Whitesmoke: Software That Will Help Your English Writing

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In terms of the best grammar tools you can find on web, Whitesmoke takes one of the top spots.

While relatively new it has shown a great promise.

This program can help people who are trying to improve English language and it can also be used as one of the advanced solutions for your business. It is a good way to improve style and grammar within a text while optimizing for search engine at the same time.

Let’s check all the features this tool has to offer and how it can help you write better.

Make sure to stick around!

What can Whitesmoke do for you?

Once you click on the tool, you will notice several things:

  • It has a grammar checker that allows you to instantly view spelling, punctuation, style and other mistakes. Tool will underline them for you and provide suggestions. There is an option to automatically correct them. Whitesmoke uses three different colors to underline speaking, grammar and style mistakes which is ideal for a longer text as it allows you to quickly find certain types of errors. There is also a full list to the right that shows you what went wrong.
  • Translator allows you to convert your text to numerous foreign languages. Have in mind that when text is converted you will no longer be able to run an English check. Still, it is a tool that can add another layer to this platform.
  • Lastly, you can notice templates on the navigation tab. This option is amazing when creating letters and other generic texts as it saves a lot of your time. It relies on Whitesmoke database and is definitely a small bonus to the whole tool. Have in mind that these templates are without errors (naturally).

When you visit Whitesmoke.com site, you will find numerous resources about writing. They can help your learning process and point out common mistakes within articles.

You can also notice on their website that they’re mentioning a new version that includes a plagiarism checker. It is a news that has been there for a while. I still haven’t seen it as the part of this software. If and when plagiarism checker is implemented, it will provide another option for users.


Given all the options it makes sense that this tool is not free.

Users have two main options at their disposal: Essential package and Premium package.

Essential costs $80 per year, its compatible with any browser and it is available online.

Essential costs $120 per year, its compatible with Windows and Mac and user will get an integrated tool for Word.

Besides taking a yearly plan, White smoke provides monthly and 3-year plan as well.

Within the store you can also buy Whitesmoke mobile app for $10.

Unfortunately, there is no online or video support if anything goes wrong. Instead, you need to communicate with the company through email or phone if you have any questions regarding the products.

My thoughts

Unless you’re an English professor or highly proficient individual, you should definitely consider getting this tool.

Whitesmoke looks awesome for websites and other organizations that commonly work with textual content. It places emphasis on some errors helping you improve quality of articles. Have in mind that the tool is not 100% infallible. Still, be certain that it is one of the best on the market.

Have you tried Whitesmoke.com? What are your thoughts? How is it different from some other tools on the market?

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