20 Words That Generate The Most Retweets (#11 Rocks!)

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words for most retweetsIn this day and age, social media is crucial for our business success. While most people view these platforms as an outlet through which they can communicate with larger audience and share personal things from their life, entrepreneurs see it as a way of manipulating people to do their bidding.

When we mention social media, two words come to mind: Facebook and Twitter. They are the two most popular networks and as such, they deserve additional attention. For the longest time, Twitter has been seen as a baby brother, always trying to innovate but never attaining the same popularity as Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is a great channel through which we can send direct messages notifying our visitors of upcoming projects, new products and fresh articles.

Before we dive into the most popular words that will give you more retweets, it is necessary to mention some basic rules. Have in mind that, even if you use the required phrases which will persuade visitors to act and view your content/products, you need to put them in a good context.

  1. Short tweets

Although you may think that people primarily retweet things because of you or your content, there are some other psychological mechanisms in place. People love to be involved in things. They love to participate and share their opinion (even if they weren’t asked to give one). By posting shorter tweets, not only are you being direct, you are also leaving them space to respond. According to research, optimal length of a tweet is 120 characters.

  1. Excellent content

It is very hard to support a bad product or a service. Same goes for tweets. Like with anything else, visitors will retweet something they think is funny, engaging, informative or well-written. In fact, as long as they think that a particular tweet will help lives of the others or improve their day, they will be inclined to share it.

  1. Relevant content

This is a no-brainer. Some individuals think that it is always good to innovate and reinvent yourself. However, this doesn’t apply in all the cases. Yes, you have to create new and engaging content but, you always have to keep it within defined borders. Your close connections have certain expectations from you. Because of that, your contact (you may also call them supporters) might not be willing to share things they do not regard interesting or relevant.

  1. Ask for retweets

Yet another obvious tip. Most of the people are prepared to help you out if you ask them in a proper manner. Individuals have their buttons and all you have to know is which ones to press. Naturally, if you covered the previous tips, you will have the proper ammunition before you approach them. In some cases, you will have to do a favor back but it is all worth it in the end.

  1. Be social

People do not like to be exploited or disrespected. It is very important to leave an open channel with your contacts and to reply to messages. Your contacts should never get the impression that they are nothing more than a number on your list. This is a big time investment but it goes a long way.

  1. Be prepared to retweet

When it comes to social media, general community doesn’t like individuals or companies that are too self-promotional. Same goes for Twitter. Always have in mind that your content needs to be a small part of overall posts. As we previously stated, it is important to be social and build bridges with other people and organizations. If other company notices that you are always retweeting their content, they will be more inclined to share your content as well.

  1. Retweet button

In order for people to retweet your posts, it is best if you add a retweet button on your blog. This way, they can directly share your tweets. It is easy and practical and most importantly, it is productive.

Finally, we come to the 20 most retweetable words:

how to get more retweets

By using these words, number of retweets you get will skyrocket. However, you need to keep things realistic based on your activity, popularity of your blog and number of followers. Also, make sure to use them in a proper context. Do not throw them in just because they will give you more retweets.

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