead to opposite reaction. Lastly, your content and products needs to work in cohesion so that a visitor can always recognize that a certain type of content is made by a certain company. That recognition will slowly start building your brand.

  1. Always consider SEO

Yes, quality content improves your SEO. But, in a realistic situation, this doesn’t happen by chance. You have to perform a lot of research and planning so that you can create content that will be successful. Ultimately, you have to reach highest positions in SERP in order for your articles to be read and that, in terms, will lead to a better conversion and profits.

Content promotion

Your content will not become successful on its own. It is necessary for you to promote it and show it to other bloggers so that it has a fighting chance. Here are 3 great tips on how to make your content stand out by Tom Pick.

First thing to have in mind is that social media is not the best outlet for upstart blogs.

Simply put, unless you are an organization that had a powerful name before coming starting the blog, you will never have enough followers. Instead, you will need to pinpoint people who might be interested in your content which can take forever. This is not a viable marketing strategy and you cannot scale it properly.

The best way of making impact is sharing your content with other bloggers within your niche.

Here, you need to impress other important entrepreneurs and hope they will share your content with their followers (either in a form of a link or social mention). With this strategy, you are able to reach an enormous number of people who are potentially interested in such a type of content.

You can make the initial contact in two main ways:

  • By sending emails (less personal but faster)
  • Through social media (more personal and slower)

Both of these have their ups and downs. If you are a smaller website that has limited resources, email campaign is an obvious choice. Ideally, you could contact bloggers both on social media and through emails. Nevertheless, social media is great for long-term relationships as it gives you the option to remain in contact with an individual.

Like most things in life, it is a trade-off.


Content is every blogger’s best friend.

This is precisely why good writers and video creators are the most successful individuals on the Internet. Content gives you an unparalleled advantage in comparison to the big brands. In fact, it is one of the rare segments where you can compete and even beat such an organization.

How often do you create new content? Share it in the comment section bellow!

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