Why Content Marketing? 5 Reasons Backed by Data

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anatomy of content marketing

Does your company do content marketing?

We constantly talk about the power of content and there is a good reason for it.

I will be bold enough to say that in this day and age good content is one of the main reasons why a company gets a competitive edge.

But what is the secret? What is so special about it?

Content helps you close the gap that exists between a company and a potential consumer.

Without content, you are nothing more than a sum of your promotional activities. Although ads may help company get some needed visibility it doesn’t create an emotional bond.

This is why online presence is so important.

But let’s not rush it.

I’d like to start with a great infographic which is called the Anatomy of Content Marketing by Content Plus:

the Anatomy Of Content Marketing

Now, let me explain everything step by step.

Becoming a thought leader

People react to people.

Although we like to say that we are all about technology, rational decision making and quality information, one part of our persona still reacts to powerful individuals.

We follow cult of personality and are more inclined to connect to charismatic leaders.

As I mentioned, it is necessary to have a face in front of your company especially during its growth stage.

But this individual shouldn’t be a random person.

It needs to be a knowledgeable business owner who can answer all your question and if need be, teach you about the industry.

This is why thought leadership became the focal point of internet marketing.

So what is thought leadership?

Becoming a person that can share information, invent new concepts and teach others about a particular industry.

You can use different platforms in order to establish yourself as a though leader such as:

  • Blog
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • E-Books
  • Guides etc.

In theory, it seems easy becoming a thought leader.

All you need is to be knowledgeable regarding a subject and start sharing it with others.

However, in practice, there is more than a few issues you might encounter.

Let’s check them out one by one.

Problems with becoming a thought leader

You are aware of the fact that you’re an expert.

But how can you persuade others that you are? And even more importantly, how to avert attention to your knowledge?

Although people will read your content and judge you based on it, it all comes down to one thing.


Like everything in marketing, it is not about your true value but about the value other people perceive you have.

This means that you need to build a solid structure around you including to:

  • Have a reputable company
  • Become visible on the internet
  • Get mentions and participate on other people’s channels and blogs
  • Create viral content
  • Come up with a revolutionary product or service
  • Acquire backlinks naturally

Expertise is nothing more than a word until its put into practice.

In fact, your practical accomplishments say much more about you than anything else.

So if you really wish to build your online reputation, start with the basic business.

Why content marketing is vital for your business?

As I previously mentioned, content and thought leadership go hand in hand.

You cannot persuade a person that you’re awesome unless you have awesome content to back up that claim.

Both these factors work towards the same goal – establishing a strong internet presence.

Having such presence is paramount today when most potential clients browse Google in order to find your website.

You won’t be judged by TV or radio ads.

Instead, you will be judged by the number of keywords you have in top 10 Google results.

Here is why every commercial website needs a blog in order to:

  • Have better online visibility
  • Improve SEO
  • Increase conversions
  • Create an emotional bond
  • Boost other marketing efforts

For a businessman, Internet can be a gold mine.

In fact, you can build a successful, strong internet shop from scratch without having that much knowledge about your product as long as you understand SEO, content creation and internet marketing.

1) Increased online visibility

Increased visibility is a term that is commonly connected to SEO.

When we say that a website is more visible online we mean that it has a lot of top positions in SERPs. In a nutshell, it is easier for users to find it.

In terms of business, increased online visibility refers to potential client’s ability to find you.

Given that we are talking about internet marketing, let’s focus on it for the time being.

So why is blog filled with great content necessary for your visibility?

  • According to research, commercial websites with a blog get 97 % more links than the regular ones
  • The same type of websites also gets 55 % more visitors
  • According to 37 % of marketers blogs are the most important type of content on the Internet. However, this percentage is slowly shifting in favor of videos

Nowadays, most of commercial websites are trying to have an active blog.

It is becoming obvious that people tend to read about a topic before making the actual purchase.

By having an informative blog you are able to:

  • Attract more clients
  • Build trust

Both these factors are crucial for making more profit.

2) Obvious SEO benefits

In most cases people create a blog on their website simply to improve their SEO.

Like with most other things, SEO and online visibility are interconnected – one cannot exist without the other.

In terms of search engine optimization, here are some of the main benefits of having an active blog:

  • 434 % more indexed pages
  • 97 % more backlinks

Let’s be honest here.

Website owners do not link to product pages unless they’re paid to. This is the main flaw of having a product-only oriented website.

Internet community simply doesn’t care.

However, they will definitely care if they see something interesting. We tend to share and like things that are intriguing and are heartwarming.

An interesting article or findings made during a research will be a much better option.

3) Increasing conversions and profit

Back in the day you would read a magazine and see an ad for a company. This ad would create a positive feeling and you would continue with a purchase.

Sad truth is that people no longer read magazines or watch TV the way they used to.

Most of us prefer spending time on the Internet.

That being said, we are no longer exposed to same messages as we were previously. This is why people started creating online shops.

But here is where most entrepreneurs make a mistake.

Unlike paying for an ad in a magazine, where you’re certain that a potential customer will see your message, you don’t get the same kind of exposure by simply having a website.

Instead, you need to be active and share your message with others hoping that Google will boost your visibility and ultimately, your product or service will be seen by more people.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • According to 75 % of marketers, compelling content is the main reason why you’re able to close a sale
  • 67 % of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they’re following
  • Blogs are 63 % more influential than any other type of message

Again, this will only happen if you properly optimize your blog and start creating compelling content.

This data is a reflection of current consumer behavior and you would be foolish to ignore it.

The main reason why people react to content and why you’re able to increase your sales through it is because it creates an emotional bond.

Wanna learn more about this? Read on!

4) Creating an emotional bond

There is something specific about internet users that makes them lean towards written content.

According to data:

  • 70 % of users prefer learning about a company through content than through ads
  • 60 % of users start trusting a company after reading content on their blog

Like in real life, people buy products to solve their issues.

We usually ask around prior to buying a product.

We value friends’ and family’s opinion and tend to be affected by their previous experience.

In fact, 50 % of all the purchases are based on a recommendation.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have time to ask around and form our opinion based on other people’s opinion. Instead, we need to go ahead with a purchase.

Although most of us think that purchase is a rational decision, it is much more an emotional one.

We buy product that feels safe from a company that feels trustworthy.

Content is what helps us establish this bond and reinforces our opinion prior to spending money.

5) Boosting other marketing efforts

As I already said, internet marketing is just a part of the whole equation (the most important one though).

While it’s normal for a website to initially grow on the Internet and start acquiring clients there, if the company reaches a certain point you can expect part of that exposure to spill into the real world.

Regardless of whether you started your business online or offline, website is something that can boost your efforts and get you to that next level.

There is no real reason why you shouldn’t harness both online and offline customers completely saturating and dominating the market.

Final words

I know that I talked mostly about textual blog content without touching on other popular forms such as videos.

This is because I wanted to start from rudimentary things.

Videos are definitely necessary for websites and as a way to increase your Internet presence.

However, you should definitely start from written content.

Only when you perfect this form and are sure that it works for you, should you start exploring other possibilities and spreading your messages through other platforms.

Does your company have a blog? Have you seen a profit increase since you started writing? I’d love to read your comments below!

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